Want access to a data source that is rich in known charity donors – over 2 million direct responsive individuals – ideal for new donor acquisition? Fusion Exchange is the answer.

We have your new donors

Fusion Exchange uses the actual transaction history of millions of Australian consumers to predict how they will buy or donate in the future.

What is Fusion Exchange?

Fusion Exchange is a member’s only data co-operative used for mailing or telemarketing acquisition or reactivation of donors.

Over 120 contributing data members have access to highly responsive list data from more than 2 million individuals and 1.3 million households.

It currently uses transactional information from over 35 million transactions and $2.2 billion in spend – and this grows every quarter.

A central data source rich in new donors?

Yes – Fusion Exchange has many existing members from the Not-for-profit industry who supply donor transactional history as part of the membership structure.

The data co-op contains a lot of different pieces of information – some includes average and total donations, the causes a person supports, and how many charity databases a person is currently on.

What are the Membership benefits of Fusion Exchange?

Data co-ops are membership based – you must contribute to access the pool.

Benefits include:

1. Lower cost data than traditional lists (estimated at over 40% less)

2. Nett names of supplied data

Access to:

  • Data insights and modelling
  • Re-activation information
  • Data appends

Privacy compliance?

Data can only be shared or made available in the data cooperative if the member has collected data in a privacy compliant way.

If you are not sure about this, or you need some guidance, List Factory can help with basic examples and point you in the right direction.

Find out more about your supporters?

We offer a free detailed “On Board Report” to compare a sample of your supporters with Fusion Exchange and our other charity members.

If you are looking at data co-ops, this report can assist with the decision making process to join the Fusion Exchange data co-op.


It is free to join – you only pay for data or services used.

For a detailed pricing sheet and options, contact List Factory.




(03) 9017 9090


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