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FIA Award Winner – Donor Renewal Under $5 million & Most Innovative Campaign

Winner – Donor Renewal Under $5 million & Most Innovative Campaign

The 4Up Day campaign used social media, celebrities and an inventive hook to shed light on the shockingly large number of homeless young people in Australia. Andrew Sadauskas reports.

The Lighthouse Foundation’s 4Up Day matched giving campaign surpassed its $576,000 target to raise a total of $700,000 on a small budget by cleverly using celebrity endorsements and multi-channel direct marketing as well as innovative new technologies.


Above and below: visuals and direct mail from the Lighthouse Foundation’s multi-channel campaign

With an urgent need to bring the Lighthouse Foundation‘s balance sheet back into surplus by 30 June 2017, quick results were required in the last two months of the 2017 financial year.

The organisation was also looking to create a signature fundraising event that could be replicated annually.

The solution was an compelling 24-hour matched giving campaign called 4Up Day the first of its kind in the Foundation’s 25-year history, which was timed to dovetail with the organisation’s annual tax appeal.

Three generous major donors each pledged to match the public donations, meaning that each dollar gifted by the public during the campaign secured an additional $3 in contributions. This added a time-sensitive sense of urgency for donors.

New and existing donors were reached through a diverse range of platforms including mail, social media, eDM, outdoor billboards, radio ads and online video.

Significantly, four new corporate partners were also attracted, with Computers Now, Swimwear Galore, Glenvill and the Australian Toy Association all backing the cause as a result of the 4Up Day efforts.


When the key 24-hour period arrived on 14 June, 40 volunteers put their hands up to staff the call centre phones, with the fundraising team literally working around the clock. Lighthouse used the Charidy donation platform to collect and automatically receipt donations. A live running tally of donations was shown in the call centre via the internet and refreshed continuously throughout the day.

Donors reported that they felt wonderful seeing their small donations become multiplied as a result of the matched donation, and they liked seeing the larger total listed next to their names on the public portal.

Along with raising $118,371, the telemarketing effort achieved an estimated 15% re-engagement of lapsed donors, many of whom had not given since before 2015.

To create a fun atmosphere in the volunteer call centre, Lighthouse organised a range of activities including a song by X Factor star Mama Julz, a live headshave, and the delivery of a giant $20,000 corporate partner cheque. There was a countdown celebration with party poppers, bells and whistles around the live tally screen as the campaign reached its inital goal.

The target of $576,000 was reached within the first eight hours, with the fundraising team immediately implementing pre-planned phase two bonus rounds of new matchers, who continued to multiply all donations until the 9am deadline on 15 June.


The campaign was a success with all KPIs exceeded, including achieving a budget surplus for the financial year. The annual appeal saw a 7.6% jump in donations to $70,942 off the back of 4Up Day publicity.

The campaign was a game-changer for the Lighthouse Foundation.

It is planned to be an annual event with an ambitious target of $1 million for 2018.

The Lighthouse Foundation works to end youth homelessness with 88% (under $4 million) of its annual funding coming from the public, trusts and foundations, major donors and corporate partnerships.

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