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Anthea Iva: The Director of Redstone Marketing asks three fundraisers for their perspectives.

What challenges do you think fundraisers will face in 2020? And what’s worth getting excited about?

YANI FERDINANDUS, Head of Individual Giving, CanTeen

As passionate fundraisers we always try to find new ways to raise more funds for our amazing causes. In the midst of this it is very easy to overlook the following factors that can maximise fundraising income.

We are always trying to find the ‘next big thing’ to acquire new supporters. Retention is the new acquisition tool. It is not the next big thing, but if implemented properly it could be. Much effort and investment goes into acquiring new supporters but sometimes building a robust relationship with them to increase their engagement is overlooked. If supporters have a great experience with us they will increase their investment and become our best ambassadors. If they have to leave us due to a personal situation, they will no doubt return when their circumstances change because they had the best giving experience with us.


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