Recently launched grant for new websites includes up to $1,000 in matched campaign donations per applicant. Andrew Sadauskas reports.

Philanthropic organisation The Institute of Technology in Australia & New Zealand (TITAN) has launched a new grant program offering not-for-profit organisations and charities the opportunity to establish or redevelop their websites in order to boost their online presence and fundraising efforts.

As part of the Website Build and Match Fund Grant, TITAN will also match donations received on the new website’s first fundraising campaign up to $1,000 per successful applicant, subject to terms and conditions.

The grant covers the costs associated with developing a new website, but does not include ongoing expenses for maintaining the sites once they are completed, such as technical support or hosting fees.

Eligible not-for-profit organisations will ideally have a revenue range between $300,000 and 30 million.

According to research, 54% of Australian supporters state their preferred method of donating is giving online and 31% say social media is the primary channel that inspires them to give.

Currently, however, almost a quarter of Australian charities do not have a website, which puts them at a disadvantage and prevents them from future growth and opportunities.

TITAN – The Institute of Technology for Australia and New Zealand – is a not-for-profit company that seeks to make funding for technology projects more accessible to charities.

The website grants initiative has been funded by what TITAN describes as a coalition of high net-worth philanthropists who have recognised that funding technology projects for not-for-profits is one of the most powerful ways for their money to have impact.

Alongside the grants, TITAN also offers not-for-profits a range of other initiatives to help them more effectively leverage technology and data, including a mentorship program, educational events, podcasts, and strategy sessions with professional data scientists.

TITAN’s CEO Luke Davids says the organisation recognises the difficulty in trying to establish a not-for-profit within an already competitive market that is saturated by well-known and well-funded charities.

“TITAN’s mission is to accelerate the access that small and medium-sized not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand have to best practice digital tools,” Davids says.

“It’s vision is to fund large-scale digital projects that can have a measurable impact on the digital incomes of as many non-profits as possible.

“This is not just about charities and it’s not just about not-for-profits. We want to work with the sector collectively to transform and drive the adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions that have a real impact on people’s lives.”

For more information, please visit the website.

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