How to elevate your direct marketing by combining your voice and brand with ICC’s expertise and unique campaign model.

direct marketing strategyNot so long ago, running a campaign meant organisations had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for telephone systems, telephones, headsets, dashboard software and of course the real estate to house all their agents.

When call recording, email and webchat all became “the thing”, not-for-profits paid even more money. Rubbing salt into the wound, organisations were asked to pay maintenance fees on their hardware and service assurance on their software, regardless of whether they used it or not.

Take it away

Then some not-for-profits decided to outsource their direct marketing. “Why should we pay for the contact centre platform, or the agents to run it, or the supervisor, or the real estate for that matter? We’ll engage an expert contact centre company, pay them a percentage of what they generate along with a retainer, and avoid the headache.”

What they didn’t realise was that these expert companies had a different mindset to the charity that had engaged them.

Now many organisations, especially small to medium not-for-profits, are re-evaluating their DM strategy. What they now appreciate is that the value of their connection to their donors is worth more than money. So, as a result, they are bringing their direct marketing back in-house.

However, only a part of it. Here’s what we recommend and what we will provide so that you get the best of both worlds.

What to bring back

  • Bring back your voice and make sure that whoever speaks to your donors – volunteers or staff – share your passion for your cause.
  • Bring back your control, your leadership, your ideas, your scripts, your empathy for your staff and your donors.
  • Take back your brand.

Here’s what you won’t need

  • Real estate, desks and chairs. Unless of course, you want to have everyone under the same roof. These days agents can work from home.
  • Contact Centre servers or software. We don’t care what telephone system you have; we don’t even care if you don’t have one at all.
  • An IT specialist as an employee.
  • A Contact Centre supervisor to run reports for you or tell you which agents are taking too many breaks.
  • More telephone lines.

Here’s what you will get (but only when you need it and turn it on)

A fully fitted Omni Channel Contact Centre with:

  • Unlimited Inbound Capacity
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • Outbound Dialler with List Control
  • Call Recording – Yes, every call can be recorded, even if your agents are working from home, using an old green dial phone on the kitchen wall.
  • Call Monitoring – If the call can be recorded while the agent is working from home, then you can listen to the conversation even if both you and the agent are on mobile phones.
  • Real-Time & Historical Reporting
  • Analytics and Quality Assurance
  • Webchat
  • Email Campaigns
  • Interactive & Intelligent Queue Monitoring
  • Announcements in your voice or your choice of voice
  • Intelligent Call Routing.

In other words, you get every feature that a large contact centre has.

More importantly, you also get access to someone who knows what all those above-mentioned terms mean for your charity, your volunteers and your donors, and which ones to use and when so that you make a good impression every time. In other words, you also get our full support.

How does this work? How much does it cost?

At ICC we use the analogy of a holiday rental home.

Some people like a house, while others are happy with an apartment. Some people like gold-plated taps, while others are happy with stainless steel. Some want Brad Pitt to make dinner announcements, while others would be happy with their own dulcet tones.

Whatever the case, we will build it for you. So yes, the more complicated you make it, the more we will charge. Generally less than $5,000 will get you started, although some designs are more than double that.

Now for the best part: Once you build it, you only pay when you use it.

So let’s say you only run one campaign a year, and you run it for a month. You only pay for the number of agents logged on in that month. The rest of the year, if you’re not using the platform, you don’t pay for the platform.

Back to the analogy, if you’re using your holiday home, you pay for it.

We have put this in non-technical terms because you work for a charity and you are good at what you do.

Become better.

You should not be good at this.

We are.

ICC provides access to our Contact Centre Platform and supports you with expertise on how to get the most out of it. It’s the ultimate hybrid model because it gives you control, and you can personalise your direct marketing voice to your donors. There are no lock-in contracts or revenue sharing. Of course, there are costs, but they are simplified and predictable, and most importantly, there are no costs at all when you don’t use it. For more information, go to



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