The Australian Sports Foundation received $43.5 million in revenue from donations and grants in 2018-19.

Australian Sports Foundation

Fundraising for basketball soared 807% last financial year.

This is the third consecutive year that the Australian Sports Foundation has received $43.5 million in revenue from donations and grants.

That brings the total Australians have donated to sport via the Australian Sports Foundation to almost $165 million over the past four years.

Sports Foundation Chief Executive, Patrick Walker, said the financial year result continues to recognise the high regard Australians place in sport and the important role sport plays within communities.

“The 2018-19 financial year was another strong result for the philanthropic funding for sport at all levels throughout Australia. Sport helps create better, healthier and more vibrant societies and we thank Australians for their continued generosity and support of their club and community,” said  Walker.

Walker outlined several fundraising highlights in 2018-19.

“We saw a 41% increase in the number of donations received – up from 17,592 donations last year, to a record 24,937. This means more clubs received more philanthropic support from more members and supporters. This increase in volume is highly encouraging and bodes well for the future,” he said.

“Additionally, the number of fundraising partners grew by almost 20%, taking total numbers fundraising with us to over 2,600.

Walker said that most national and international standard athletes do not receive grants, subsidies or scholarships and are reliant on tax deductible fundraising via the Sports Foundation.

“Representative athletes raised more than $2.4 million in FY19 to support their training, coaching and competition costs – more than double the previous year. With an Olympic year upon us, we aim to help our hardworking – and often unsung – Olympic and Paralympic athletes get the best support possible in the run up to Tokyo 2020,” said Walker.

Australian Football reclaimed the position of the top fundraising sport rising 38% from $12.27 million in 2017-18 to $16.98 million in 2018-29.

Multi-sports ($4.58 million), Golf ($4.08 million) and Rugby Union ($3.80 million) rounded off the top four sports.

Rugby Union enjoyed a 44% increase in funds raised from $2.641 million to $3.80 million while Football jumped 20% from $1.388 to $1.738 million.

The biggest improver was basketball which saw fundraising soar 807% from $215,512 in 2017-18 to $1.95 million raised last financial year.

The top 10 fundraising sports in 2018-19



Funds raised

  1. AFL


  1. Multi-Sport


  1. Golf


  1. Rugby Union


  1. Sailing


  1. Basketball


  1. Football


  1. Rugby League


  1. Rowing


  1. Tennis



The Australian Sports Foundation was established by the Federal Government in 1986 to incentivise community, corporate and philanthropic investment in sport.

It is listed in the Income Tax Assessment Act as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and is the only body in Australian that can provide tax-deductions for donations of $2 or more to sports projects.It has also established a Charitable Fund, enabling it to receive financial support from private and public ancillary funds and charitable foundations.


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