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F&P’s Fiona Atkinson talks to Steve Killelea about his journey into international aid, the creation of the Global Peace Index, and why you should always keep funders closely connected to the work they support

[caption id="attachment_383835" align="aligncenter" width="1240"] Steve on the ground at a Cambodian clean water project.[/caption]

Steve Killelea is talking to journalist Richard Fidler on ABC Radio’s ‘Conversations’. What he describes is difficult to stomach.

“We work to rehabilitate child soldiers… these kids get captured. The boys are between seven and 10… and the girls are 14 to 16.”

Steve is discussing the Lord’s Resistance Army, a Christian extremist terrorist group that operates in Central Africa. A group that, according to Steve, is more violent than the Islamic State and the worst organisation he has ever encountered. 

“They capture the kids by raiding villages. If the kids are crying or slow moving or complaining, they are killed on the way back to base camp. [The group gets] other captured children to beat them to death. Usually, within months, [the group] will get [the children] to raid the same village they came from and get them to kill someone… sometimes their own family. That way, they’ve cut off the…
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