Three Years to Save the World

“We must now redirect capital away from fossil fuels and toward zero carbon solutions with an urgency that reflects the surety of the science and the scale of what we have to lose.” AEGN’s Lou O’Halloran on why and how philanthropists can divest from fossil fuels....

YES Matters

"I’m trying to find a group of philanthropists and foundations in the community who are prepared to put up $100,000 each so that we can direct one million dollars towards the YES campaign." Ian Darling...
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2017 Australian Philanthropy Award Winners

The 2017 Awards, presented by Philanthropy Australia, recognised outstanding achievement in six categories: Best large grant, Best small grant, Environmental philanthropy, Gender-wise philanthropy, Indigenous philanthropy and Leading Philanthropist....

Imagination is power: Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on why human beings are born to be entrepreneurs; philanthropy as social business investor; achieving ‘super happiness’; sharing failure; challenging the financial system; combatting inequality and more....
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