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‘Mass Movement’ by Latai Taumoepeau, Refuge 2021. Photo by Teresa Tan.

Creativity & Crisis

Refuge 2021 brought together artists, emergency experts, scientists, deep thinkers and local communities to collaborate and prepare for multiple crises and climate emergency scenarios.

Each year, Refuge by Arts House partners with Red Cross, Emergency Management Victoria and SES for a program to raise awareness and help people be better prepared for potential crises in their local area. The idea is that communities will grow stronger and more resilient by taking part in a collaborative, creative process and planning for a crisis together.

The program featured 13 projects, including an interactive game about disasters, an audio pilgrimage from Altona to Flagstaff Gardens, an essay and audio work into Melbourne’s waterways and the launch of Black Wattle, a publication about connections to place through lockdown.

Latai Taumoepeau, an Australian artist of Tongan lineage and heritage, contributed audio-visual work ‘Mass Movement’, an experience engaging in the socio-relational space of departure, arrival, and reception in the urgent face of forced relocation.


Let’s Talk About Ovaries

Australian design duo Camilla and Marc lost their mother, Pam, to ovarian cancer 27 years ago at the age of 42. Camilla and Marc were just 11 and 13 years old. Nearly three decades later there is still no detection test, minimal warning signs and no cure. In Australia three women die from the disease every day, and close to 300,000 women are diagnosed every year worldwide, making it the most lethal female cancer.

The siblings began to work with Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation at the end of 2018. “The decision of where to channel our donation was a long and intense process,” wrote Camilla Freeman-Topper in an article for Vogue Australia.

Evidence from breast cancer research, showing that research investment and public awareness led to significantly better disease outcomes, informed their philanthropic vision.

Last year the pair launched the campaign ‘Ovaries. Talk About Them’ with two limited-edition Camilla and Marc T-shirts. Proceeds went directly to Associate Professor Caroline Ford and her team at the Ovarian Cancer Research Group, UNSW Medicine. The funds kickstarted further development of an early detection test and enabled the UNSW Ovarian Cancer Research Group to employ two female scientists to focus solely on this work.

In 2021, with a bigger philanthropic vision and a five-year mission, Camilla and Marc debuted a unisex line of limited edition T-shirts and hoodies, with 100% of sale proceeds going directly to research.

“We are proud of what we have achieved to date, but there is much work to be done. In honour of our mother and all of those affected by this disease, during 2021 we will launch a bold unisex campaign to get both women and men talking. If we can detect this disease early, it will be a game changer for women’s health,” said Camilla Freeman-Topper.

Associate Professor Caroline Ford said the team is hopeful that they are just years away from an early detection test for ovarian cancer.



People all over the world have raised over US$5 billion for nonprofits and personal causes through fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram. (Source: Facebook)



Royal Far West: a great place to work

Children’s charity Royal Far West has been recognised as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Best Places to Work. 

The annual list, published by The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine. was compiled by leading behavioural science consultancy, Inventium, using the Workplaces of the Future framework which identifies 10 key evidence-based factors that are critical to employees feeling motivated and engaged at work.

Selected from nearly 700 nominated organisations, Royal Far West was recognised for its modern, purpose-built workplace, its flexible remote and adaptive work arrangements for staff, and increased communication and collaboration via technology, especially during the first wave of COVID-19. As well as its emphasis on employee mental health and sustainable working norms, the organisation was also recognised for its consistent engagement in rapid, continuous and data-driven learning from experience and experimentation.

Based in Manly, NSW, and established in 1924, Royal Far West is dedicated to connecting kids in rural and remote communities to the care they need. 


Australian Facebook Fundraiser Data

Facebook has released some interest statistics:

In Australia, more than 2.3 million users have donated to or created a Facebook Fundraiser

In Australia, women contributed 63% of the total amount fundraised on Facebook in 2020

In Australia, women created 70% of groups on Facebook last year. Women also took the lead on creating supportive communities and rallying resources when COVID hit

In Australia, women created 66% of the COVID groups, and 71% of the members of the groups are women. The top COVID-19 support groups (by number of members) created by women in Australia are mostly focused on neighbourly support

Globally, most donations are less than $25 USD (about $32 AUD)

Globally, there are more than 85 million organisers and donors who have made a difference with Fundraisers



$1.1 billion was invested into philanthropic efforts in 2020 from Australia’s top 50 corporate givers — up $155 million and 17% compared to 2019 figures. 

(Source: GivingLarge Report from Strive Philanthropy)



The philanthropy 50

The Paul Ramsay Foundation retains its position as Australia’s largest private giver, according to the latest Philanthropy 50 list. The top 50 givers gave away $964 million in FY2019/20, up 29% on the previous year’s $748 million, according to figures compiled by The Australian Financial Review and JBWere.


The proportion of those with taxable income of between $500,000 and $1 million per annum who donate is dropping at a greater rate than any other income bracket, and the percentage of those with taxable income over $1 million per annum who make tax deductible donations is now 54.5%. This compares to 90% who give in the same income category in the United States.

(Source: A Blueprint to Grow Structured Giving: How Australia can double structured giving by 2030.)


Everything Simon Scriver knows about fundraising
in one slide

The founder of Fundraising Everywhere is a fount of fundraising knowledge. Here’s some recent advice he shared at the 2021 FIA Conference. 

1. People donate emotionally

2. Keep it simple

3. It’s not about you 

4. Make a personal connection 

5. Ask (by asking you are giving donors an opportunity to make a difference)

6. Transparency (as in you need to be honest, ethical and transparent about everything you do)



An easier, faster way to fundraise

Start-up iSponsor attracts national partners after beta launch of innovative giving platform 

iSponsor is an innovative giving platform with a new approach for helping community clubs and charities raise much-needed funds to fulfil kids’ dreams and help those at risk. iSponsor connects your organisation directly with local businesses through its easy-to-use iSponsor app. A portion of funds raised through the app are then given directly back to your organisation.

Recently entering the market, the fast-moving iSponsor team has industry experience in tech, sales and operations. They are already working alongside some of Australia’s biggest national charities, brands and sports clubs.

CEO and founder of iSponsor, Richard Siganto, says: “Obviously the innovative giving platform technology works for big brands and it’s a great match, however, the idea originated and focuses on helping local fundraising efforts for local junior communities and those at risk, by providing assistance within their community, supporting local, and reinvesting back into their own local ecosystem.”

The app is free to download on Apple and Android and has been designed to help people give to local sporting clubs and charities they are passionate about, at no cost to the consumer, simply by buying local from businesses aligned with their favourite club or charity.

“It’s easy. Imagine being able to purchase your weekly groceries from your local grocer, or some new clothes from a global brand, and a percentage of that sale goes directly to a local charity,” says Siganto.

iSponsor has a mission to support, connect, grow and empower your local community to engage in charitable giving through the convenience of everyday transactions. 

For more information, visit the website



Globally, only 16% of private philanthropic funding supports gender equity and women’s empowerment. In Australia, 12% of philanthropic foundation grants are allocated to women and girls’ projects. 

(Source: Australians Investing in Women)


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