In a world full of ads, masses of media, social media, direct mail, e-mail and the rest, Charles Alder asks how can your brand stand out and remain relevant?

custom-fridge-magnetsI’ll happily admit trades aren’t my strength around the house. I can market and sell but my wife tells everyone: “He couldn’t build a box if his life depended upon it.” I’ll disagree but she’s almost right. So what do I do? I call a tradesman.

And where do I go to get a tradie?  Google, Yellow Pages, a referral? Probably, and only because I can’t find the name of the person who I called two or three years ago. He probably gave me a business card and I added it to the hundreds I have, but I sure as heck can’t put my finger on it right now. For this reason, I think tradespeople need magnets, not business cards.

You see, a fridge magnet is the most powerful and most viewed piece of advertising you will ever come across. In advertising you’ll hear the words ‘impressions’, or ‘views’, or ‘eyeballs’. It’s the advertiser’s dream to increase these rates. Now think about how often you visit the household fridge. Five times a day and that’s ten openings. What about your children, or your friends when they come over?

Each and every time the magnets on the fridge are viewed it creates another impression or view. Also importantly the only magnets that get on the fridge are those that you endorse, so when others see them on your fridge, you’ve given your seal of approval – again an advertiser’s dream.

So it got me thinking, why don’t charities who need to remain in front of their supporter’s minds get themselves on the fridge? While the costs of postage have gone up and, yes, you’ll have to mail a magnet, think about how often you’ll be creating an impression and a reminder of your cause.

Charles Alder




Charles Alder is the CEO of Give Back International and has worked in marketing for 16 years, including 13 years assisting nonprofit and parent representative bodies. Phone Charles on 1300 448 322 to discuss how you can see your brand stand out more.


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