A new feature from VentureCrowd will allow investors to donate to The Smith Family when they invest in any of their financial products.

VentureCrowd to offer donation after investment

VentureCrowd’s Steve Maarbani & The Smith Family’s Judy Barraclough

Investors will now have the option to donate to The Smith Family any time they invest in one of VentureCrowd’s financial products, including startups or property development projects.

Once an investor has committed capital to a product, an option to direct a portion of their investment to The Smith Family will appear – an Australian first.

Funds from this channel will go towards The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program and partner program, Kidpreneur.

VentureCrowd is Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, allowing investors to take equity in a business in exchange for a cash investment. Rather than receiving a product or donating, investors receive equity – or ownership – in the company.

“Our company exists to support Australian entrepreneurialism, and the first step on the journey to success is quality education for every single child, regardless of their background. It is amazing to see a program such as Kidpreneur being offered to children from such a young age,” says VentureCrowd CEO, Steve Maarbani.

“Australia is a country of innovation and is brimming with talent that comes from very diverse backgrounds. If we can have children thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset during their schooling, then Australia as a whole will be reaping the rewards for decades to come.”

VentureCrowd saw synergy between their organisation and The Smith Family, both working towards new futures and solving problems – something that VentureCrowd investors will also likely be drawn to.

For The Smith Family, collaboration is key to helping meet the economic impact of COVID-19, which has disproportionately affected families who were already on the breadline.

“The pandemic has confirmed the need for the whole community to work together to tackle issues of disadvantage,” says The Smith Family’s Head of Strategy and Philanthropy, Judy Barraclough.

“That is why partnerships with organisations such as VentureCrowd are crucial to the work we do in helping to close that gap and give children a pathway out of poverty.”

This partnership is one of the many examples of the rise of innovative funding models that the nonprofit sector is seeing. From microdonation options on platforms such as Twitch and payment channels like PayPal through to the popularity of GoFundMe pages and even donations of equity, we’re seeing the power of combined donations and mechanisms that can be added to transactions and investments as easy as it is to say, “dividends”.

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