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grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – June 2022

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants

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  • American Heart Association
  • COVID-19
  • DEI-driven fundraising
  • Diversity
  • Donor pyramid
  • Donor Relationship Cycle
  • Equity
  • Gift Cycle
  • Inclusion
  • Major Giving
  • Mega Philanthropy
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  • Nonprofit Summit 2022
  • Steve Killalea
  • storytelling
  • The Charitable Foundation
  • Values-led fundraising
Subscriber Exclusive

A systemic approach: can it change the game for your philanthropic asks?

F&P’s Fiona Atkinson talks to Steve Killelea about his journey into international aid, the creation of the Global Peace Index, and why you should always keep funders closely connected to the work they support

Subscriber Exclusive

Build trust, accelerate the cycle, think big: how to secure more major gifts

Mega-gift winning nonprofit, the American Heart Association share top tips (for NFPs of any size) for boosting major donor relationships.

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  • 2021 Australian Philanthropy Awards
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  • ActionAid
  • Adelaide Biennial
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  • AEGN
  • Affordable Housing
  • AFR
  • AFR Philanthropy 50
  • Africa
  • ageism
  • AI
  • Alexandra Burt
  • Alfred Felton
  • Amahoro Coalition
  • Andrew Forrest
  • Animal Welfare
  • ANZ
  • Appeals
  • Arise Fund
  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Arts
  • Arts and culture
  • arts philanthropy
  • Arts Project Australia
  • Asia
  • Asian Australian Foundation
  • Asian philanthropy
  • Asthma Australia
  • Atlassian
  • Atlassian Foundation
  • Aurora Education Foundation
  • Australia for UNHCR
  • Australia's Richest 250
  • Australian bushfires
  • Australian Charity Awards
  • Australian Communities Foundation
  • Australian Financial Review
  • Australian Financial Review Philanthropy 50 List
  • Australian Institute of Grants Management
  • Australian Museum
  • Australian Museum Foundation
  • Australian Philanthropic Services
  • Australian Philanthropy Awards
  • Australian Sports Foundation
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  • B2B
  • Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
  • Balnaves Foundation
  • Bama Services
  • Bangarra Dance Theatre
  • Bank Australia
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  • Belvoir
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  • Bennelong Foundation
  • Bequests
  • Best Friends Pet Care Super Centre
  • Beyond Blue
  • BHP Foundation
  • Big4
  • Big4 Fundraising
  • Bill Moss
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  • Bowness Family Foundation
  • Brian Hartzer
  • Canberra Grammar School
  • capacity-building
  • Carol Schwartz AO
  • Case for support
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  • Case Study
  • catalytic philanthropy
  • Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies
  • Centre for Social Impact
  • Centre for Statelessness
  • CEO Magazine
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • Charidy
  • charities
  • Charities Crisis Cabinet
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Chau Chak Wing
  • Chau Chak Wing Museum
  • Cheri Ong
  • Children
  • Chuck Feeney
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  • Creative Partnerships Australia
  • Creative Partnerships Awards
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grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – May 2022

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants

Subscriber Exclusive

Major gifts pave the way for world-leading research

These are exciting times for The University of Queensland, which has secured major philanthropic gifts for health and research by drawing on donor personal experience.

New Zealand’s Willpower

FINZ shares the results of a two-year study to benchmark and understand New Zealand gifts in wills.

Australia’s top 50 philanthropy list for 2022

A 2% decline on the year before, but still worth $942 million – what the AFR Philanthropy 50 List tells us about Australia’s mega-giving.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – April 2022

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants

Subscriber Exclusive

Arts gift becomes record-maker

Lindsay Fox has come a long way since the days of his one-truck business. Last week his success earned the NGV a transformative gift.

My donor’s are leaving me… how to stop a sinking ship

If donors are leaving your NFP, the solution may be as simple as checking your asks and thank yous. Seedling’s Jess Bowman tells us more.

Subscriber Exclusive

Laughter, tears & pledges

Find out how The Funding Network helped three women make the world a better place by pledging money to their causes: homelessness, refugee literacy and domestic violence.

Universities the winners of March 2022

A $1B campaign, a historic bequest, and a campaign for a care facility with students at its heart. We explore several university fundraising campaigns reaping rewards.

Australia’s Richest 250 in 2022

Young tech entrepreneurs are giving mining and property magnates a run for their money – with both wealth and philanthropy – in the annual rundown of Australia’s wealthiest.

“We don’t fund business as usual” – rejecting the indirect costs rejection

NFP performance is often measured on overhead ratio. And funders are not prepared to support indirect costs. Both approaches are drastically flawed a new report reveals.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – March 2022

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants

Where does Australia sit on the Global Philanthropy Environment Index?

A new report found the global philanthropic environment is improving but Australia showed a slight decline on previous years.

David and Goliath – the realities of political fundraising

Climate 200 challenge major political players by supporting independents taking action on climate, integrity and gender equity. Their fundraising efforts help level the playing field.

Subscriber Exclusive

Do philanthropists need a safe space?

Growing criticism, the absence of visible peers and a lack of knowledge about giving channels are stymieing philanthropy from the rich. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson talks to Jack Heath to find out more

Subscriber Exclusive

The big ask

John Wylie and Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie are the winners of the Creative Partnerships Australia Philanthropy Leadership Award. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson caught up with them to talk about the winning ingredients of their top-down philanthropy

Subscriber Exclusive

15 indicators philanthropists look for to identify a High Performing Charity

Philanthropists want to give to the best and to charities that reflect their values. Do you meet the criteria?

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – February 2022

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants

The rise and rise of giving days 

As events went virtual in 2020, giving days became a fundraising go-to. Tania Burstin shares her thoughts about their rapid rise and the four pillars of giving day success.

Subscriber Exclusive

How to create a winning case for support 

Been asked for your organisation’s case for support but don’t have one? Find out why you need one and the secret ingredients to making it great.

Future Generation Global

FGG partnering with nonprofits to foster wellbeing and mental health in young Australians

Future Generation Global is looking to establish partnerships with prevention-focused organisations with ambitious impact growth strategies.

Subscriber Exclusive

Stewardship on a shoestring: Investing in relationships

This article was originally published on 10 October 2018. We all know that building relationships with funders is an essential part of a successful grants program. But if you’re a small nonprofit just starting to seek grants strategically, it can be hard to know where to start with a funder stewardship strategy and where to […]

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – January 2022

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Survey reports rise in private giving to arts and culture despite pandemic

A $26 million increase in cash giving during 2019/20 was a welcome reprieve for the arts sector, but a new report shows other support fell significantly.

Subscriber Exclusive

Scenic World Shared: a third generation success story

A third generation family business operating one of Australia’s top tourist attractions has launched a philanthropic campaign to give back to the community and preserve its environment. Clare Joyce reports.

Daring philanthropy in a high-risk environment

How two Adelaide philanthropists demonstrated their belief in Australian arts and culture in the midst of lockdowns.

New report shows obstacles faced by remote, regional and rural organisations

Pre-2020, local community organisations were already given short shrift when it came to funding and support. Now, two years later, they have dealt with a multitude of natural disasters on top of a global pandemic, and they are exhausted. But they come with solutions.

FIA Awards finalists and state winners announced 

This year’s awards acknowledge ground-breaking innovation and creativity in response to the continuing pandemic, alongside an unbreakable commitment to best practice fundraising and exceptional donor care.

Top 12 F&P articles of 2021

Curiosity, case studies, corporates and COVID-19 dominated the interest in our articles in 2021. Here we look back at the year that was.

Equity Trustees grows giving from $91m to $96.2m in FY21

Leading funder, Equity Trustees, has released its fourth annual Giving Review, analysing granting and bequests overseen in FY21.

UQ joins Google and Minderoo to create change

Through philanthropic collaborations, UQ is accelerating vital research into areas like bushfire prevention and the impacts of plastics on human health.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – December 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Subscriber Exclusive

What corporate giving looked like in 2021

Corporate heavyweights such as BHP and Coles still make the biggest charitable impact in terms of dollars, but young innovative companies are leading the way with a community-first mindset shows the latest GivingLarge report.

Subscriber Exclusive

Can the rich save the world?

Paul Vallely talks to Teresa Zolnierkiewicz about the trajectory of philanthropy.

The power of two: a story of awe-inspiring leadership, fundraising and going from idea to launch in just 10 days

Chris Howlett and Adele Schonhardt have achieved an extraordinary amount for Australia’s classical music scene, both before and during the pandemic, winning them the Creative Partnerships Arts Leadership Award. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson caught up with them to find out more.

GivingTuesday is in its ninth year – has it been a success?

Widely adopted in the US, billions raised worldwide, and a slow uptake in Australia. With the campaign happening this week, we take a look at results and share insights.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – November 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Winners of the 2021 Creative Partnerships Awards announced

A global pandemic did not deter the winners of this year’s awards, who have been true fundraising and philanthropic trailblazers for Australia’s arts and culture sector.

A how-to guide for philanthropists and how it helps your nonprofit

Extensive research tells us that Australians are keen to make significant and structured gifts. But the giving pathway can be confusing. A new guide aims to address that.

2021 Australian Philanthropy Awards – winners announced

Collaborative, nimble and responsive philanthropy and partnerships that have delivered vital impact during one the globe’s most challenging times were the theme of this year’s awards.

Mammoth bushfire recovery effort helps secure top award

This year, the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife won Australian Charity of the Year 2021 with a series of fundraising initiatives that supported volunteers, educated the community and provided critical bushfire relief.

Fundraising leadership – there’s much more to be done

Fundraising and giving at board and executive level can result in transformative gifts, but a new study reveals an ongoing lack of clarity about leadership-level participation.

Lifeline tops the list as most media-mentioned charity

A new report shares insights into the nonprofit news that’s dominated in Australia’s media coverage over the last 12 months.

US$1.7 billion funding announced at COP26, Australia absent

Governments and private funders have announced a historic pledge in support of Indigenous Peoples and local communities as the guardians of precious tropical rainforests.

A new name and visual identity for John and Pauline Gandel’s foundation 

The Gandel family’s long-standing philanthropic arm, Gandel Philanthropy, is changing its name to Gandel Foundation.

Why grantors should focus on capacity-building to scale impact

Programs will only be as good as the organisation implementing them, which is why the move towards capacity-building grants is so important for the nonprofit sector.

Subscriber Exclusive

Generosity, compassion and legacy after the bushfires

With carbon emissions on the agenda and a hot Summer ahead of us, it’s worth looking at how philanthropy can respond to climate-related disasters.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – October 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

A transformative grant: much-needed good news from the arts industry

Arts and culture has been one of the worst-hit sectors in the COVID-19 pandemic. So we should seek inspiration from arts institutions getting results from their fundraising and the organisations who are backing them.

Big picture giving: a marathon, not a sprint

What we can learn from Hands Across Canberra about intergenerational wealth transfer and donations that last forever…

Subscriber Exclusive

Major Giving: timeless principles and emerging trends

A new report shares valuable insights that could transform your major gifts program.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – September 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

A story of transparency and simplicity

How billionaire Jack Dorsey is using a Google spreadsheet to share the story of his mega-gift.

StreetSmart: smart by name, smart by nature

StreetSmart’s clever initiatives and strong partnerships help them support thousands of people experiencing homelessness every year. Their relationship with Sheridan Australia is just one example of corporate relationships done right.

Gavan Woinarski

How to build an endowment fund

If you are looking to future-proof your nonprofit, an endowment fund could be a good option. Gavan Woinarski will outline how to get donors onboard and successfully launch an endowment fund.

What does effective philanthropy look like?

When Fahim* was born to a rickshaw puller and his wife in Bhola, Bangladesh, the family was overjoyed. However, as the new baby settled with his mother, they realised there was something unusual about his feet. Both were turned inward at a 90-degree angle.   Fahim had bilateral clubfoot. In Bangladesh, up to 5,000 children are born with the congenital condition […]

Fundraising from space

Two billionaires, four intrepid space tourists, 72,000 donors and $210M raised for a children’s hospital.

How to be brave in your fundraising

The National Justice Project are a not-for-profit willing to go against the grain – here’s what we can learn from them.

Yirranma Place – ‘a place where many create’

The Paul Ramsay Foundation will soon open a for-purpose hub in a historic Sydney building, welcoming tenants who will tackle social problems in innovative ways.

Subscriber Exclusive

What women want

Kimberly Downes discusses recent research about women’s role and influence in philanthropy and the implications that has for engaging women as donors

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – August 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

How mountain-top thinking is taking on plastic pollution

The Minderoo Foundation’s recent $4.5 million grant to the University of Queensland is part of a carefully planned granting strategy to change our plastics industry before it’s too late.

Diversity within philanthropy – collaboration in the not-for-profit sector

Naomi Steer, National Director of Australia for UNHCR, on how her organisation and Islamic Relief Australia are collaborating for impact

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – July 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

A timely examination of giving in Australia

A dramatic pandemic drop in giving has shown signs of recovery according to a new report, but will it be scuppered by the latest outbreaks?

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – June 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

$1 million donation to Walkley Foundation

$1 million to support young Australian journalists

The John B Fairfax family has pledged $1 million to the Walkley Foundation in support of young Australian journalists.

Happy birthday PAF!

An important milestone in philanthropy just turned 20. We look at the evolution of the private ancillary fund.

Launch of the Zoetis Foundation

New foundation to focus on communities, animals and the planet

Global animal health company, Zoetis, announced the launch of their foundation, committing US$35 million over five years.

Subscriber Exclusive

What donors want

20 evidence-based messages from Wendy Scaife, the 2021 recipient of the FIA Arthur Venn Lifetime Achievement Award.

Subscriber Exclusive

Signs of more philanthropic giving, but first…look inward

It has been an unusual and difficult time in fundraising. Now is the time to take stock, find the new angle and re-evaluate, advises Jodi Kennedy.

Subscriber Exclusive

Fostering a culture of philanthropy & the importance of getting in early

Andrea Riddell spoke with Philanthropy Australia’s new CEO, Jack Heath, to discuss their blueprint to grow structured giving, the future of philanthropy and more.

John Wylie – The end of a legacy, the beginning of a vision

As John Wylie AM ends his tenure as President of the Library Board of Victoria, we reflect on the impact he made on State Library Victoria and how his vision ensures that the Library will remain a cultural touchstone for generations to come.

Intergenerational Philanthropy Equity Trustees

Philanthropy: it’s a family affair

Involving the next generation in decision making can foster a tradition of philanthropy, deepen family relationships and help build a lasting legacy, writes Jodi Kennedy, General Manager of Charitable Trusts and Philanthropy at Equity Trustees.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – May 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Bringing Vance’s vision to life

Dr Gledhill is a visionary philanthropist who is revolutionising the role individuals can play in tackling global challenges like poverty.

Philanthropy 50

Philanthropy 50 list revealed

The top 50 Australian philanthropists gave away $964 million in FY2019/20, up 29% on 2018/19, with Paul Ramsay Foundation taking top spot.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – April 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Winner 100&Change MacArthur Foundation Homelessness

$100 million awarded to end homelessness in five years

MacArthur has selected one organisation from six finalists in their 100&Change competition to receive US$100 million.

Six ways philanthropy adapted to a world in crisis

The world of philanthropy has changed radically in the past year. Andrea Riddell and Andrew Sadauskas highlight six insights you need to know from this year’s Generosity Forum.

Ken’s gift

How Ken Lord’s gift to Prince Alfred College in Adelaide, South Australia, has changed the lives of boys from the Outback.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – March 2021

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

The givers: Australia’s top 25 philanthropists

Australia’s rich got a lot richer during the pandemic and, while a new guard is emerging, the top givers are mostly familiar names.

Lessons learned

Eight lessons from one year of COVID philanthropy

In early 2020 philanthropy expert David Callahan shared a prediction that came true, and changed our world. Here’s eight lessons from the unprecedented year that was.

Creating Impact
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Creating Impact

Grantmakers in the US are beginning to understand the power of unrestricted funding. Here’s how nonprofit executives can collaborate with grantors on capacity building

University of Melbourne raises $16.9M for COVID research and treatment

As Coronavirus storm clouds gathered, University of Melbourne fundraisers rolled up their sleeves and got to work raising funds to fight the global pandemic. Jeremy Bradshaw tells how the University raised $16.9 million in just 10 months.

En Pointe
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En Pointe

We go backstage at the West Australian Ballet to speak to Philanthropy Director, Catherine Henwood, and winner of the Creative Partnerships Australia Emerging Philanthropist Award, Alexandra Burt.

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Grants Wrap – February 2021

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University of Queensland major philanthropic campaign

How UQ rallied its community for a major philanthropic campaign

The University of Queensland’s first big philanthropic campaign raised over $600 million and inspired donors worldwide.

UQ fundraising for a vaccine

How University of Queensland raised over $23M for a COVID-19 vaccine

As the dreaded Coronavirus began to spread across Australia, a group of school girls helped spur on the University of Queensland’s efforts to raise funds to accelerate a promising vaccine. Jeremy Bradshaw explains how UQ raised over $23 million in just three months.

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Grants Wrap – January 2021

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Equity Trustees Annual Giving Review

A Snapshot of Giving in 2020 through Equity Trustees

Australia’s leading specialist trustee company has released their third Annual Giving Review providing insight into the $91 million of grants and bequests overseen by the company for FY20.

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Engaging next-gen donors: what fundraisers need to know

Philanthropy Australia’s CEO, Sarah Davies, unpacks the priorities and preferences of next-generation givers and finds one of the biggest differences between them and the generations of philanthropists that preceded them is a preference for more engaged philanthropy.

Australian Museum appoints Brian Hartzer as chairperson of Foundation

Project Discover completed, Brian Hartzer appointed Chair of Australian Museum Foundation

It’s been an exciting year for the Australian Museum with Project Discover and the announcement of Brian Hartzer joining the Foundation and Trust.

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Grants Wrap – December 2020

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Universities Australia Marketing Communications and Development Awards

UQ & Western Sydney Uni take out top fundraising awards

The Universities Australia Marketing, Communications and Development awards recognised excellence in marketing, communications and fundraising.

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Grants Wrap – November 2020

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Creative Partnerships Awards 2020 Winners

Winners of the 2020 Creative Partnerships Awards announced

Brought to you by Creative Partnerships Australia, the Creative Partnership Awards champion leaders in arts, business and philanthropy.

Time to Arise
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Time to Arise

Inside the leadership circle of an innovative funding model, ActionAid’s Arise Fund

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Sarah Davies on her love of the sector, how it can bloom & life after Philanthropy Australia

Philanthropy Australia’s outgoing CEO spoke to F&P’s Andrea Riddell

The 2020 Australian Philanthropy Awards recipients

Philanthropy Australia’s award recipients announced

In a virtual ceremony, Philanthropy Australia revealed this year’s winners of their sixth annual Australian Philanthropy Awards.

trends Australian philanthropy

Trends in Australian philanthropy

The report from Perpetual draws on five years of data to forecast trends in philanthropy and the top eight challenges facing NFPs.

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Five key trends in fundraising

Want to secure a seven-figure gift, grant or partnership? Andrea Riddell and Andrew Sadauskas share five tips for doing it, from the recent Big4 conference.

CASE Support of Education Survey 2020

How does your university’s fundraising compare?

The latest CASE Support of Education Survey, Australia and New Zealand report is out covering data from 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The fruits of philanthropy: Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classroom

After beginning a partnership with Gandel Philanthropy in 2018, The National Museum of Australia (NMA) is unveiling their online education initiative.

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Grants Wrap – October 2020

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TFN Virtual Event

Seven events, ten hours, over $1.1 million raised

How The Funding Network adapted live crowdfunding events to a virtual format in a pandemic…and what we learned

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – September 2020

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Donating profits from film

Choosing to make a difference through film

Going to the cinema is a bit of a treat these days, but one film is attempting to also turn it into an exercise for good.

Funding journalism through philanthropy

Guarding the future of journalism with philanthropy

Andrea Riddell spoke to Guardian Australia to look inside their philanthropy model that’s forging partnerships with key philanthropists and foundations.

The coming recession
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What does the past teach us about the coming recession?

History shows that declines in philanthropic funding are not as calamitous as widely feared says John Godfrey.

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The Birth of Ilbijerri Theatre – a lesson in persistence

How John Harding helped create the longest established First Nations theatre company in Australia, with a big assist from philanthropy.

African Philanthropy

The state of African philanthropy

Isaac Kwaku and Andia Chakava on how COVID-19 has been a wake-up call for giving in Africa.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – August 2020

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Australian Philanthropy Awards 2020 are now open

The Australian Philanthropy Awards 2020 are now open

It’s time to celebrate the social change makers, investors and funders with the Australian Philanthropy Awards 2020!

Westpac Bama Services grant

Inside a $300k grant: Westpac and Bama Services

Indigenous employment is at the heart of the Bama Services and Westpac Foundation long-term partnership.

Philanthropy during a global pandemic

Philanthropy in the time of a global pandemic

We look at JBWere’s report: Where to from here? The outlook for philanthropy during and post COVID-19.


Big4 Fundraising 2020 is going virtual and registrations are open

Find out the secrets to securing big donations and grants from trusts and foundations, major gifts, gifts-in-wills and corporate partnerships.

Chau Chak Wing

A $15 million gift

Dr Chau Chak Wing on the passion that led to his $15 million donation to create a cultural landmark.

Peter McMullin

Walking away from Omelas

Peter McMullin on life-changing moments, what motivates his philanthropy, and the importance of social impact.

Melbourne City Mission

Melbourne on a Mission

Melbourne City Mission CEO, Vicki Sutton, on the pressures of fundraising during a pandemic, developing new donor relationships, and what the future holds.

giving of ultra-high-net-worth individuals

A look into the giving of ultra-high-net-worth individuals

Milken Institute report examines ultra-high net-worth philanthropy, offers recommendations to spur giving.

grantmaking COVID-19

How has COVID-19 changed grantmaking?

In a new survey from Philanthropy Australia, 88% of funders who responded have changed how they support the community and charitable sector.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – May 2020

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Giving day

Lessons from a successful COVID-19 lockdown giving day: Watch the video case study

In this video presentation, Charidy Senior Consultant Emma Boyar reveals how Sisterworks made its recent giving day event a success.

Staff and operational costs are putting pressure on grant seekers.

COVID-19 philanthropy: Nonprofits need urgent help with staff costs

A new survey reveals nonprofits are struggling to cover salaries and operational costs, due to the COVID-19 crisis. Andrew Sadauskas examines how philanthropy can help.

Four ways COVID-19 philanthropy is helping to navigate the crisis

The community is facing rough waters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrew Sadauskas examines four ways Australian philanthropy is helping.

free consultations NFP CEOs

Leadership in the era of COVID-19

Professional advisory firm, filantropia, is offering CEOs of charities and grantmaking foundations free weekly consultations from now until June 30.

giving COVID-19

Giving to fall back to 2012 levels: report

Giving in Australia could drop nearly 20% by the end of 2021, according to a new report from JBWere.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – April 2020

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funding COVID-19

Tell funders what you need

Fill in a five-minute survey to help funders and The Grants Hub better support your not-for-profit organisation.

Glyn Davis Glyn Davis Paul Ramsay Foundation
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10 Questions with Glyn Davis

CEO of Paul Ramsay Foundation on adapting to the new normal, staying on mission, collaboration, hope and wonder.

nonprofit sector COVID-19
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Saving the nonprofit sector: the fight to survive COVID-19

As charities face an existential threat to their existence, F&P looks at what the sector is doing to get through the pandemic.

overseas aid

Why overseas philanthropy still matters in a time of crisis

While domestic social and economic problems are mounting on numerous fronts, overseas aid and development is still vital.

Canberra foundations unite against Covid-19: $500k in grants for local charities

The foundations will distribute an initial $500,000 to local nonprofit organisations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 National Funding Platform

Australian philanthropy unites with funding response to COVID-19 crisis

Australian Communities Foundation and Philanthropy Australia have launched the COVID-19 National Funding Platform.

virtual conference

Generosity Forum going ahead as a virtual conference in 2020

Australia’s leading summit for philanthropy is going online, with the event to be held as a virtual conference in 2020.


Funding and grants in a COVID-19 world

We are all navigating unchartered territory as COVID-19 spreads across the world. Jessie Ballantyne considers the implications and shares some really good advice.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – March 2020

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

What is catalytic philanthropy and how is it changing the world?

By leveraging catalytic philanthropy as a model, donors and funders are making an impact on big social issues, beyond simply writing a cheque.

Mental health fundraising shortfall: meet the philanthropists finding answers

Mental health fundraising shortfalls are a major challenge for Australia. Now two leading philanthropists in the space are offering their solutions.

Philanthropy can help to take the heat our of the climate crisis.

Philanthropy’s vital role in tackling the climate crisis

With the climate crisis now intensifying bushfires and droughts across Australia, it’s time to examine how philanthropy can help.

Greater Charitable Foundation funding

Greater Charitable Foundation 2020 funding round opens

Greater Charitable Foundation is offering grants of $30,000 up to $250,000 for charities working to improve the life outcomes of families and communities.

Funding outliers: Ramaciotti Foundations approach a milestone

From the ground-breaking work of Professor Graeme Clark developing the cochlear implant to Ian Frazer and Jian Zhou’s HPV Vaccine, funding from the Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundations has been instrumental in nurturing the work of medical researchers across Australia.

bushfire fundraising
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Will bushfire giving affect the fundraising of non-bushfire-related causes?

As a firestorm of donations is unleashed by bushfire appeals, some non-bushfire causes are left feeling out in the cold and nervous about their fundraising efforts. Jeremy Bradshaw investigates.

Duchess of Cornwall donation bushfires

Duchess of Cornwall makes donation to help to bushfire-affected Australians

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has made a donation to provide practical help to Australians affected by the bushfires.

donation bushfire efforts

Minderoo Foundation pledges $70 million for bushfire efforts

The donation comes as Australia faces an unprecedented bushfire season that so far has burned more than 10 million hectares, claimed 29 lives, more than 2,000 homes and decimated livestock and wildlife populations.

Philanthropy helps Black Cockatoo take flight

A new play gives voice to an important but forgotten Aboriginal sporting hero, Johnny Mullagh.


Leading philanthropists to speak at the Generosity Forum in 2020

Top philanthropists, trusts and foundations, including Menzies Foundation, Gandel Philanthropy, Ian Potter Foundation and Wheelton Philanthropy, presenting at Australia’s leading philanthropy summit in 2020.

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A circle of friends

How a group of mates came together to help Aboriginal artists in the Kimberley return young people to country.

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Themes in European philanthropy

A revealing tour of philanthropic institutions in Sweden, Germany and Poland.

Vedran Drakulic

Vedran Drakulic wins Not-For-Profit Executive of the Year

CEO of Gandel Philanthropy, Vedran Drakulic, won the accolade at CEO Magazine’s 2019 Executive of the Year Awards.

funding Indigenous initiatives

Early funding support to empower the Indigenous ‘genesis generation’

With closing the gap between financial capability of Indigenous Australians and the rest of the population proving difficult, a new tool developed by an Indigenous NFP may set the ground for a new level of education and support.

fundraising arts

Private sector support of the arts estimated at $608 million

Private sector support of the arts in Australia is on the rise but only one quarter of arts organisations have dedicated fundraising staff.

philanthropy systems change

How philanthropy can make bold moves to change the world

A new report has found that to really achieve positive impact via systems change, foundations first need to work on themselves.

philanthropists funding mental health

Why aren’t philanthropists and corporates funding mental health?

A survey of 56 philanthropists and corporate foundations outlines the reasons why funders are avoiding mental health causes and what needs to change.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – November

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Terry Snow donation Canberra Grammar School

Terry Snow donates $20 million to Canberra Grammar School

The gift from the former student will fund a new auditorium, music department and library as well as a new Indigenous scholarship.

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Get inspired with St.George

How St.George Foundation structures its grants program, and tips to make your application stand out.

collaborative funding model

Collaborative funding model drives job creation

Four social enterprises – Jigsaw, The Bread & Butter Project, YMCA ReBuild and STREAT – will be the first to benefit from a new collaborative funding model led by Westpac Foundation.

Best Practices Philanthropic Organisations

Seven Best Practices for Philanthropic Organisations

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors recently released a report on how foundations are dealing with increased public scrutiny and criticism.

grants funding opportunities

Grants Wrap – September 2019

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Big4 Fundraising conference breaks registration record

A record number of Australian fundraisers are set to attend the Big4 Fundraising conference this year, with two weeks still to go before the landmark annual event.

Perpetual Stanford CEO Study Tour

Nonprofit leaders head to Stanford

The Perpetual Stanford CEO Study Tour is underway and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Managing Director is one of 10 CEOs selected to take part.

grants funding opportunities

Upcoming grants and funding opportunities

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Insight from a philanthropic leader: Paul Brest

One of the world’s leading philanthropic experts, Paul Brest, recently visited Australia to share his expertise with Australian philanthropists and not-for-profits.

Asian philanthropy

Free podcast: the rise of Asian philanthropy in Australia

In this podcast Wesa Chau, Director of Cultural Intelligence, discusses the hows and whys of Asian philanthropy in Australia.

Atlantic Philanthropies

Free podcast: how Atlantic Philanthropies revolutionised Australian giving

Dr Dave Kennedy, the former executive director of Atlantic Philanthropies, shares his insights into entrepreneur Chuck Feeney’s revolutionary approach to giving.

2019 Grantmaker of the Year

2019 Grantmaker of the Year announced

A team of NSW Government grantmakers overseeing a heritage grants budget of around $3 million a year has been crowned the 2019 Grantmaker of the Year.

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An enduring partnership

Two foundations share their long-term partnership success story and its importance for real impact.

GivingLarge Report

Corporate donations on the rise: Report

According to the GivingLarge Report, Australian companies invested $945 million in philanthropy in 2018, but there is still a way to go to reach global levels of giving.

Innovative Indigenous program wins philanthropy award

The Warddeken Daluk Ranger Program provides women with employment and has had significant environmental outcomes in Arnhem Land.

women’s fund and foundation donors

Women’s fund and foundation donors give more and engage more: Report

A new report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute in the United States has valuable lessons for all donors and nonprofits.

Atlassian philanthropy

Atlassian Foundation International finds Room to Read

A partnership that has helped 250,000 children in Cambodia has received the Gender-Wise Philanthropy Award at the 2019 Australian Philanthropy Awards.

“My giving is instinctive and personal”: Philip Bacon AM

2019 Leading Philanthropist, Philip Bacon AM, on supporting the culture and institutions he believes in.

Australian Philanthropy Awards

2019 Australian Philanthropy Awards announced

The fifth annual Australian Philanthropy Awards recognised Australia’s visionary givers, including Philip Bacon and the Atlassian Foundation.

10x10 Philanthropy

10×10 Philanthropy reaches $2 million in fundraising

The Aussie crowdfunding startup reaches a milestone as it launches in San Francisco.

grants funding opportunities

Grants and funding opportunities: August/September

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

Australian Sports Foundation

Number of donations to sport rise by 41%

The Australian Sports Foundation received $43.5 million in revenue from donations and grants in 2018-19.

grants funding opportunities

Grants and funding opportunities: July/August

Looking for grants and funding opportunities? Here are some funders with approaching deadlines, provided by Strategic Grants.

What about me? Making it personal to inspire philanthropy

Teisha Archer on how to flip the script, make your ask personal and really inspire your donors to give.

The passions of philanthropist Peter Ivany

The 2019 SFF brings together two of Peter Ivany’s passions – film and the Sydney Swans – and comes on the heels of a large gift to help secure the future of the festival.

Fairfax philanthropy

Free podcast: rare interview with Fairfax family members about their philanthropy

In this interview, recorded at the Generosity Forum in Sydney, one of Australia’s most iconic and generous media families provides a rare insight into their philanthropy.

Westpac and Swinburne Uni launch workplace giving circles trial

Good2Give has secured two major corporate partners for its new corporate giving program, Andrew Sadauskas reports.

Ken’s gift

How Ken Lord’s gift to Prince Alfred College in Adelaide, South Australia, has changed the lives of boys from the Outback.

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Make it real

Giving back is core to who CocaCola is as a company, and we know our business is only as strong and sustainable as the communities we serve. Since 1984, The Coca-Cola Foundation has worked to distribute funding to over 200 local communities worldwide, giving over US$1 billion to more than 42,000 organisations across the globe. […]

Australia’s top philanthropists reveal the future of giving

Major Australian donors, including the Fairfax family, Deanne Weir, John Grill and Bill Moss, recently gathered at the Generosity Forum.

Nomination deadline for 2019 Australian Philanthropy Awards extended

The Australian Philanthropy Awards recognise and celebrate extraordinary achievements in contemporary philanthropy.

Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award

Macquarie Group announces 12 finalists for $50 million philanthropic award

Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award is a $A50 million philanthropic commitment that seeks to initiate or support projects that address an area of unmet social need.

Who are Australia’s 50 biggest givers?

The Australian Financial Review has released its 2019 Philanthropy 50 list, with Paul Ramsay Foundation once again on top.

What role should philanthropy play in building capacity in the nonprofit sector?

Equity Trustees is supporting organisational learning, innovation and growth to amplify positive social impact.

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After the disaster

Australia’s start to the new year highlighted the catastrophic impact of extreme weather. The media extensively covered bushfires in Victoria’s Central Highlands and Gippsland regions, the bushfires in Tasmania – which have occurred in many places for the first time in memory – and unprecedented flooding across Queensland. During this time, we also recognised the […]

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Profit with a purpose

The profit-at-all-costs mentality is doing untold damage to the planet and society. It’s pretty clear that the high rates of economic growth we’ve seen in the past are not sustainable. Audrey Choi from Morgan Stanley’s Institute of Sustainable Investing sums up the problem this way: “By 2050, more than nine billion people will inhabit the […]

Sydney Community Foundation’s local initiatives have a big impact

Deanne Weir and the SCF will reveal their insights into effective place-based philanthropy at the 2019 Generosity Forum.

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With one voice

For the past 10 years Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program has inspired tens of thousands of lives by enabling opportunities for social inclusion and bridging socioeconomic division using the incredible power of group singing, sharing supper and granting of wishes. Singing in a group improves wellbeing, inspires personal growth, saves and changes lives and […]

Wendy Fisher

“I believe art is a powerful leveller”: Philanthropist Wendy Fisher

Artist and philanthropist Wendy Fisher on what drives her philanthropy and how art can contest the tough questions that permeate our society.


Lendlease tackles homelessness with FutureSteps

Lendlease will direct part of the sale price of every new residential dwelling and land lot in Australia towards its new philanthropic initiative, Lendlease FutureSteps.

Reichstein Foundation

Reichstein Foundation: collaborating for social change – let’s do this

“More funders are realising that to have a systemic impact and not only address the symptoms, some investment in policy influence and advocacy is important.”

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8 trends in philanthropy

This is what we are seeing as trends in philanthropy that are either on the horizon, maturing or persisting. This analysis is based on engagement with the broader sector and more specifically with philanthropists and charities through filantropia’s work that builds the bridge needed for each to achieve meaningful connection with the other. 1. SHIFT […]

private ancillary funds
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Getting in front of PAFs

Three tips to successfully engage with a private ancillary fund.

The art of raising £56 million

As the Royal Academy of Arts in London approached its 250th anniversary, it launched a campaign to fund the biggest redevelopment in its history. Here’s how it got done.


Dear Grant Manager, please hear my prayer

Many fundraisers would like more autonomy in allocating funds from philanthropy. Here’s the five things on Gill Whelan’s wish list.

Vedran Drakulic

5 Questions with Vedran Drakulic

Vedran Drakulic, CEO of Gandel Philanthropy, is a finalist in CEO Magazine’s 2018 Executive of the Year Awards. Ahead of the awards night on 21 November, F&P asked Vedran some questions about philanthropy, working with nonprofits and leadership.

TITAN sets sail on a new grant for charity website overhauls

Recently launched grant for new websites includes up to $1,000 in matched campaign donations per applicant. Andrew Sadauskas reports.

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Philanthropy in girls’ schools…don’t be afraid of collaboration

Most fundraising organisations are competitive with one another and very protective of their donors. And who can blame them? With donor fatigue and the number of new charities being established, the demand for the donor dollar is high. The joy of working in a school is that your pool of prospects is defined. Now this […]