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Collective giving is proving that donors don’t need a lot of money to make real change in the world. They just need to be one part of a larger whole.


Philanthropy is evolving. Today it’s no longer just fundraisers who are the gatekeepers of charitable giving. Over the past decade, people from all walks of life, and all wealth levels, have embraced collective giving as a way for them to generate greater impact.

Consider GoFundMe. Launched in 2010, by 2017 they’d hit a milestone: $5 billion in funding. Those funds were given by more than 30 million people donating to two million different GoFundMe campaigns.

This amount of giving is on par with some of the top giving organisations in the world. Yet, it comes from everyday groups of friends, family, neighbours or other kindred spirits who pool their money to fund greater impact.

But in the age where organisations like GoFundMe dominate, giving circles and donor circles are also beginning to gain momentum. Interestingly, they’re being driven predominantly by women.

For fundraisers, this is a new type of collective giving that’s attractive to donors of all ages. It’s an opportunity for a new funding source…
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