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How the newly formed Emergency Action Alliance will harness the power of collaboration to raise more funds for humanitarian crises

These are interesting times in the history of fundraising. The pandemic has made us acutely aware of what is happening in our own neighbourhoods and evidence from community foundations suggests an uptick in giving to local causes. 

But tragedy and suffering continue overseas, with developing nations crippled by the impact of natural disasters, drought, famine, and political and fundamentalist oppression. Twenty-two million Afghan people are facing starvation. The people of Haiti are struggling to recover from yet another earthquake in which at least 2200 people died. The Philippines endured nine typhoons in 2021, which left over 500 people dead and close to half a million people without power, water or shelter. 

Overseas humanitarian emergencies can feel mind-boggling in scale and horror and many of us are left scrambling on Google as we try to understand how best to help. Imagine, then, the potential impact of one go-to donation platform. Enter the Emergency Action Alliance, or EAA, founded in Australia in 2021.

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