Find out about the power of storytelling with F&P Editor-in-Chief, Clare Joyce, at the What’s your Story? workshop, brought to you by FIA in partnership with F&P.

storytellingMuch has been written about how humans are hardwired to tell stories; stories help us make sense of the world, stories connect us, stories move us, stories change us.

But not all stories are made equal. Perhaps that is why in some cultures storytelling is more valued than any other skill.

This is where Aristotle, the guy in the photo, comes in. The Greek philosopher studied numerous Greek tragedies and determined that there are three elements of a good story.

  1. Pity
  2. Fear
  3. Catharsis

The general idea is that you put your character in a bad situation so that the audience feels pity and emotionally connects with that character. Then, as the obstacles mount and your character is placed in even greater jeopardy, your audience feels fear. When your character finally overcomes the obstacles, the audience feels catharsis.

I might swap out pity for empathy, but 2,500 years later Aristotle’s thesis is strong. Just ask Steven Spielberg and JK Rowling.

Today’s neuroscientists and psychologists would agree. That feeling of catharsis literally makes us feel good. And studies into the neurobiology of storytelling have found that character-driven stories with emotional content result in a better understanding and better recall weeks later.

So powerful storytelling is crucial to your fundraising practice. It should be easy, right? You all have stories. But to unearth great stories you have to know what elevates a story and why it moves your supporters to act. Only then will you be able to find and tell the right stories for your cause.

Join me for a one-day workshop on 4 December, What is your Story?, held in conjunction with Fundraising Institute of Australia, and I will help you find and tell your story – a story that will resonate deeply with your supporters and move them to act.

What you’ll learn

  • Elements that make powerful and real stories, and classic story structure
  • How to craft a good story: what elevates a good story to a great story
  • Where and how to find your story
  • How to tell the ‘big’ story: the story that is at the heart of your cause and your mission
  • How to tell the ‘small’ stories: the stories that fuel your campaigns
  • Who should tell the story in your organisation

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who works in a smaller charity or small teams who have limited campaign budgets
  • Small charities and not-for-profits with a handful of people managing “everything”
  • Those new to promoting fundraising activities, developing campaigns, or raising brand awareness as part of their role
  • Fundraisers who would like to craft a meaningful story to engage with their supporters

To learn more and register, go here.



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