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In-house or outsource? There is a third option

Before the pandemic, few would have predicted the great resignation. During the recent lockdowns, many Australians (and countless people around the world) spent time reassessing their careers. This led to employees changing jobs en masse. This global trend has come as a bit of a shock to many organisations and companies. (Some suggest it might […]

How to climb a digital mountain

The journey to implement a new fundraising and donor management system for your organisation is a lot like climbing a mountain. Clarety’s Jeremy Horn shares five tips to help you on the journey

The trends shaping the nonprofit sector in 2022

Every year, releases  its global Nonprofit Trends Report to better understand the role nonprofits have in serving their communities, what’s shifting within the nonprofit space, mental health and wellbeing in the sector, and how technology supports an organisation’s ability to fund and run their missions across departments. This year’s report features survey responses from […]

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Future Generation Global

FGG partnering with nonprofits to foster wellbeing and mental health in young Australians

Future Generation Global is looking to establish partnerships with prevention-focused organisations with ambitious impact growth strategies.

Subscriber Exclusive

Stewardship on a shoestring: Investing in relationships

This article was originally published on 10 October 2018. We all know that building relationships with funders is an essential part of a successful grants program. But if you’re a small nonprofit just starting to seek grants strategically, it can be hard to know where to start with a funder stewardship strategy and where to […]

UQ joins Google and Minderoo to create change

Through philanthropic collaborations, UQ is accelerating vital research into areas like bushfire prevention and the impacts of plastics on human health.

5 questions to ask after the world’s biggest charity ‘mystery shop’

Australian fundraising and marketing agency, Donor Republic, recently partnered with NextAfter and Salesforce for an online ‘mystery shop’ of 630 charities across the world (including 80 Australian charities). The results form the basis of a unique benchmarking report, The Global Online Fundraising Scorecard, which offers local not-for-profits the opportunity to measure their online fundraising efforts […]

The dynamics of change: 2021 survey results

Blackbaud partnered with the social good community to uncover the effects and impact COVID-19 has had on nonprofits.

When time is money: the true value of outsourcing

Your time is precious. Yet, as David Packenas from Crystal Clear Data points out, many fundraisers don’t fully consider the cost of wasted time.

Here’s a free guide to help your end-of-year planning

A worldwide survey polled over 8,200 people in nonprofit marketing roles. Get your free copy of the report to discover how your organisation compares.

Mind the Gap

Owen Valentine Pringle, Chief of Staff at ActionAid International, on the key things fundraisers need to address for success.

Get your free copy of The Complete Guide to Salesforce for Nonprofits

This free guide will show you how to make smarter decisions and deliver greater social impact..

FIA Conference 2022 registrations open soon

A stellar line-up international and local speakers headline the conference to take place in Sydney on 23-25 February.

Donor journey fail

Why donor journeys fail

We all know the importance of an engaging donor journey – but why do so many fail to have impact on donor retention?

Retain more donors with personas that go beyond demographics

Learn about personas and how you can use them to connect with your highest-impact supporters through personalised engagement strategies.

Why prize-led fundraising is a win-win for charities of all sizes

After helping nearly 10,000 causes raise almost £7million a year across the UK, Aussie Charity Lottery experts Jumbo Interactive are bringing One Lottery to Australia. Their goal? To help charities of all sizes use prize-led fundraising to keep their revenue stream flowing.

What does effective philanthropy look like?

When Fahim* was born to a rickshaw puller and his wife in Bhola, Bangladesh, the family was overjoyed. However, as the new baby settled with his mother, they realised there was something unusual about his feet. Both were turned inward at a 90-degree angle.   Fahim had bilateral clubfoot. In Bangladesh, up to 5,000 children are born with the congenital condition […]

Lockdowns ensure digital fundraising revolution is here to stay

The shift from face-to-face to digital fundraising is continuing to gain momentum, as over 15 million Australians are thrown into rolling pandemic-induced lockdowns.

iRaiser’s FREE Digital Fundraising Week – September 2021

Join iRaiser for a week of free webinars on digital fundraising including four sessions hosted in Australia and New Zealand.

Planning ahead to maximise long-term value

How Humane Society International Australia and RFDS QLD are fundraising for sustainable success

Miracle Babies

A website upgrade leads to a miracle discovery

How Miracle Babies found a perfect partner with Clarety Community


5 easy ways to optimise online fundraising

In order to better understand the current state of online fundraising across the globe and learn how donors interact with nonprofits online, NextAfter Institute, in partnership with and Donor Republic, conducted a global mystery shopping exercise that sheds light on the online giving and email subscriber experience at more than 630 nonprofits in nine […]

A very good idea

Ruth Wicks explains how RFDS (Queensland Section) and a group of forward-thinking agencies worked together to transform traditional ways of generating and converting bequest leads

Get your free copy of The Global Online Fundraising Scorecard

Learn how your nonprofit’s online donor experience compares with this international research study.

iRaiser expands into APAC region

iRaiser Group expands into the APAC region

Digital fundraising software, iRaiser Group is expanding their reach into their APAC region!

Donations up in 2021

Donations up in 2021

The results of the 2021 McNair yellowSquares Survey of Public Awareness and Support of Leading Charities are in.

Bringing Vance’s vision to life

Dr Gledhill is a visionary philanthropist who is revolutionising the role individuals can play in tackling global challenges like poverty.

Corporate Partnerships Training Scholarship

F&P is proud to offer a scholarship for®, a corporate partnerships training program for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Continuing to Inspire

Continuing to inspire throughout the global pandemic

How going local proved to be a winner for Inspired Adventures and raised nearly $40 million for partner organisations.

Corporate Partnerships strategy

Corporate partnerships: Is your organisation ready?

When considering a corporate partnerships strategy it’s important to ask these three questions, advises Hailey Cavill-Jaspers.

Fundraising & social media

Fundraising & social media: what’s next?

Imagine if every post you ever made on Facebook or Twitter could be monetised into micro-donations for a cause you care deeply about. Imagine, instead of toxic trolls and constant conflict, there was a social network that focused on what good we could do for the world, instead of what bad is currently happening to […]

Fundraising in 2030

Fundraising in 2030: The most important skills you need to know

Fundraising in 2030. Looking so far ahead may feel daunting. After all, in 2020, very few of us were able to look beyond even the next few weeks, let alone months or years. It’s fair to say 2020 turned the fundraising world upside down, forcing all of us to rethink. One thing we can all […]

Navigating uncharted waters to help nonprofits

For more than 20 years, an unsung hero of the nonprofit world has empowered fundraisers to achieve more for their causes through cutting-edge technology

How to make your next big fundraising idea a reality

Is there a new fundraising initiative you’d like to launch? Here’s the secret for getting the resources you need.

Apple Privacy Changes Facebook Fundraising

Apple’s privacy changes: good for users, bad for fundraising campaigns

In an FIA webinar, Marlin Communications outlined how the new iOS 14 update could impact your fundraising campaigns – and what you can do to mitigate the effect.

Boost your fundraising prowess by attending FIA Conference 2021

The FIA conference will feature more than 60 sessions of live and on-demand sessions across nine tracks.  

Brave new world – A helping hand for events going digital

EzyRaise is helping charities adapt to the ‘new normal’ of fundraising events.

Online fundraising in the digital age

Brian Isaac from Blackbaud Pacific takes us through the most effective online fundraising strategies of 2020.

The future for fundraising is digital – and COVID-19 has accelerated that inevitable development

“Since beginning our partnership in October 2018, Fansdonate has generated over 2,500 regular givers for Bush Heritage.”

Triumph in trying times: How A21 launched the Global Freedom Summit

In the middle of a pandemic, A21 increased its reach by pivoting an annual event into a global summit. Here’s how they pulled it off.

The impact of COVID-19 on fundraising

How Donation Point enables people to make ‘impulse’ donations to charities with contactless payment technology.

untapped potential cash donors

It’s time to fall back in love… with cash

Seven reasons why nonprofits need to embrace cash donors – it could be just what the sector needs and what donors want.

How nonprofits can tackle four common tech challenges

How nonprofits can tackle four common tech challenges

Dealing with these challenges is the key to improving results and becoming a continuous performance-improvement machine.

Barhead to help deliver Microsoft’s new Fundraising and Engagement Solution in Australia

Australian consulting firm Barhead Solutions has announced that it is an official launch partner for Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365 Sales.

Free eBook: The Buyer’s Guide to Fund Accounting

Secure and steward your funds more effectively. It’s easier than you think!

FIA Conference

FIA propels 2021 conference into the virtual realm

The peak body for professional fundraising will take its annual conference mostly virtual for the first time in its 44-year history.

accounting for not-for-profits

The power of financial management ‘dimensions’ as a tool to engage donors

Stephan Duncan explains how not-for-profits can use dimensional accounting to engage donors and provide more insightful financial analysis

How to ‘connect the dots’ with your donor data

Fundraise faster with a connected CRM, comms system and private portal. With all your donor data in one place, there’s nothing standing in your way.

Free eBook: 10 Ways to Win with Data-driven Fundraising

Turn your data into donations with these tips and resources. It’s easier than you think!

Using data to improve the ROI of your regular giving programs

David Pettigrew and Mythili Baker explain how timely, accurate data insights can improve the ROI of your regular giving program using the new analytics ‘GivingInsight’.

Surviving 20 years’ of change in six months

In the past year, our workplaces have changed more than they have in the past two decades. Here’s how to thrive in this new environment.

PURL personalised digital experiences

How PURL technology is transforming digital fundraising results

Andrew Sabatino explains how personalised digital experiences are making donors feel special, as Donor Republic launch a new platform called ‘Your Journey’.

Dry July Foundation gets new CEO following Ezy Raise acquisition

Dry July co-founder Brett MacDonald to lead Ezy Raise as its Managing Director.

The digital makeover that changed everything

Manual donor management admin tasks waste your time and cost you donations. Here’s how Ethiopiaid Australia found a solution.

Raising funds with an online store is easier than you think

Selling merchandise to your supporters is a great way to raise funds in these tough times. Here’s a simple way to set up your online store.

digital transformation

Why not-for-profit CFOs need to implement digital transformation 

Digital transformation is sweeping through Australian organisations, driving efficiencies, speeding up processes, cutting costs and helping them focus on what they do best.

The big innovations

Telefundraising can help to future-proof your organisation in uncertain times, writes Ruth MacKay.

Case Study: Keeping Pace with High Growth Demands

Does your not-for-profit still rely on manual processes or Excel spreadsheets to manage your donations and grants? If so, this case study is for you.

cloud accounting software nonprofits

You’re on a mission. Don’t let your accounting solution hold you back

Get a financial edge with the complete cloud fund accounting software solution designed specifically for nonprofits and government entities. 

Free eBook: Why not-for-profits are moving to the cloud

Accounting systems are not something you change often. However, as your not-for-profit organisation grows in size and complexity, you reach a point where manual, time-consuming processes drain your productivity. If you are like many not-for-profit organisations, you have limited IT resources, extensive manual processes for accounting tasks, and a myriad of reporting and compliance requirements […]


Place your bids: AirAuctioneer launches online platform

F&P spoke to Dean Kirkland, co-founder of new online auction platform AirAuctioneer.

new fundraising platform DayDATE™

Get funded every day with DayDATE™

AskRIGHT introduces a fundraising platform that helps you get funded every day by letting your supporters choose to fund your nonprofit on a specific date.

Preparing for a post-COVID fundraising world

Here are a few early trends, opportunities, and threats to watch for as we move towards a post-COVID-19 fundraising world.

How to support your fundraising staff working from home

Implementing a secure, cost-effective technology solution for back-of-house admin tasks and donor processing is the key to your staff working from home productively.

tax appeals charities

4 steps to a winning tax season campaign

It’s not too late to set meaningful goals and communicate them to your supporters. Here’s some recommendations on how to do your tax-time donation appeal right.

Donation Point Go: a new way to accept donations

Donation Point Go is a new way for charities and not-for-profits to collect donations during these challenging times.

phone fundraising

Three observations from fundraising in these uncertain times

There is good news when it comes to phone fundraising. Founder and CEO of GiveTel, Martyn Hartley, shares his insight.

Telemarketing in the time of corona

Ross Howe on how Cornucopia is not only surviving but thriving during COVID-19, helping clients transform face-to-face fundraisers into effective telefundraisers.

BePartnerReady Scholarship

Are you ready to win transformative corporate partners?

F&P believes in the power of partnership. To help you upskill in corporate partnerships, we’ve teamed up with™ to offer a scholarship.

Integrated or multichannel fundraising?

What’s the difference and what works? Precision Fundraising’s Cory Hall breaks it down.

Why nonprofits need to focus on the data

Good data underpins a strong relationship between your organisation and your donors.

Say goodbye to paper forms – and hello to $120,000

The Smith Family has boosted donations and improved donor engagement while saving 1,600 hours in staff time each year. Here’s how they did it.

Prepare for coronavirus

Processing your donations in a post-coronavirus world

How are Australia’s leading charities preparing their back-of-house operations for a post-coronavirus world?

not-for-profit CFO

How to drive technology forward as a not-for-profit CFO

Charities and nonprofits face many unique financial challenges. Yet the right data tools can give your organisation the same efficiencies as traditional businesses.

Measuring impact and the power of just getting started

A new report will help nonprofits become more performance-driven by improving monitoring and evaluation – key steps in demonstrating impact.

Infrastructure is important!

The right infrastructure will ensure your not-for-profit thrives. Paul Ramsbottom outlines four areas you should focus on.

Proven & priceless: the gift of giving

IVE’s Chantel Plum explains the psychology and neuroscience behind donor giving. For donors, giving is a gift – an opportunity to fulfill deep, personal needs. And we owe it to donors to give them a great giving experience.

Stop talking. Start listening

It’s noisy out there. You must start asking questions. No one piece of information will tell you all you need to know about a supporter.

Better together: The greater good gets real

Good causes sometimes talk about being in competition for support. Yet there is much evidence for an increasing spirit of collaboration as we recognise that we are all in this together. Derek Humphries reflects on Australian fundraisers’ spirit of sharing.

FIA Conference

FIA Conference 2020: It starts with you

A respected author of seven books on fundraising, ‘a rebel with a mission’ and an emerging fundraising leader will headline FIA Conference 2020.

A view from both sides of the fence

Looking for a new fundraising platform? There are many reasons why you could be answering ‘yes’ to this question.

Subscriber Exclusive

It’s a new decade

What will the 2020s mean for your nonprofit?

fundraising career

Don’t be like Alice – direct your fundraising career

Fundraisers work with sensitive issues in fast-moving environments with limited resources and very high expectations. Taking time out to think about who we are and the work we want to do is an important part of developing resilience.

Platform Demo Day

Get tech savvy at inaugural Platform Demo Day

A new event to help social changemakers feel more confident with innovative tech platforms will be held in Melbourne on 29 November.

machine learning fundraising

How machine learning and AI could revolutionise fundraising

Dataro and Greenpeace Australia Pacific reveal how they are using machine learning to improve donor engagement and fundraising performance.

Successful fundraising campaigns leadership

Successful fundraising campaigns and leadership

Effective leadership is key to your fundraising campaign success. Daniel McDiarmid and Louise Walters have some good advice.

PFS product fulfilment

How PFS is helping Australian charities deliver savings

Using out of the box solutions from PFS, Australia’s leading charities are achieving significant cost savings across all their fundraising, marketing and online order channels.


How much does it cost to process your donations?

Australia’s leading charities are responding to their donors more quickly, reliably and efficiently – all for a set cost per transaction that makes budgeting much easier.

direct marketing strategy

The ultimate hybrid strategy

How to elevate your direct marketing by combining your voice and brand with ICC’s expertise and unique campaign model.

Fundraising in tough times

Kerren Morris looks at the future of fundraising, arguing that taking a long-term view will improve engagement, build better relationships and increase the lifetime value of donors.

Subscriber Exclusive

The power of thank you

Ruth Mackay reveals why not-for-profit organisations should start saying “thank you” to supporters to fight donor fatigue.

Subscriber Exclusive

If Content Is King, Why Are We Measuring Tweets?

A colleague recently shared a slide presentation with me – it was of a study that suggested the measurement of non-financial transactions was being underutilised by not-forprofit organisations. I wholeheartedly agreed. But, one of the questions and the responses stood out to me. The question was: “What kind of non-financial activity about donors and supporters […]

Subscriber Exclusive

Finding the right platform

Shanelle Newton Clapham is well known for her innovative approach to delivering fundraising results. Shanelle and her team create digital campaigns focused on generating leads and acquiring donors, as well as designing bespoke onboarding programs and donor journeys for charities all over the world. In 2016, Shanelle was looking for a cloudbased platform that could […]

Subscriber Exclusive

The Human Touch: Why it pays to listen

The fundraising landscape is changing, with fewer Australians giving to charity each year. According to Philanthropy Australia, the number of Australians giving to charity has been declining since 2011. Roy Morgan reports that as of March 2018, 61% of Australians aged 14 and over reported giving to charity at least once during the past 12 […]

NGO Recruitment

Celebrating 15 years in business: NGO Recruitment

NGO Recruitment founder Richard Green reminisces on the early days and reveals how he built a respected brand within the not-for-profit sector.

Subscriber Exclusive

Rethinking Capital Campaigns: 4 Trends You Need to Know

Since the inception of capital campaigns more than a century ago, much has changed in the world around us. One of the most significant changes is that today more than ever before, we are able to access information and knowledge. More often than not, literally at our fingertips and instantly. The changes we are witnessing […]

Secure loyal donors at scale with best practice digital lead generation

At DigiRaise, Pareto Fundraising’s Digital Strategy Director, James Herlihy, will share the nuts and bolts of how to create, execute, monitor and adapt successful online lead generation campaigns.

Sydney Community Foundation’s local initiatives have a big impact

Deanne Weir and the SCF will reveal their insights into effective place-based philanthropy at the 2019 Generosity Forum.


Go the extra mile

While data will drive your fundraising success, adding in the human touch can make a world of difference to both your donors and your organisation.

Nominate now for Australia’s premier Not-for-Profit Technology Awards!

With the 29 March deadline fast approaching, time is running out to get tech-savvy orgs and individuals the recognition they deserve.

Variety lifts its peer-to-peer fundraising event’s net profits by 90% – here’s how

A newly-added session for EventRaise will reveal the strategy Variety used to give its high-flying event a major 20th anniversary boost.


“We Need to Talk”: The Art of Successful Conversations

We all prepare carefully for our ‘ask’ conversations, but meaningful conversations happen every day. Learn how to make all your conversations deepen your relationships.

Subscriber Exclusive

Growth comes with CLARETY

In 2019, one of the trends that will shape the future of the nonprofit industry will be a move towards more unified marketing practices. Many nonprofits have shifted to datafocused marketing strategies, with tailored communications personalised to each individual supporter. This is great because it’s building better supporter engagement across the industry. This has, however, […]


VicRoads Community Road Safety Grants now open

Apply now and secure funding to empower your community by preventing and reducing the number of serious injuries and lives lost on Victorian roads.

MS Readathon

How a smart digital strategy reinvigorated the MS Readathon

Ahead of EventRaise 2019, Donor Republic Senior Account Manager Richelle King reveals how the iconic MS Readathon boosted its fundraising revenue by 275% to $410,000, while also achieving 320% growth in donor registrations.

Get ready to Transform

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital strategy & infrastructure, IT security, fundraising, digital marketing, technology awards, leadership breakfast and a 35-stand Technology Expo feature at the Transform Conference 2019. Sign up now!

Unlocking the power of major community events

With over 50 major community events across Australia and New Zealand raising $23 million this year, unlocking the full potential of these events is key to your 2019 fundraising success.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Record grants during special milestone year

In its 95th year, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation in Melbourne celebrates another milestone, $10.4 million in grants.

Latest trends, techniques and developments in fundraising

“Your time is now!”: the 2019 FIA Conference focuses on the good work of fundraisers and features international guests Adrian Sargeant, Alan Clayton and Bisi Alimi.

World class line-up set to ‘Transform’ Australian nonprofit sector

Digital transformation is a significant challenge facing nonprofits. The Connecting Up ‘Transform’ Conference is dedicated to showing the sector how to achieve it.

Bernard Ross: how having identifiable victims boosts donations

Ahead of the upcoming Extraordinary Donor Journey Summit in Australia and New Zealand, Bernard Ross shares an example of how behavioural research can help boost your fundraising efforts.

Simone Joyaux: how dealing effectively with a mistake can give your supporters a high

Ahead of the upcoming Extraordinary Donor Journey summit series, leading global fundraising expert Simone Joyaux shares a personal story revealing how you can leverage neuroscience to improve your donor engagement.

Preparation is the key to success

Let Payments2Us help make your Christmas campaign simple, seamless and secure. With’s NonProfit Success Pack, we’ll remove administrative challenges and give you more to celebrate!

MS Readathon

Turning a new page on Australia’s oldest fundraising event

Richelle King explains how MS Readathon was revived for a whole new generation of book lovers.

Save money & save lives

After two decades of operating contact centre services, LifeFlight is now offering charities a cost-effective opportunity to add telephone fundraising to their campaigns. Outsource your telephone fundraising campaigns with LifeFlight.

Retention that gets results

How do you get donors to give more, for longer? It starts by giving them what they want. Read more here to learn about donor retention that gets results.

First for quality fundraising calls

As part of our quality promise, GiveTel now track and share individual supporter satisfaction scores with our charity partners. Get in touch to find out more.

CRM is more than just technology

CRM is more than just technology, it is a business strategy. Read our complimentary whitepaper and discover the vital steps to help you implement a CRM system.

Australia’s NFP sector is stronger, fiercer and better together

Join Third Sector Live, Australia’s largest gathering of NFPs, on 24th and 25th September in Sydney and walk away informed, inspired and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Be part of changing Melbourne for good

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation works to support positive social change. Be part of this change by making a donation on our website by clicking ‘read more’ below.

How to maximise your Google Ad Grant dollars

The Google Ad Grant program is helping over 20,000 non-profit organisations attract more donations, recruit event participants and share their stories across the world.

Four experts, four cities, four days: World fundraising leaders visiting Australia and New Zealand

Bernard Ross, Guy Mallabone, Simone Joyaux and Stephen Pidgeon will present workshops in Auckland, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney as part of the Extraordinary Donor Journey summit series.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation reaches a milestone

As Australia’s oldest and largest community foundation, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has been supporting the health and wellbeing of Melbourne for 95 years.

Individual giving in 2017

Clare Joyce spoke to Pareto’s Head of Insights and Strategy, Fiona McPhee, about the results of their annual benchmarking report.

Subscriber Exclusive


An Australian platform is the technology behind the world’s largest anti-human trafficking event.

Oxil Supporter

Oxil Supporter is an all-in-one cloud platform that integrates your website, donor management and fundraising systems together to help you make the right decisions on your growth journey.

Subscriber Exclusive

Is social media useful for fundraising?

According to the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report, 75% of donors say social media is their primary news source for staying current with their charities. What is your take?

Subscriber Exclusive

Let’s get engaged

DTV’s Peter Muffett caught up with Tobin Aldrich to discuss effective donor engagement.

naming opportunities

New to Naming?

Clarissa McCoid explores how Naming Opportunities can expand your organisation’s fundraising potential and offers 5 fundamental tips for those considering it.

Giving time: the gift of volunteers

Dr Steve Francis shares some ideas on making volunteer sign-ups easy and connecting skilled volunteers with high-value roles.

How to build loyalty using data

Using data to create lasting loyalty to your cause can be a challenge. Here Martin Soley shares his three top tips.

Donor fatigue got you down? The solution is virtual fundraising

Ruth MacKay reveals how a virtual fundraising model is changing the game for not-for-profit organisations – and helping to alleviate donor fatigue.

Defining the data revolution

Martin Soley shares the key trends he sees impacting on organisations in the nonprofit sector and five recommendations that will make the difference to your donor data. Read on to see his 5 tips to stay ahead of the game.

Global best practice grant-seeking

Applying for a grant? Read on for Jo Garner’s nine top tips to getting your application right. And remember, the most important element is to give your organisation enough time!

More than just a fundraising event

Liliana Sanelli explains why events can provide more benefits than simply raising funds and awareness for your organisation – they provide opportunities.

Sponsored feature: Connecting with your nonprofit’s donors

Connecting with your nonprofit’s donors can be easily enhanced by utilising these seven straightforward tips explains Dr Steve Francis.

Sponsored feature: Fundraising campaigns are all in the storytelling

According to Anna Walsh, successful fundraising campaigns are all in the storytelling, especially when it’s integrated.

Sponsored feature: Peer-to-peer fundraising – the gift that keeps on giving

Stacey Astley-Clark explores how technology is innovating the peer-to-peer fundraising supporter journey.

Sponsored feature: Dealing with the menace of dirty data

Charities can save themselves a lot of money and improve their marketing by making sure their data is up to date and accurate, says Glenn Harrison.

Sponsored news: funding in the ‘Outcomes’ era

If you feel you’re not making a difference, don’t miss Blackbaud’s one-day online conference on the complexities of Outcomes Measurement, says Greg Simmons.

Sponsored feature: Nominations open for Creative Partnerships Awards 2017

Nominate an arts champion today! Creative Partnerships Australia is calling for people in the arts, business and philanthropy sectors to nominate leaders who champion the arts for the 2017 Creative Partnerships Awards.

Sponsored feature: Online fundraising auctions

Dr Steve Francis shares his top five tips to running a successful online fundraising auction to grow your donation revenue.

Sponsored feature: peer-to-peer fundraising

Stacey Astley-Clark explores how technology – and getting emotional – is innovating the peer-to-peer fundraising supporter journey.

Sponsored feature: Selecting an agency partner

From reputation and chemistry to briefing documents and submission assessment, Martyn Hartley shares his experience in selecting an agency partner.

Sponsored feature: 9 ideas for better direct mail response rates

Mark Sayle explores the evolution happening in people’s letterboxes and offers some tips for improving your own charity’s direct mail response rates.

Sponsored feature: New kid on the block

At just five years old, telemarketing lead conversion campaigns are relatively new to the fundraising industry. Anna Walsh shares her top tips for getting a successful one up and running.

Sponsored feature: Fundraising database marketing top tips

If your organisation is struggling with effective management of data query issues, read on for Glenn Harrison’s helpful tips – because it matters.

Sponsored feature: Fundraising volunteers – are they on their way out?

Australia is built upon a proud tradition of ‘give a mate a hand’. The recent State of Volunteering in Australia report, however, suggests this may no longer be the case. Charles Alder looks at what you can do about your fundraising volunteers.

Sponsored feature: 9 ideas for better fundraising mailouts

Mark Sayle explores the evolution happening in people’s letterboxes and offers some tips for improving your own charity’s  fundraising mailouts.

Sponsored feature: spreadsheets & super models

Selecting data requires a systematic approach and intense attention to detail. Simon White says it can sound a bit boring at parties but sometimes he does get to work with ‘super models’!

Sponsored feature: Getting a handle on data queries

If your organisation is struggling with effective management of data query issues, read on for Glenn Harrison’s helpful tips – because it matters.

Sponsored feature: How much is that donor in the window?

Charles Alder questions the sector’s angst over the cost of acquiring new donors, considering their ultimate value.

Sponsored feature: Why attend the IFC 2015?

Being held from 18 to 21 October 2015 in The Netherlands, the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) is an event well worth attending says Nigel Harris.

Sponsored feature: measuring donor engagement for fundraising success

The most successful fundraisers are strategic about donor engagement as they know that more donations come from engaged prospects says Dr Steve Francis. It’s critical to measure donor engagement to continually improve your campaigns.

Charity begins … at the office – Sponsored Feature

Dr Steve Francis considers the opportunity presented by workplace giving.

Want to be more donor-centric and relevant? – Sponsored Feature

Are your charity’s fundraising results challenged by increased competition and donor expectations? Anil Nair explains how Propensity Modelling can help, by enabling you to target donor communications much more than you can with traditional static segmentation.

Keeping supporters on board at the ‘New Age’ fundraising event – Sponsored Feature

How can you get the most from your audience at modern fundraising events? Jasmine Britcher discusses the tools being used to rally support for live events in the nonprofit sector.

One proven way to maximise donor lifetime value – Sponsored Feature

You might be surprised to learn what recent analysis has shown about the behaviour of supporters from the 95 charity members of one large Australasian data co-operative, John Crewe reveals.

Retention for glamorous Gatherers – Sponsored Feature

Rick Fitzgerald takes a look at donor retention. It’s not as sassy or sexy as its cousin, donor acquisition, but it’s definitely worth buying a drink or inviting to sit at your table. 

How do you fundraise from people under 40? You wait until they’re 40 – Sponsored Feature

Ben Coverdale gives his take on the idea that younger people do not make good donors.

Maximise the power of social media fundraising – Sponsored Feature

Social media isn’t simply a distraction in idle hours. It’s a medium – some might say the medium – through which people engage and consume information. And it’s how Australia’s leading charities are connecting with donors.

7 steps to get the most from your Google Grant – Sponsored Feature

What if you were gifted $10,000 every month to spend with Google? All you have to do is…

iMIS solution designed just for smaller fundraising organisations; new webcast to feature it – sponsored feature

Software provider Advanced Solutions International will present a live webcast in June that will show small-staff fundraising organisations how to leverage the iMIS 20 Engagement Management System.

Charity Portal helping charities complete 2013 Annual Information Statement – sponsored feature

In the first six months since its release on, over 15,000 charities have logged on and completed or commenced the 2013 Annual Information Statement.

Deadline extended for registered charities – sponsored feature

When the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) was established in December 2012, it marked the first time that information on all 56,000 charities that had previously been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) was made available on a single, searchable, online database.

3 ways to boost silent auction revenue – sponsored feature

Peter Hair lifts the lid on three secrets to boost revenue from your fundraising event’s silent auction.

Annual Information Statement: easy as 1, 2, 3 for charities – Sponsored feature

In 2013, registered charities in Australia will need to complete an Annual Information Statement (AIS) for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). For many charities this will be the first time that they have needed to prepare such reports. 

Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund grant applications now open – sponsored feature

In every community, there’s someone striving to do something positive for their neighbourhood. Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund wants to help them succeed with its upcoming grant round.

Why the CRM era is over for nonprofits – Sponsored feature

Anything less than software which manages your constituent data and relevant web content together in one solution could put your organisation’s future success at risk, argues Paul Ramsbottom.

7 ‘must haves’ for effective online fundraising – Sponsored feature

Nigel Hokin outlines seven web capabilities which can dramatically improve engagement and fundraising outcomes for nonprofits of all sizes.

Free eBook: Outcome Metrics: Measuring what matters in the nonprofit world

Amid increasing demand for transparency and accountability, charities and nonprofits are seeking new ways to both produce and to demonstrate successful outcomes. Heightened expectations and scrutiny can come from many sources. This includes ever more-engaged funders, who are looking for financial management techniques and principles employed by for-profit businesses. Outcome metrics can not only show […]

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