With a record number of fundraisers nominated for their fantastic work, selecting this year’s Movers & Shakers was no easy task. Here are our picks for 2019.

F&P has revealed Australia’s most innovative and inspiring fundraisers for 2019 in the annual Movers & Shakers special, with this year’s edition attracting an unprecedented number of nominations from readers.

The winners, including their incredible work, results and achievements, as well as their top tips for other fundraisers, are profiled in full in the August/September edition of F&P Magazine (issue #81).

Being named one of F&P’s Movers & Shakers has grown to be one of the most prestigious honours in Australian fundraising, recognising the vital work the nation’s best fundraisers are doing to help their communities by raising critically needed funds for their causes.

Along with attracting a record number of entries, the 2019 cohort were selected from an especially strong pool of nominees who are making great things happen at their organisations, breaking new ground with original ideas, achieving change and taking their results to the next level.

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Learn more about the 2019 F&P Movers & Shakers in the August/September edition of F&P magazine (issue #81). If you’re not already an F&P subscriber, you can read all the profiles online by taking out a digital subscription of F&P. Click here for more details.

The quality and quantity of applications made narrowing down the list an especially challenging task requiring many long hours of careful deliberation.

Here’s a quick look at the fundraising profession’s best and brightest (in no particular order) for 2019:

Mark Hawwa, Founder, Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

A passion for customised motorbikes inspired Mark Hawwa to launch the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

After learning about the problems the Prostate Cancer Foundation had in getting men to talk about their health issues, he built an organisation that has since grown to raise US$6.1 million from 115,000 riders, across 648 cities in 101 countries, in 2018.

Tanja Voss, Community Fundraising Manager, Kiss Goodbye to MS

Tanja Voss received a great vote of confidence when her former employer, MS Research Australia, called to offer her a bigger and better role. Grasping the opportunity with both hands, she helped raise a remarkable $2.1 million from over 40,000 for vital research into multiple sclerosis.

Simon Abrahams, Creative Director and CEO, Melbourne Fringe

Leveraging the transformational power of music videos, backed by a strong fundraising strategy to find, engage, and then track donors, Simon Abrahams has grown the Melbourne Fringe Festival’s fundraising income from $6,000 in 2015 to $125,200 in 2018.

Denise Zlotowski, Community Fundraising Manager, Starlight Children’s Foundation

When Denise Zlotowski took on her current role in late 2017, Starlight had little experience with peer-to-peer fundraising. The organisation is now on a mission to raise over $33 million by the end of this year to enable it to deliver more than 600,000 positive experiences for seriously ill children, young people and their families.

Darrin Johnson, Executive Manager Marketing and Fundraising, Royal Society for the Blind

After taking a break from fundraising for a role at an AFL club in Adelaide, Darrin Johnson returned to the sector to take on the challenge of helping the Royal Society of the Blind build new revenue streams anchored by best practices. Focusing on four main areas of the organisation’s work, he led the For Your Eyes Only campaign, which resulted in an increase of active donors by 49.4% from 3,794 to 5,667. That’s certainly something to crow about.

Kylie Wallace, Campaign Manager, Polished Man

Kylie has certainly nailed the art of creating a successful fundraising strategy, with the Polished Man campaign growing zero revenue to $5 million in the space of just five years. The organisation challenges men (and now women) to paint a fingernail to raise money for trauma recovery and trauma prevention for children around the world.

John Boyle, Head of Development, RSPCA Victoria

When John joined RSPCA Victoria in 2016, the organisation was in a state of transition. After a round of benchmarking, he persuaded his organisation to invest in its fundraising program, with a core emphasis on building the regular giving and appeal program. The resulting program has been a howling success, with regular giving growing from around $750,000 from 2,500 regular givers in 2017 to $2 million from 7,000 donors in 2019.

Shauna Wolifson, Fundraising Manager, Refugee Advice and Casework Service

Giving money to lawyers is not an easy message to sell to the public. Shauna Wolifson has put in place a strategy that has successfully communicated the message that, without legal support, refugees are unlikely to get visas.  This has translated into donations and grants of $1.7 million in 2018. And most importantly, more refugees receiving critical legal advice.

Amy Coote, National Fundraising and Engagement Manager, Ardoch

Ardoch, a children’s education charity focused on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities around Australia, is expecting its revenue to increase by 25% in 2019. With around 90% of that revenue coming from fundraising, much of the responsibility for this growth lies with the strategies implemented by Amy Coote and her team.

Learn more about the 2019 F&P Movers & Shakers in the August/September edition of F&P magazine (issue #81). If you’re not already an F&P subscriber, you can read all the profiles online by taking out a digital subscription of F&P. Click here for more details.


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