Technological innovation is playing a key role in boosting donations from Australian employees. Andrew Sadauskas reports.

Good2Give celebrates a donation milestone.

Good2Give has reached a major milestone in its mission to boost workplace giving, with the organisation having facilitated over $200 million in donations to more than 7,000 Australian and international communities since its launch in 2001.

Good2Give was originally established as the Australian affiliate of UK-based Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), and subsequently renamed itself Good2Give in April 2016.

Historically, a major hurdle for employers looking to run a workplace giving program was the program administration involved. Meanwhile, employees often had little control over where their donations went, while charities often did not know the details of their workplace donors.

To overcome these obstacles, in November 2013 the organisation launched its cloud-based online donation platform for collecting and distributing donations.

In late 2017, Good2Give entered into a joint venture with GoFundraise called Fundraising at Work. The partnership linked together Good2Give’s workplace giving system with the GoFundraise digital fundraising platform, giving employers an end-to-end solution for corporate fundraising.

In a statement, Good2Give CEO Lisa Grinham said “every individual and organisation we work with – each employee, client, charity and partner – has had a hand in this achievement.”

“When I consider the impact this money has made in so many communities from providing food to those who have none, to groundbreaking medical research, to assisting people, animals and the environment during times of natural disasters locally and globally, it makes me truly proud of the work the dedicated team at Good2Give does,” Grinham said.

Grinham said a strong focus on continually evolving Good2Give’s technology solutions has been key to facilitating growth.

“With the rise of digital, especially with the purpose-led younger generation, it’s critical to keep pace with the way people choose to give.

“Our investment in digital infrastructure has seen workplace giving and other donations triple in only five years, fuelling employee engagement, enabling business to show they are socially responsible, and delivering vital funds to charities.

“Technology is key to the future of giving. It is impacting how we give, how we connect, and how we deliver support where it’s needed most.

“To inspire and engage people to give, we need an acute understanding of how technology can make it easier to give, and how it can help companies, donors and charities connect.”


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