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The keys to an effective partnership

Earlier this year the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) and Philanthropy Australia released the Leading Practice in Community and Philanthropy Partnerships report. The report documents lessons and insights from grant recipients and their partners about effective partnerships. They include:

  • Trust and mutual respect are critical to success and a common vision is
    the start and end-point.
  • Aspirations need to be shared and partners need to be in it for the right
  • Partners need to be open to providing support for whatever the
    community groups need.
  • Be open with your definition of partnership – big, small, cash, in-kind,
    time and connections are all valuable contributions.
  • Making a two to three-year plan, considering how different partners
    could be involved at different points in the project life-cycle or
  • Providing support over the longer term removes pressure and enables
    groups to plan with certainty – working with communities takes time
    and often evolves.
  • While not all partnerships are equal, all partners are important.
    Acknowledge all partnerships, no matter their size or scale, and say
    thank you often.
  • Give people the opportunity to see first-hand the impact of what you
    do together.

Marlin Communications earns B Corp certification

Creative fundraising agency Marlin Communications has become a Certified B Corporation™.

The news sees Marlin join the growing movement of more than 2,500 companies across 60 countries that have committed to using business as a force for good.

Certified B Corporations include some of the world’s most innovative and sustainable brands, including Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, KeepCup and Australian Ethical. An initiative of the US nonprofit organisation B Lab, the B Corp movement aims to redefine business and harness its power to make the world a better place.

It’s an ideal with which Marlin agrees. “At Marlin, we’ve always believed businesses have a greater obligation to society beyond merely making money,” says founding partner, Karl Tischler.

“Becoming a Certified B Corporation is one of the ways we’ve proven this belief.” “Successfully meeting B Corporation’s strict criteria for how we operate and how we measure what matters is a fantastic achievement.”

Marlin went through a rigorous assessment process to qualify for B Corp Certification. The agency had to demonstrate how it meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, and is solving social and environmental problems.

“Sustainability and environmental awareness is part of Marlin’s DNA, and I look forward to the time where this is not the exception in business, but the norm. This is just how every business should be,” says Karl. “My hope is that we also inspire other Australian companies to become B Corps and join the movement.”

FAST FACT | The police force is the occupation with the highest percentage  of charitable donors. Source: A Snapshot of Australian Giving, Koda Capital.

2019’s most insightful non-profit event: The Australian Community Forum

Australian Supporter Engagement Platform developers, Clarety, are teaming up with the nation’s most renowned demographic research company, McCrindle, to create the nonprofit industry’s peak insights report, the 2019 Australian Communities Trends Report.

McCrindle and Clarety launched the survey in September 2018, collecting data from nonprofit professionals around Australia to deliver a clear analysis of the social context in which the not-for-profit sector is operating.

Mark McCrindle explains that the study, which began in 2015, has become a vital information piece for charities looking to understand and strategise around the changing nature of the not-for-profit sector.

“We developed the Australian Communities Trends Report to provide Australian nonprofits with a detailed analysis of the effectiveness, engagement and awareness of the sector. It continues to help organisations understand the Australian community – the emerging trends, the giving landscape, and the current and emerging supporter segments,” says Mark.

“We’re proud to partner with Clarety for the 2019 report and are excited about the direction we have taken to dive more into perceptions around the transparency of administration costs, staff connectedness and effectiveness, and what blocks or deters Australians’ giving.”

Findings from the 2017 Australian Communities Trends Report showed that four in five Australians (80%) give financially to charities/not-for-profits. A further 57% of Australians give every six months or more. This decreased slightly from 58% in 2016 and from 72% in 2015. Positively, just under one in four (24%) give at least once a month, while 19% of Australians do not give at all.

Close to three in five (57%) charitable givers have donated goods, while more than one in three (34%) have volunteered for a charitable organisation. The 2017 results saw an increase in the proportion of charitable givers who fundraise for a specific charity, up from 17% in 2016 to 25% in 2017.

The older a charitable giver is, the more likely they are to give financially. More than 9 in 10 Builders (91%) and Baby Boomers (92%) give financially, compared to 85% of Gen X and 70% of Gen Y. The same is true for donating goods, with 65% of Builders doing so compared to 58% of Baby Boomers, 61% of Gen X and 50% Gen Y.

On the inverse, Gen Y are more likely to fundraise or promote for a specific charity than their older counterparts (33% Gen Y compared to 20% of Gen X, 21% of Baby Boomers and 15% of Builders).

The much-anticipated 2019 Australian Community Trends Report will be published in February. To be one of the first to discover the findings, visit to snag one of the limited seats at either the Sydney or Melbourne Australian Communities Trends Forum events being held in February 2019.

If you’d like to add your knowledge to the Australian Communities Trends Report, please fill out to survey at

FAST FACT | 25% of New Zealand donors say they would donate via text compared to only 6% of Australian donors.
Source: Next Generation of Australian and New Zealander Giving, Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact.

Your data. Your way!

Your donor data has never looked so good.

The Pareto Fundraising Intelligence (FI) Portal is a powerful new tool designed to help you unlock the insights in your donor data. Built around a unique customisable dashboard, it gives you instant, easy-to-understand access to your most important metrics so that you will always make the best fundraising decisions.

No more wading through dozens of reports and manually digging out the information you need. No more struggling with other visual interfaces that do give you a view, but not the one you want.

The FI Portal has been designed to provide interactive, timely and insightful access to complex fundraising data for fundraising decision makers, through a user-friendly dashboard tailored specifically to your specifications and requirements.

“Your data is a reflection of the real world, which is a living, breathing, constantly changing entity,” says Brett Collyer, Head of Analytics, Insights and Data at Pareto Fundraising.

“The increasing volume and velocity of data means that there is an ever-growing demand by charities to continually be able to refresh data to get more useable insights from it.”

The FI Portal’s interactive control panels are updated monthly, helping you make timely decisions and respond quickly to changes in donor behaviour or your organisation’s income. Using the portal, you’ll also have the tools to identify trends, manage campaign performance and ROI, uncover challenges, identify opportunities and make more accurate fundraising forecasts.

All of which will be grounded in accurate, relevant analysis. Your FI Portal can be customised to your organisation’s specific needs. It also comes with team training and, depending on the package you choose, the backing and insights of a senior Pareto Fundraising data analyst.

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On-tap philanthropy expertise

Experts guiding charities to grow philanthropy revenue

‘Activate’ is a subscription service from consultancy firm filantropia giving charities access to on-tap expertise in high net worth donor philanthropy – when they need it and for what they need it. It is a service designed and priced for smaller charities, or those with lean resourcing in philanthropic fundraising.

The service includes a site visit, board or staff presentation to help engagement, and four face-to-face deep consultations between filantropia and the charity. In between these sessions there is unlimited phone and email support on work in progress. The single fixed fee covers a 10-month period.

“There are a lot of benefits to using this subscription service,” says filantropia director Robyn Charlwood. “It’s a confidence builder as well as a skill enhancer. The objective is to create momentum and urgency and create a systematic approach to donor relationships. This important priority often slips in the face of pressing short-term issues. We help charities focus and work on the longer horizon that philanthropy demands.”

The service was the brilliant inspiration of a charity client that had completed a project with filantropia but wished for ongoing support. Part of the service design process included holding focus groups of potential users who tested and critiqued the offering from their real-world perspectives.

Insights were incorporated into the final model. Delivering this service is part of filantropia’s organisational mission to help charities ‘meaningfully connect with philanthropists’.

Others agree: “Our organisation has been inspired by working with filantropia,” says Dr Bronwyn Morkham, CEO of the Young People in Nursing Homes Alliance. “This is a great way to get access to expertise that will invigorate and transform how you think and work, on your own terms, in your own time.”

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