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In a series of articles for F&P, Lawrence Jackson explores the potential for far greater investment in planned giving in Australia and how to shift current practices in this critically important area.

Originally published April 2020

Let’s take a look at the areas I believe hold the greatest potential for planned giving growth in Australia, focusing on how the sector could unlock some of these opportunities and the likely challenges and barriers that will need to be overcome.

In part two of this four-part series, I referred to the term ‘planned giving’ as having originated in North America and its inclusion of fundraising practices involving certain types of gifts made from diverse asset classes such as cash, shares and property or a combination of these, often as part of an estate planning process, with gifts in wills (bequests or legacies) being the most common type.

The origin of planned giving in the US was largely tax driven, resulting in the creation of unique and often complex deferred giving vehicles such as:

• Charitable gift annuities (donation of assets for a partial tax deduction and future stream of income)

• Charitable remainder trusts (donation of assets to a trust that…
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