The Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) launched the campaign to raise the strategic importance and value of the development of philanthropy.

The #LiftUpPhilanthropy campaign aims to raise funders’ awareness of the importance of investing in the support ecosystem, or infrastructure, that allows philanthropy to develop in growth, quality and diversity.

According to WINGS, the philanthropy support ecosystem is a diverse tissue of organisations that contribute to the qualitative and quantitative development of private resources for common good: networks, professional support organisations, membership associations, academics, philanthropy media, nonprofits, giving platforms, etc. This ecosytem provides space for mediation and exchanges, stimulates philanthropy, builds capacity, provides thought leadership, and builds standards and trust.

However, it is under resourced and its role is little understood. WINGS research reveals that 72% of philanthropy support organisations are facing a sustainability issue and 89% rely at least partially on grants to operate.

The report Unlocking philanthropy’s potential: What funders can do to build strong philanthropy support ecosystems shows why and how to strengthen this ecosystem.

WINGS hopes that the campaign will:

  • Increase awareness of the critical importance of the philanthropy support ecosystem and its positive impact on philanthropy within the entire funding community.
  • Foster strategic reflection and collective discussions about this topic among funders.
  • Increase support – in-kind and financial – for philanthropy support organisations to develop and be better equipped to promote philanthropy in particular and civil society in general.

WINGS invites all funders to join the movement by including the topic on the agenda of your conferences, creating spaces for discussion, sharing the Funders Guide and using it in debates, mapping the support infrastructure to identify the gaps, getting engaged in joint conversations and events, publishing papers and articles, and being active on social media using the hashtag #LiftUpPhilanthropy.

The Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) is a network of over 100 philanthropy associations and support organizations in 40 countries around the world, representing over 100,000 philanthropic entities worldwide. WINGS purpose is to strengthen, promote and provide leadership on the development of philanthropy and social investment.


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