Ahead of the Extraordinary Donor Journey, Guy Mallabone shares his research findings on four key values that motivate entrepreneurs to make philanthropic gifts.

Entrepreneurial donors tend to be drawn by four core values.

First among them is belief in giving back to the community. This value shows up time and time again as donors respond to motivators, only to find out later that these donors are entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial donors also indicate they are motivated by belief in the cause and vision and mission. It is understandable that entrepreneurs believe in cause, vision and mission, because in most cases these very same variables are likely to contribute to their success.

Entrepreneurial donors are motivated by the value of leadership. Faith in leadership of the organisation is held in high regard. This is particularly important to entrepreneurial donors as they consider the motivation for giving their next gift to charity.

And finally, feeling an obligation or duty to give is considered an important motivator for entrepreneurs, very similar to their belief in giving back to the community.

The concept of responsibility as indicated by a feeling of obligation and duty and by their belief in giving back to the community distinguishes the entrepreneurial donor from the non-entrepreneurial donor.

That is not to say that non-entrepreneurial donors do not have a strong sense of responsibility. It is just that entrepreneurial donors held beliefs associated with responsibility to be more important than non-entrepreneurial donors.

Extraordinary Donor JourneyGuy Mallabone is one of four international experts presenting at the upcoming Extraordinary Donor Journey summit series. The summits are being held in Auckland on 3 December, Melbourne on 5 December, Brisbane on 6 December and Sydney on 7 December. Click here for more information and to register.


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