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What to do when you thought they would say yes, but they say no.

This article was originally published 7 August, 2019

We have all been there. Months of research and planning. Strategising down to the finest detail. Where the meeting will take place. Who will be there to ask. How much we will ask for and how it will be used.

We have used every resource available to us. Databases, networks, consultants and so much more. We have played it through in our heads and role-played. It is going to work. It is going to be big.

Then the day arrives. Everyone and everything is where it needs to be. The conversation is flowing and the passion is palpable. The moment arrives. The ask. It is made with perfection. You sit, and wait, as you have done many times before. The answer arrives. A clear and resounding ‘no’.

Wait, WHAT?!? But… but… but…

Reasons are given. Thanks are offered and the meeting is over. You all walk away. So where do you go from here?

No matter the planning and preparation,…
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