Get those donors into a regular giving program, pronto, urges Harvey McKinnon.

Elsa was an 11-year-old whose mother was a professional fundraiser. One day the girl informed her mum that she wanted to help her raise the money to build a women’s shelter. You see, the daughter calculated that to raise $1 million she only had to find 3,334 donors to give $25 a month for a year. After 12 months they would raise all the money they needed.

Elsa announced, “I’m going to go door-to-door to recruit those monthly donors.” Her surprised mum said, “Isn’t that too big a job for just one girl?” And her daughter proclaimed, “Don’t worry, I have a friend who promised to help me.”

Ambitious? Yes. Possible? Who knows?

But I know one thing. Say this young girl recruited 10 of her friends. And those friends each recruited 10 people to canvas. I believe they could succeed. With 101 volunteers working on the campaign, they’d each only have to recruit one monthly donor a day, and they would reach their…

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