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How to source, secure and nurture transformative gifts, grants & partnerships through:

Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 October, 2021

9:00am - 5:00pm (AEDT) each day

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Big4 – virtual again in 2021

The virtual advantage 

We’d love to be doing this conference as a physical event like we normally do, but the ongoing COVID outbreaks mean it’s not possible. Instead we’ll deliver the whole program as a virtual conference like we did last year. 

This means everybody involved, delegates, presenters and sponsors alike, will access the conference via the internet from your computer, laptop, ipad or even your smart phone.  

You’ll be able to safely tune into Big 4 from the comfort of your home or office, and access all the great fundraising insights, case studies, thought leadership and more from some of the world’s leading fundraisers!      

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Fundraising insight, case studies and inspiration on tap 

The Big4 conference is packed with many great case studies, “how-to” sessions, and topics on new and emerging practices from local and international presenters. Here’s just a sample: 

  • RFDS innovates with gifts-in wills acquisition 
  • Lifeline and Domino’s – a corporate partnership with an appetite for growth 
  • Philanthropy interview with Charles Curran AC and Jeremy Byrne 
  • Harry Perkins Medical Research Institute’s personalised approach to major donors 
  • International presenters Stephen George and Kimberly Blease share how to use digital channels for gifts-in-wills relationship building 
  • Sam Trattles on how to steward and renegotiate your corporate partners  

Program Overview

Please note, this list of speakers and topics was correct at time of publication. Keep a look out on the website for further exciting speakers who may be added as they are confirmed. F&P reserves the right to alter the program without notice.



Day 1: Tuesday 26 October, MASTERCLASSES

Masterclass 1
9am – 12.30pm
Richard Woodward
How to create a proposition that attracts the right corporate partners PLUS the questions that matter
Masterclass 2
9am – 12.30pm
Ligia Pena
Unlocking the potential of Gifts-in-Wills
Masterclass 3
1.30pm – 5pm
Mark Quigley
Ready set go – launch your major gifts program

Day  2: Wednesday 27 October, MAJOR GIFTS/TRUSTS & FOUNDATIONS

Steffi Chang, Sally Treeby How Plan International succeeded in rejuvenating its major gift program
Wendy Lobb Started from the bottom, now we’re here: How the Salvos built their major gifts program
Shelley Mason Injecting personality into your major gifts program … and seeing a cash injection as a result!
Tiffany Hardy There’s no place like home: The Dorothy Principle and other learnings from a capital campaign
Charles Curran, Jeremy Byrne Philanthropy interview – All in the family – In conversation with Charles Curran AC and Jeremy Bryne
Gavan Woinarski How to build an endowment fund
Roewen Wishart Campaign Readiness Assessments – What Can They Really Tell You?
Kate Wilson How to find the right grant for you
Steve Castan, Katy Tyrrell, David Ritter How to fundraise AND be brave – remaining independent and taking on governments


Jo Booth, Holly Brown, Tasman Cassim PANEL DISCUSSION – Blink and you’ll miss it! Corporate giving is evolving
Mitchell Watson, Bill Thomas Hyundai and NextSense – driving a long-term partnership
Sam Trattles How to steward and renegotiate your corporate partnerships
Chris Mastaglio In boots ‘n’ all – ChildFund partners with Rugby World Cups
Jo Booth, Wyn Nguyen Using workplace giving to get a foot in the corporate door
Tracy Llewelyn, Bronwyn Wood Lifeline and Domino’s – an appetite for growth
Hailey Cavill-Jaspers The Crusading Consumer emerges from lockdown

Day 3: Thursday 28 October, GIFTS-IN-WILLS

Chris Downes Seven great ways to market and communicate your Gifts-in-Wills programs
Samantha Meisner-Lemon Hit the ground running: Overhauling your Gifts-in-Wills program
Joanne Meredith, Paula O’Sullivan How World Animal Protection is using Facebook to drive Gifts-in-Wills leads
Kimberley Blease, Stephen George Okay, Boombers! How COVID-19 has primed the world for legacies
Lindsey Wilkinson, Ruth Wicks RFDS QLD innovates with gifts-in-wills acquisition
Marcus Blease, James Watkins A step by step guide to creating a powerful gift in will proposition and brilliant ideas to take it to market
Emily Dudgeon, Carol O’Carroll, Helen Trussler, Adam Lubofsky Online Wills: Your questions answered from the charity perspective
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Topics and Speakers

DAY ONE - Tuesday 26 October, 9am - 12.30pm

How to create a proposition that attracts the right corporate partners PLUS the questions that matter   

After providing an overview of what it takes to be successful in attracting and retaining sponsors and partners, the master class will take you on a deep dive into two important stages of the process. 

Developing your proposition to attract the right corporate partners 

Richard will outline a process that will enable you to determine what your organisation has to offer corporate partners and to build compelling propositions that will be relevant to corporates. 

You will leave with clarity on what a proposition is (and what it’s not) and with a methodology that you can immediately apply in your organisation. 

Questioning skills to uncover the real needs of partners 

Richard will outline crucial questioning skills to understand the real needs of your prospects and partners. You will walk away with the knowledge of how to structure a conversation with prospects and partners and the right questions to ask.  


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Richard facilitates strategy sessions and trains business development teams at leading fundraising organisations including Redkite, Taronga Zoo, Museum of Contemporary Art, WA Ballet, and St Vincent’s Curran Foundation. 

Prior to starting his business in 2004, Richard worked on both sides of partnerships in Australia and the UK for organisations such as Commonwealth Bank, KPMG, RAC and Sydney Opera House.  

Richard is a frequent speaker at conferences such as Communicating the Museum in Paris, Culture Business, Sponsorship News, FIA and FINZ. Richard is the author of Business Development That Works and How to Attract and Retain Sponsors and Partners.  


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DAY ONE - Tuesday 26 October, 9am - 12.30pm

Unlocking the potential of Gifts-in-Wills

Two things 2020 has shown us is that charities with gifts-in-wills programs managed to fare better than those without; and that donors are open to exploring digital will writing.

How are you engaging with your donors about gifts-in-wills? Are you integrating it across all communication channels? Is what you’re saying nudging donors towards action and are you creating engaging journeys that inspire and delight donors?

During this masterclass, we’ll dive deep into identifying the right prospects, moving them through a pipeline and how to create engaging and inspiring marketing materials that apply decision science principles.

Whether you’re a small shop or a large NGO, this interactive, researched and data-driven masterclass will have you ready to implement or reboot your gifts-in-wills program straight away.

Learning outcomes

  • How to use data to develop solid strategies and tactics for gifts-in-wills
  • How to engage and steward prospects through a methodical pipeline model
  • How to create inspiring marketing materials that leverage behavioural science principles


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Presenter: LIGIA PẼNA, CFRE, President, Globetrotting Fundraiser 

Ligia has around 20 years fundraising experience with specialist expertise in fundraising strategy, donor engagement and communications. She is also an internationally-recognized expert in gifts-in-wills.

She has worked with a variety of nonprofit organisations including health, education, humanitarian, human rights, community, environment, arts, international development, and faith based.

She is President of Globetrotting Fundraiser where she specializes in helping charities develop strategic, data-driven gifts-in-wills programs.

Prior to consulting, Ligia was the Global Legacy Manager at Greenpeace International where she oversaw the organization’s global legacy strategy in 14 countries. She is also a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kent where she’s researching national legacy marketing campaigns as a tool to grow gifts-in-wills.

As an AFP Master Trainer, Ligia is a sought-after and seasoned international presenter who enjoys sharing her knowledge and empowering nonprofit professionals to think about gifts-in-wills differently by daring to be creative and innovative.



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DAY ONE - Tuesday 26 October, 1.30pm-5pm

Ready set go – launch your major gifts program  

If you’re looking to launch a major gifts program, or you already have a program and want to elevate it, this is the masterclass for you. 

This masterclass will cover:

  • How to start and grow a major gifts program – where to find your donors, how and when to get your leaders involved, setting up the right infrastructure and more 
  • How a feasibility study can inspire extraordinary giving from your major donors  
  • How to build a compelling case for support 
  • Donor engagement strategies – how you can plan smart, work clever and get more gifts
  • The art and science of how to make ‘the ask’
  • Stewardship and cultivation – what does best practice involve?

This will be a very practical masterclass with lots of great ‘how-to’ and real-world tips and tactics you can implement. 

You will also leave this masterclass with a range of useful tools and resources such as:

  • Sample gift table 
  • Major donor management plan 
  • Sample scripts for telephone, email and face-to-face donor contact 
  • Sample case for support 


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Presenter: MARK QUIGLEY, Director, Social Venture Consultants

Mark is one of the country’s leading capital campaign and major gifts consultants and has been a fundraiser for almost 25 years. As the founder and Director of Social Venture Consultants (SVC), his multi-award-winning campaigns have helped raise millions for nonprofits such as Mission Australia, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and Western Sydney University.  

He has personally been involved in successful major gift asks for seven and eight figure gifts. 

Mark has presented training, workshops, and conference presentations over many years for organisations like F&P (Fundraising and Philanthropy) AFP, FINZ and FIA. He has also had articles published in F&P, Wealth Creator Magazine, Fundraising Success Magazine and others. 

Mark has served as a member of the NSW Executive of the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA), and is a Fellow of FIA.  

Mark attended the University of Indiana (USA) – School of Philanthropy Fundraising Course, was a Yale University (USA) Yale in Asia Program participant and holds a bachelor’s degree from Carleton University (Canada).  


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DAY TWO – Wednesday 27 October

How Plan International succeeded in rejuvenating its major gift program  

Plan International Australia’s major donor program was stagnating, however the creation of a new major donor product – the Girls Education & Empowerment Fund (GEEFund) – has re-invigorated donor interest and generated significant new levels of major donations.  

Donors are asked to make a five-year pledge of $5,000 or more per year to the fund. This ‘start small’ approach has allowed Plan to re-activate and upgrade many of their donors. 

Currently sitting at over $1.5 million in pledges with a goal of $2 million by the end of the calendar year, the GEEFund is showing huge potential for Plan. Donors have been inspired by the collective goal and energy that comes with having a singular, joint focus. 

Steffi will take you through the journey of the GEEFund from conceptualisation, set up, creative development, and approaching, engaging and onboarding existing major donors and major donor prospects.  

The fund has also re-ignited giving from Plan’s board, and one of Plan’s board members will discuss why this product has been so effective from a major donor point of view.  


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Co-presenter: STEFFI CHANG, Key Relationships Manager, Plan International Australia 

Steffi is the current lead for the Major Donor program at Plan International Australia. During her short time there, she has doubled annual revenue within 16 months and transformed her organisation’s approach to philanthropic giving.  

Prior to this, she was the Philanthropy Manager at Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation where she gained her first exposure to major donor giving. Having joined the NFP sector over a decade ago, her beginnings as a Face-to-Face Fundraiser sparked a lifelong passion for raising money for causes such as gender equality, racial justice, international development, public welfare, and the environment. 

She was named Fundraising Institute Australia’s National Young Fundraiser of the Year for 2020 and volunteers on FIA’s VIC State Committee to promote excellence in professional fundraising. 

Co-presenter: SALLY TREEBY, Board Chair, Plan International Australia 

Sally Treeby is an experienced non-executive director, whose board positions also include a private investment company and a philanthropic foundation.

Her career has spanned executive and non-executive roles in financial services, agriculture renewable energy and the philanthropic and community sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom covering the disciplines of strategy, marketing, line management, general management and ethics.

She actively advocates to prevent online child exploitation. Sally and her husband own a bull stud in southern NSW.


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Started from the bottom, now we’re here: How the Salvos built their major gifts program

Despite a large and well-known organisation, The Salvation Army NZ/Fiji/Tonga/Samoa, only launched their major donor program in 2018. Coming in to head up the program, Wendy knew that she had the opportunity – and the responsibility – to get it right from the very beginning.

What ensued was a 12-month process reading every manual, advice and strategy on major gifts and setting up the foundations for a strong major gifts program: an organisational matrix, a process of recognition, reporting processes, and an 80-page major gifts bible.

Last year, they hired four new team members … just as New Zealand went into lockdown, The team spent the time putting best practice into practice – calling, introducing, and thanking every one of their donors so when they emerged from lockdown, many major donors were primed for an ask.

The program’s goal has increased from $100,000 in the first year to $2 million – which they’ve already confidently hit in January this year.

Wendy will share with you how she built the program from the ground up, valuing internal relationships just as much as external ones, and which best-practice strategies she’s included in her bible.

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Presenter: WENDY LOBB, Territorial Gifting and Philanthropy Manager, The Salvation Army NZ/Fiji/Tonga/Samoa 

Wendy is an experienced presenter and facilitator with a passion for development and personal and professional growth. Wendy takes great pleasure in sharing her insights and knowledge to assist others on their journey towards success.

Wendy joined The Salvation Army in 2018 to head up – and build – their major gifts program. Before that Wendy was CEO of Workplace Support and is a trained psychologist.  


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Injecting personality into your major gifts program … and seeing a cash injection as a result!

Do you know how each of your organisation’s donors take their tea? At Harry Perkins, this knowledge is their team-wide philosophy.

Understanding, on a deeper level, their donors’ interests, history and connection to the organisation has allowed them to create a personalised service for their key major gifts supporters. Forget about the typical mass-produced ‘thank you’ letter, personalised stewardship is intuitive, shaped by interactions and connections during each solicitation. Keep your ears and eyes peeled, or else you might miss opportunities to respond to beautiful moments of connection!

While only six months in practice, this truly personalised experience has supercharged their figures: for the month of May 2021, they’ve seen a 329% increase on anticipated/projected major gifts income, and in April 2021 they saw a 440% increase.

Although their major donor base is small (50 donors), Harry Perkins has plans to scale up to 200 in 12 months, but with every intention of maintaining their bespoke service.

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Presenter: SHELLEY MASON, Key Relationships Manager, The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

With a background in major gift stewardship, capital campaigns and bequest fundraising, Shelley joined the Perkins in late 2020 as Key Relationships Manager (Major Gifts) after spending almost 10 years at The University of Notre Dame Australia. She is credited with leading Notre Dame’s $3 Million Campaign for The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research. Shelley completed a Master of Marketing with The University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Commerce (Public Relations)/Bachelor of Communications (Professional Writing & Presentation) with Curtin University. Shelley thrives on creating personalised engagement strategies for key supporters. 


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There’s no place like home: The Dorothy Principle and other learnings from a capital campaign

With a goal to raise $1 million, MS Queensland launched a capital campaign to deliver age-appropriate, high-care, independent living for people living with MS. In 2019 they won the Fundraising Impact though Creativity category at the FIA National Awards for Fundraising Excellence.

Join Tiffany Hardy to find out how they developed two cases for support that resonated with donors. Learn how they applied the Dorothy Principle (“There’s no place like home!”) to uncover major donors in their database. Discover how they surprised and delighted donors to gain second and third gifts.


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Presenter: TIFFANY HARDY, Major Gifts Specialist and Senior Philanthropy Manager, MS Queensland

As a major gifts specialist, Tiffany has more than 15 years’ experience in nonprofit, higher education and private school sectors. Prior to joining MS Queensland, Tiffany was Director of Development at Brisbane Boys’ College. She has held senior roles at International House Brisbane and University of Southern Queensland.

Tiffany has a Master of Philanthropy and Not for Profit Studies from QUT, a Master of Public Relations from USQ and Bachelor of Business with First Class Honours in Marketing and Tourism Management. 


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How to build an endowment fund  

Endowment funds can be an excellent way for charity and nonprofit organisations to attain a level of financial security, independence and sustainability. However they can often be challenging to set up and ‘sell’ to potential donors.  

Gavan will outline the benefits and challenges of endowment funds, and how to promote them effectively to donors.  

He will also discuss examples of successful endowment funds such as the Rumbalara Football Netball Club in central Victoria and provide insights on how they have grown their fund. 

You will leave this session with an understanding of how an endowment fund might sit within a broader fundraising program as well as practical tips and tactics on how to launch a fund and secure donors to support it.  


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Presenter: GAVAN WOINARSKI, Principal Consultant, GDZW Philanthropy

Gavan began his career in philanthropy and fundraising in 1995 after a distinguished career as a teacher and educational leader in Australia and the United Kingdom. After 11 years in educational fundraising at Melbourne Grammar School and Methodist Ladies’ College he moved to the health sector as Director of the Mercy Health Foundation. Here he established several endowed Chairs and built a corpus of $15m in 8 years.

Gavan consults to families and individuals encouraging them to realise the potency of endowments and to make gifts that can empower people. When working with organisations’ senior executives and board members he stresses the importance of establishing an enduring culture of philanthropy for the organisation; this will outlast short-term fundraising activities.

Gavan willingly shares his accumulated wisdom and experience with organisations large and small, in cities and rural centres.


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Campaign Readiness Assessments – What Can They Really Tell You? 

Are you considering launching a campaign – for major gifts, for a capacity expansion, or for a capital need? This session will help you know when the time is right.

Join major gifts expert Roewen Wishart as he shares his deep experience in campaigns and the role of Campaign Readiness Assessments.

Tap into the rich data from many Campaign Readiness Assessment studies to discover how a CRA can sharpen your case for support; the range of potential gifts found via CRA studies; the most important indicators for campaign success; and the long-term correlation between what was concluded from studies and what actually happened afterwards. Roewen will also reveal some unexpected learnings from CRA studies.

Roewen will also guide you through an integral element of campaign readiness assessments– stakeholder interviews. You’ll learn how many people you should interview, how to choose the people you interview, over what period those interviews should take place, and how to apply this knowledge.

No matter what kind of major campaign you are considering, this session will get you ready for success.


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Presenter: ROEWEN WISHART, CFRE FFIA, High Value and Strategy Director, Xponential 

Roewen advises non-profits on major gift programs, capital campaigns, and fundraising strategy.

His clients include organisations in the health and research, overseas development, community services, advocacy and conservation sectors. He has over 27 years’ experience in fundraising, with notable firsts in major gifts, capital campaigns and gifts-in-wills.

He is a member of the FIA Code Authority and immediate past chair of FIA’s Include a Charity committee. Outside work he is a board member of Conservation International Australia.


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How to find the right grant for you! 

Funding opportunities are expansive. Dedicating time to finding a grant that ticks all of your boxes is time consuming (let alone then writing the application!). So what can you be doing to use your time more effectively and spot the right funding opportunity to meet your needs? 

We will answer the burning questions: 

  • What can I be doing now to better prepare myself for future funding opportunities? 
  • What types of grants are available? 
  • Where should I be looking for funding opportunities? 
  • What should I be looking for when reviewing guidelines? 
  • I think I have found the perfect grant – now what? 

From rookie mistakes to best practice, to tips and tricks that will help even seasoned grant researchers rethink their approaches, this a must-attend session for fundraisers seeking grants from trusts and foundations.  


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Presenter: KATE WILSON, Grants Strategist, The Grants Hub 

With over 13 years’ experience working for, or in partnership with, not-for-profit organisations in Australia, Kate is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.  

Kate lives and breathes all things grants and is tuned into trends, funding provider insights and advocacy for systems change. She has managed grant programs and supported hundreds of diverse organisations across Australia. Kate understands the challenges our community face in locating current grant opportunities and in planning applications, particularly for organisations with limited resources and capacity. 


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How to fundraise AND be brave – remaining independent and taking on governments 

When your organisation’s work involves taking on governments, you must remain fiercely independent. And your donors must be brave.  

When it comes to a laser-like focus on values alignment with courageous donors who believe in your cause and are prepared to speak up against decision-makers, it would be hard to find more experienced organisations than Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the National Justice Project (NJP).  

Greenpeace Australia Pacific are over 50 years old with annual fundraising revenue of $18 million. The NJP are just six years old and reaching $2 million a year. Their fundraising journeys may be decades apart, but what they share is a deep passion for fighting injustice, powered by donors who enable them to remain independent.  

In this panel discussion you’ll hear about ‘edgy’ fundraising; what it means to raise the dollars you need for causes that are often unpopular with political leaders. And how to always stay true to your work, even if it means narrowing your donor pool.  


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Co-presenter: STEVE CASTAN, Chair, National Justice Project 

Steve is an experienced Barrister at the Victorian Bar. Steve is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Steven acts in Humans Rights and Social Justice matters and has expertise in facilitating non-confrontational conflict resolution across all aspects of law and justice.

Co-presenter: KATY TYRRELL, Fundraising & Communications Manager, National Justice Project 

Katy is an experienced senior executive who has worked across the philanthropic, not for profit and for purpose sectors. She has previously worked for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, The Balnaves Foundation, Philanthropy Australia, ArtSupport Australia (an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts), Milk Crate Theatre, Darlinghurst Theatre, Critical Path, Sculpture by the Sea and YHA Australia. Katy also volunteers on Management Committees for Sydney Improvised Music Association, CuriousWorks and Co-Curious, and as a Primary Ethics teacher. 


Co-presenter: DAVID RITTER, CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific 

Prior to joining Greenpeace Australia Pacific, David worked for ten years as a lawyer and academic. His most recent book is The Coal Truth: The Fight to Stop Adani, Defeat the Big Polluters and Reclaim our Democracy. In addition to his work at Greenpeace Australia Pacific, David holds honorary appointments at The University of Sydney and The University of Western Australia.


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Philanthropy Interview – All in the Family – In conversation with Charles Curran AC and Jeremy Byrne 

Charles Curran is a doyen of Sydney’s business and philanthropic community over several decades. He built significant wealth through investing in media, property and other businesses, and he has been a director of over 20 companies, many as Chair, including Perpetual, QBE Insurance and Greater Union. 

Success in business has enabled Charles to be a major donor to numerous causes across health, medical research, the arts, disability, indigenous youth, and faith-based organisations. 

Jeremy Byrne is Charles’ nephew, and has carved his own successful career in business as the Co-owner and Executive Director of well-known furniture retailer Coco Republic. Jeremy is also a major donor to a number of causes.  

Come and learn what motivates these two philanthropists to support the community, and how they like to engage with charity and nonprofit organisations. And as uncle and nephew, they will discuss the role of philanthropy within their broader family and how they are trying to embed it as a family value.  

Interviewer – Louise Walsh 

Louise is a senior executive whose career spans law, sport, the arts, philanthropy and investment sectors. 

She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Walsh Capital, a bespoke capital raising business whose clients are boutique investment managers. Previous roles include Chief Executive Officer of Future Generation and Chief Executive Officer of Philanthropy Australia. She is also on the board of the Snow Foundation and the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation.  

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DAY THREE – Thursday 28 October

Hyundai and NextSense – driving a long-term partnership

In 2014 NextSense established a corporate partnership with Hyundai that has delivered significant benefits for both organisations. In fact, Hyundai has given over $1 million in that time, but the benefits go far beyond just a transaction. 

Come and hear how the partnership originated, how the two organisations aligned on values, how they have maintained their relationship over seven years, the key benefits each receives from the other, and the challenges they have overcome. 

This is an excellent case study of how a charity and a corporate have bonded and stayed the course and are continuing to look for new opportunities to build the relationship. 


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Co-presenter: MITCHELL WATSON, Corporate Partnerships and Community Fundraising Manager, NextSense 

Straight out of university Mitchell joined Heart Foundation working on their flagship fundraising program, Jump Rope for Heart. He progressed within the team becoming the National Manager, a role he enjoyed for several years.  

He went on to work with White Ribbon Australia as the Executive Manager of Fundraising and Partnerships before joining NextSense. In his current role he is working to redevelop the community fundraising capability at NextSense as well as build the corporate partnerships portfolio.   

Co-presenter: BILL THOMAS, GM Public Relations, Hyundai Motor Company Australia 

Bill Thomas has been General Manager PR and Corporate Communications at Hyundai Motor Company Australia for eight years. During this time, he has overseen the conceptualisation, launch and development of the Hyundai Help for Kids Corporate Social Responsibility program, which he views as the proudest achievement of his career.  

Prior to joining Hyundai, Bill was Editor of Wheels, Australia’s best-known car magazine. He moved to Wheels after a 17-year career in automotive journalism in the UK, when he worked for well-known publications such as Autocar, The Times and BBC Top Gear. Bill loves cars and driving and once spent a day with The Stig thrashing three Bugatti Veyrons up a mountain near Abu Dhabi.


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How to steward and renegotiate your corporate partnerships 

It’s one thing to sign up a new corporate partner, but how do you steward the relationship to enable successful renegotiation to renew the partnership. 

In this session you will learn the key elements of successful stewardship and the steps and stages involved in renegotiating a partnership. You will learn best practices in how to really embed your organisation with a corporate partner and how to deal with some of the common challenges that emerge over the life of a corporate partnership. You will also hear examples and case studies of organisations which nailed their stewardship and renegotiation activities and those that didn’t. 


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Presenter: SAM TRATTLES, Founder, Other Side of the Table

Sam Trattles has built a career around marketing, brand and sponsorship over almost 20 years, and in the past ten years she has negotiated and leveraged more than $450 million worth of partnerships.  

Through her business, Other Side of the Table, she works with individuals, rights holders and brands to create negotiation strategies that deliver outcomes that don’t leave you wondering “could I have gotten more?” 

Previously, as Head of Sponsorship at Telstra and PricewaterhouseCoopers, she negotiated, leveraged and delivered multi-million-dollar partnerships across sport, music, the arts, philanthropy and local programs.  

She is the author of “I Love Negotiating, Change Your Thinking and Learn How to Get What You Want.”  


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In boots ‘n’ all – ChildFund partners with Rugby World Cups

The men’s 15’s Rugby World Cup is the world’s third largest sporting event, and ChildFund was chosen as the principal charity partner for the event in 2019 in Japan. The partnership raised over $2 million for ChildFund, and has continued with ChildFund being selected as the principal charity partner for Rugby World Cup 2021, playing in 2022, in New Zealand.  

Come and learn about the world of major sporting event partnerships as Chris shares how the event partnership with World Rugby started, has evolved over time, and the learnings acquired. He will also discuss the different ways that fundraising is carried out, and the various marketing and brand exposure benefits received.


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Presenter: CHRIS MASTAGLIO, Sport for Development Director, ChildFund Australia 

For the last 20 years Chris has worked in a range of program delivery roles and consulting assignments with international development organisations including World Vision, Concern Worldwide and War Child. 

For the last 17 years he has been based in Laos with ChildFund Australia and has worked in several roles including Country Director. He is now the Sport for Development Director where he uses his strategic ability, communications expertise and program delivery experience to build partnerships with sporting organisations that deliver evidenced social and emotional learning outcomes for children and youth across the Asia-Pacific region. 


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Lifeline and Domino’s – an appetite for growth 

In July 2020, in the thick of a country grappling with COVID challenges, Lifeline and Domino’s registered charity, Give for Good, inked a brand new 3-year partnership worth $250,000 a year. And while it’s still only early days, both partners are displaying a hunger to experiment and collaborate on ideas and see where this leads them. 

Bronwyn and Tracy will share how the partnership came about, the key objectives, the benefits each receives from the partnership, and the new activities they have trialled along the way. It hasn’t all been plain sailing though, and both partners will discuss some of the challenges that have cropped up along the way and how they have dealt with them.  


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Co-presenter: TRACY LLEWELYN, Chief Giving Officer, Give for Good  

Tracy is Domino’s Head of Communications Australia and New Zealand and the General Manager of its registered charity, Give for Good. Tracy joined Domino’s in 2012 and has over 15 years’ experience across both in-house and consultancy communication roles.  

Tracy is responsible for Domino’s internal and external communications across Australia and New Zealand, including media, social media and customer feedback. She also plays an instrumental role in the COVID crisis response team at Domino’s and works to give for good and feed the knead in local communities right across Australia and New Zealand. 


Co-presenter: BRONWYN WOOD, Partnership Manager, Lifeline Australia 

Bronwyn’s career has encompassed relationship management, partnership development and stakeholder engagement in various sectors including hotels, business events and the arts. Driven by her passion for creating connections for a cause, she joined Lifeline just over two years ago and has seen the increase in impact led brand alignments in line with the rise of conscious consumerism. 


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The Crusading Consumer emerges from lockdown 

The Conscious Consumer (a person that buys products & services that do no harm and actively do good) has morphed into a Crusading Consumer during the past year.  New research (released 29 October 2021) reveals that 83% of Australians will switch brands to support a cause they care about in the coming year.  91% of Gen Z (under 25’s) will switch.  This spectacular statistic is the highest it’s been in 25 years!  Attend this session to discover: other stats you can use on your website and in your pitches to show corporates how powerful an alignment with a cause or charity is; the influence of covid and what it all means for non-profits.

This is the most current, credible Australian research on the conscious consumer movement.  All delegates will receive a copy of the report.


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Presenter: HAILEY CAVILL-JASPERS, Chief DoGoodologist,® 

Hailey is a corporate-cause partnership matchmaker and author of the Conscious Consumer Report 2021. Through her company Cavill + Co she’s built over 50 partnerships in 26 years of matchmaking, investing over $40m into causes. Notable clients include Vodafone, Disney, Seek, Mondelez. She also runs an online training & implementation program® that upskills changemakers in corporate partnership mastery, which has produced stunning results for PetRescue, SchoolFunRun, Greening Australia, Fred Hollows Foundation, Oxfam, CareFlight, MCRI, Kids Under Cover to mention a few.

In her spare time Hailey likes to compile delicious salads (she’s known as the Salad Queen) and during lockdown has perfected the ultimate chocolate-orange chia pudding.


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DAY THREE – Thursday 28 October

Seven great ways to market and communicate your Gifts in Will program 

It’s time to rethink how you communicate your Gifts in Will program.  

In the wake of Covid-19, we look at the rise of video, social media, Zoom and other new channels to promote bequests. We look at the strategies behind each of these communication tools and how charities – large and small, at home and overseas – are using them with compelling engagement and results. 

We’ll look at how these new channels sit alongside your direct mail and regular giving programs for a comprehensive guide to promoting your Gift in Will program.  

Join Chris Downes for this insightful how-to session encompassing both fundamentals and innovation. Packed with real examples and top tips, this session is relevant to all GIW fundraisers.  


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Presenter: CHRIS DOWNES, CEO, DVA Navion

Over 28 years Chris has worked for organisations large and small, recruiting, training and mentoring many people into the world of gifts-in-wills and helping to build new programs from scratch to transforming established programs.

His range of clients includes Salvation Army, Vision Australia, Save the Children, Cancer Council and Royal Flying Doctor Service. He has assisted over a dozen national sporting bodies commence gifts-in-wills programs including AFL and NRL clubs.

He is a regular presenter at national and international conferences and conducts numerous workshops each year, providing counsel in support of diverse fundraising programs.


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Hit the ground running: Overhauling your Gifts-in-Wills Program 

Gifts in Wills hold enormous potential to generate income for any not-for-profit, but where do you start? What does the framework look like, and how do you get things off the ground? 

Join Sam Meisner-Lemon as she gives a blow-by-blow account of how The Shepherd Centre has created a successful and sustainable GIW program. 

In overhauling and managing the GIW program at The Shepherd Centre over the past two years, Sam has tried and tested a variety of approaches to build and maintain valuable donor relationships whilst engaging the rest of the organisation. 

In this session you’ll learn how to get started on your GIW program, what has worked for The Shepherd Centre and what hasn’t, how to feed the pipeline and, most importantly, how to make your bequestors feel truly special. Sam will share stats about pipeline growth and the results of a recent campaign. 


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Presenter: SAM MEISNER-LEMON, Planned Giving Coordinator, The Shepherd Centre

Sam joined The Shepherd Centre as Planned Giving Officer in mid-2019 with a background in theatre, hospitality and yoga teaching. With no knowledge of Gifts in Wills and very limited experience in fundraising, The Shepherd Centre took a chance, prioritising transferable skills and a can-do attitude over experience.


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How World Animal Protection is using Facebook to drive Gifts-in-Wills leads  

When Joanne Meredith came on board as Bequest Manager for World Animal Protection two years ago, she was keen to grow their gifts-in-wills portfolio. Passionate about the 1% message (leave 1% in your will to a charity), Joanne wanted to build a campaign around this concept – and the cheapest way to test its success was through digital. 

Enter Possum Digital, long-term consultant of World Animal Protection, who created a suite of Facebook ads to test on a shoestring budget of $500. With lacklustre results from the test but a whole lot of learning, they mixed up the creative and messaging and relaunched with much better results! With a new budget of $2000, the campaign brought in 105 leads with a CPL of $19. An added benefit is that most of the leads have been cold with no prior engagement with the organisation. 

Joanne and Paula will take you through – step by step – their journey utilising Facebook ads for Gifts-in-Wills, and their plans to support the campaign with non-digital ads and collateral. You’ll learn how you can test the waters and launch a campaign without an eye-watering budget and what to look out for so you know when to call it and iterate. 



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Co-presenter: JOANNE MEREDITH, Gifts-in-Wills Manager, World Animal Protection, Australia & New Zealand

I started out at Assistance Dogs Australia as a volunteer, and my joy there grew to a love of the fundraising sector and an urge to make a difference. Working with some of the most amazing charities, I have learned about all aspects of fundraising from community, events, grants, bequests and everything in between. 

I feel like I’ve found my space in the Gifts in Wills arena and am making it my working life’s mission to talk to people about leaving a legacy to the world through just 1% of their Estate. 

This is my chosen path and I walk it with great respect for those who leave gift in their Will. 


Co-presenter: PAULA O’SULLIVAN – Owner, Possum Digital

“Today more and more people are sharing information, posting photos and connecting right across the internet. In fact, the human brain is hardwired to collect and streamline data, which explains why we post photos of our cat, check-in at the airport and post updates about our kids.” 

Paula O’Sullivan is a Social Media Strategist and Owner of Possum Digital. Based in Sydney’s Inner West. With many years of communications and campaigning experience in the government and community space, she brings a highly analytical and strategic mind to the social media environment.  

Paula has a particular passion for helping charities large and small improve their lead generation activity through social media marketing (specifically Facebook Advertising) by focusing on practical, strategic actions, always backed by the numbers.  


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Okay, Boomers! How COVID-19 has primed the world for legacies

COVID-19 has created the perfect storm for Gifts in Wills. With death and mortality centre stage over the past year and a half, many are now thinking of their symbolic immortality. With the largest transfer of wealth in human history about to begin, Gifts in Wills fundraisers cannot miss this opportunity.

But where are these conversations happening? COVID-19 has also pushed people online – and so, fundraisers must follow!

However, it’s not as simple as applying old tricks to the digital age. Fundraisers need to adopt a supporter-centric approach, think about digital positioning not acquisition, and use digital channels to have softer conversations with prospects.

With research on donor attitudes to legacies after the pandemic and case studies from MSF Canada and UNICEF UK, Kimberley and Stephen will not only convince you that embracing digital in legacies is the way forward, but also help you build an internal case for support.

A must-see for any organisation of any size and budget looking to seriously ramp up their gifts in wills program.


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Co-presenter: KIMBERLEY BLEASE, Executive Vice President, Blakely Fundraising 

Kimberley has over 30 years of experience in business and the nonprofit sector. Her skills lie in facilitating cause-related marketing campaigns, annuals programs, mid-value giving and successful integrated communications. 

At Blakely, Kimberley leads the legacy marketing team and facilitates the strategic delivery of their UPLIFT program in partnership with Bluefrog Fundraising looking at mid-value giving. She is passionate about mid-level donors. 


Co-presenter: STEPHEN GEORGE, Fundraising & Leadership Coach and Consultant 

Stephen became an accidental fundraiser at the age of 23, but since then has made his mark on the sector in the UK and internationally. With over 35 years’ experience, Stephen has held roles such as the Executive Director at Action on Hearing Loss, Development Director for Legacy Fundraising at the NSPCC and Head of Regional Fundraising at UNICEF. 

Today, Stephen is a coach and consultant, helping people become better nonprofit leaders and raise more money. 



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RFDS QLD innovates with gifts-in-wills acquisition

Royal Flying Doctor Service QLD has recently experimented with a different approach to building a pipeline of gifts-in-wills prospects with great success.  

The approach includes a combination of: traditional supporter survey, but with the addition of behavioural economics nudging; propensity modelling to identify non-traditional prospects; a multi-channel engagement strategy using mail, email, conversational SMS and AI, video, and telemarketing.  

The new approach unearthed 90 confirmed bequests, 268 “intenders” and over 700 “considerers”.  

Ruth and Lindsey will share the strategy behind this new approach, and talk in detail about the different tactics and channels used as well as show examples of the communications.  


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Co-presenter: LINDSEY WILKINSON, Fundraising Strategy and Projects Advisor, Royal Flying Doctor Service QLD  

Lindsey has over 15 years’ fundraising experience across both charities and agencies. Her career started with MSF UK where she was a Donor Development Manager. Following a move to Australia she worked with Fred Hollows as a Retention Specialist, then Greenpeace Australia Pacific as National Marketing Manager, and then Cojo and Pareto/IVE as an Account Director. She has worked at Royal Flying Doctor Service for the last two years.


Co-presenter: RUTH WICKS, Senior Consultant, More Strategic

Since 2003 Ruth has worked in a variety of fundraising roles in both small and large organisations, and she has had experience across most of the key fundraising methods such as direct marketing, gifts-in-wills, events, regular giving, and digital fundraising.  

In her longest role she was Fundraising Manager at Amnesty International Australia for six years where she was responsible for annual fundraising revenue of $16 million.     

In her current role at More Strategic she works with some of Australia’s leading charities to grow their individual giving programs. 


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A step by step guide to creating a powerful gift in will proposition and brilliant ideas to take it to market

Marcus Blease and James Watkins from Donor Republic will lead this fast paced, practical session offering you 10 winning ideas to promote GIWs to your supporter base. Ideas they have observed, in action, from across the sector globally. 

To make the most of those promotional ideas, creating a strong and compelling Gifts in Wills proposition is key.  They’ll also take you through a process you can apply and share with you the powerful end results.


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Co-presenter: MARCUS BLEASE, Co-founder & Director, Donor Republic

Marcus has more than 16 years fundraising experience and is one of the most progressive fundraising executives in Australia.

He spent several years at Cancer Council (NSW & QLD) where he worked in events and headed up fundraising and marketing. He then took on the role of General Manager of Fundraising & Marketing at Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA), where he helped double fundraising revenue to $30 million annually. One of his key achievements was the launch of Steptember which is now a global event raising millions of dollars each year to support those who live with cerebral palsy.

Marcus is a Co-founder and Director at Donor Republic which assists charities with a range of fundraising programs, including helping to deliver fundraising events with standout return on investment.

Co-presenter: JAMES WATKINS, Account Director, Donor Republic

James believes in building sustainable fundraising strategies by understanding your target audiences’ motivations and barriers while focusing on growing donor lifetime value. He developed his fundraising skills while working at The Smith Family and Cancer Council NSW, primarily focused on mass market acquisition and retention activity.

As an Account Director at Donor Republic, James now leverages his extensive experience managing full scale multi-channel fundraising appeals to help other NFPs create effective fundraising strategies, donor engagement journeys and fundraising campaigns across a range of individual giving audiences including GIWs supporters.


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Online Wills: Your questions answered from the charity perspective 

Gifts in Wills account for almost a fifth of Australia’s fundraising income and at least a third of Australians are considering leaving a gift in their Will…but have not yet included one.

Clearly the potential for Gift in Wills is huge but how can charities shift these statistics and make leaving a bequest the norm not the outlier? Online will-writing platforms are one way to help donors and supporters leave a lasting legacy.

Join fundraisers from Cerebral Palsy Alliance, RSPCA NSW and Plan International Australia as they discuss the pros and cons of using an online Will writing platform as part of their fundraising campaign mix.

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Co-presenter: EMILY DUDGEON, Key Relationships Manger – Gifts in Wills, Plan International Australia 

Emily is a mission driven fundraiser with seven years’ experience in the sector. With a double degree in Arts (Politics and Philosophy) and Law, Emily is passionate about inspiring others to create lasting change through legacy giving.  She enjoys experimenting with a new acquisition avenues along with tried and true methodologies, and is often found hunting down forgotten long-term supporter cohorts. 


Co-presenter: CAROL O’CARROLL, Relationship Manager Gift in Wills, Cerebral Palsy Australia 

After a career in advertising Carol was drawn to the NFP sector when her son was born pre-term and spent the first couple of weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. Her first bequest role was at the Children’s Hospital Westmead, and she has continued to work in bequests ever since.   

“Each bequest role taught me different skills, and glimpses into some of the great work our sector achieves. I have been privileged to work for two brilliant research institutes: The Heart Research Institute and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.” 

With nearly 20 years in the bequest world, Carol is currently the Relationship Manager – Gifts in Wills at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. This is a dream job for Carol, in which she can y learn about the amazing research and possible cure for cerebral palsy, but also meet and love some of the wonderful clients whose lives are being transformed by the support of Cerebral Palsy Alliance. 


Co-presenter: HELEN TRUSSLER, Gifts in Wills Manager, RSPCA New South Wales 

Over the past 24 years, Helen has held various roles within the NFP sector both in the UK and Australia including positions with St John, Red Cross, Greenpeace, Guide Dogs, and now RSPCA where she has been GiW Manager since 2018.  


Moderator: ADAM LUBOFSKY, CEO, Safewill 




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