If you’ve ever pondered how to explain your regular giving ROI to get greater investment from your Board, this session is for you.

In their Fundraising Forum session, Measuring regular giving: Why it’s  so hard and how you can make it easier, Tom Duggan from Plan International and Andy Tidy from Slingshot Data will ask you to consider whether you’re measuring your regular giving performance correctly. 

If you’re confused about how to truly forecast your RG ROI, and sell that to your Board as well, this session will give you the tools and the language to be able to understand your regular giving programs from day one to years to come.  

With successful regular giving programs comes investment – and this is often where your Board comes in. You will come away with the confidence to pitch your regular giving program to your Board and accurately explain ROI no matter how diverse your channels.  

To get you all excited for their session, we asked Tom and Andy to ask some quick questions.   

What are you hoping delegates will get out of your session at Fundraising Forum?  

Tom: I hope the delegates will have a better idea of where they should spend their acquisition budget, how to communicate their decisions to their board and governance and hopefully how to get a bigger budget.  

Andy: A deeper understanding of looking beyond the short-term metrics and, as a result, an ability to make informed comparisons across different recruitment sources.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?  

Tom: Don’t worry about feeling out of your depth. Only two groups of people don’t get imposter syndrome: sociopaths and the retired, so embrace the discomfort. 

Andy: I’m not entirely sure I have a career, more a number of unplanned jobs, so if I had received any advice, I’m fairly sure I have forgotten it, or simply ignored it. 

What’s your top tip for building a great regular giving program? 

Tom: Rather boringly, it’s to make sure you have the robust systems in place for taking donations and reporting on them.  You would be amazed how many organisations have not actioned payment runs because someone has been on holiday.  

Andy: Don’t have targets for absolute numbers of recruits, this can take the focus away from recruiting donors with an acceptable return. 

What’s your fundraising prediction?  

Tom: After so long in lockdown, anything which can be done in person will be hugely popular, be it events fundraising or thank you events. 

Andy: You are asking the person who said that Bitcoin was crazily over valued when it hit $1000, so I may leave the predictions to other people. 

Who are Tom and Andy?  

Tom Duggan, Head of Individual Giving, Plan International   

With experience across Plan International, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Cornucopia Fundraising, Tom has a range of fundraising – and regular giving – tips and strategies up his sleeve.   

In his current role as Head of Individual Giving, he leads his team across regular giving, case giving, major donors, bequests and digital. Tom is also on the board of Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA).  

Andy Tidy, Director, Slingshot Data  

Starting out in the UK in 1993 working for two large charities, St John Ambulance and the NSPCC, Andy is a veteran in the world of fundraising data. After moving to Australia in 2003, Andy was Head of Insights at Pareto Fundraising, where he contributed data-driven best practice, sector benchmarking and fundraising excellence.  

Now as Director of Slingshot Data, Andy brings this expertise to help clients model, analyse and segment their data to get the most out of their campaigns.   

Fundraising Forum will be coming to you virtually in 2021. Join us online from 31 August – 2 September. Find out more and register.


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