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First published 1 Feb, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where you did everything ‘by the book’ and things did not go as expected? In fact, they went the exact opposite of expected? Alice Ferris discusses why sometimes you have to break the fundraising rules.

• an established, successful technique or principle that has been tested over time, through practice and research, and that is fundamental to the profession

• a technique that has delivered repeatable results in a specific situation, type of organisation or condition

• something that a colleague, board member or volunteer saw done successfully someplace else, once, and should be replicated in your workplace. By you, not them, of course!

There have been many examples of best practices gone wrong. The charities that solicited Olive Cooke in the UK were following established practices of direct response, which resulted in a scandalous amount of mail and a melodrama played out in the Daily Mail. In the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton…
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