With over 50 major community events across Australia and New Zealand raising $23 million this year, unlocking the full potential of these events is key to your 2019 fundraising success.

community events

Five years ago, MCE donations accounted for $5.5 million in donations – this figure has grown to over $20 million as of 2017.

Every year, major community events (MCEs) bring together hundreds of charities and their passionate supporters, creating an amazing atmosphere of community and giving throughout the nation. The large-scale and high-profile nature of MCEs such as Run Melbourne, City2Surf and HBF Run for a Reason appeal to participants who are drawn to the sense of community and belonging MCEs provide.

It should come as no surprise that the number of fundraisers in MCEs is growing at an impressive pace. In fact, the number of active Everydayhero fundraising pages within an MCE grew by 36% from 2016 to 2017. As expected, this boost in MCE fundraisers has also led to exponential growth in donations for nonprofits. In the past five years alone, the number of donations made via Everydayhero fundraising pages through an MCE campaign has more than tripled. Five years ago, MCE donations accounted for $5.5 million in donations – this figure has grown to over $20 million as of 2017.

The good news for nonprofits doesn’t stop there. Data shows that organisations who participate in MCEs also tend to raise more on average than those who don’t – more than twice as much in fact (146%). What a lot of nonprofits perhaps don’t realise is that half the work is already done as many charities will already have supporters taking part in these events. It’s just about identifying them and having the right communications in place.

The next challenge is to stand out from the crowd. With so many causes recruiting supporters, it can be hard for your voice to be heard. A simple solution is to leverage registration and superstar runner packages to get your organisation in the spotlight. This simple action can transform your major events strategy and help you smash your 2019 fundraising goals!

Unlocking the power of MCE events in 2019 is a sure-fire way to boost your fundraising success so, if your organisation is interested in ways to elevate your profile, talk to your Everydayhero partners about how to utilise featured event registration and superstar runner packages.

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Tara Gosling joined Blackbaud and the Everydayhero team in February 2016. Tara currently works with charities to maximise their fundraising strategy by providing insightful industry content and leveraging publicity to elevate inspiring fundraiser stories.


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