At just five years old, telemarketing lead conversion campaigns are relatively new to the fundraising industry. Anna Walsh shares her top tips for getting a successful one up and running.


Fundraising telemarketingWith fundraising managers always on the hunt for new ways to grow their donor bases, telemarketing lead conversion campaigns are a well worth considering for a charity seeking to add an acquisition channel to its strategy mix.

The advantage of a telemarketing lead conversion campaign is that it gives charities a new channel through which to acquire more donors as well as an opportunity to test their acquisition messaging.

While, at five years young, lead conversion campaigns might be relatively new to the nonprofit sector, they don’t have to be tricky to add to your existing strategy.

Here are three key steps to establishing the ideal campaign.

1 Remember your data broker is your partner, not just your supplier

With a strong team on board, getting a telemarketing lead conversion campaign up and running can be a smooth process. This is where your close relationship with your data broker matters as it’s their role to know the lay of the land in advance. They will supply an estimate of what sources are available to you, what type of volume they could potentially generate, what the costs will look like and what sources they recommend for you. This is integral to the scoping stage of the campaign.

2 Work with a telemarketing agency that has experience in the channel

There are many benefits to having an experienced telemarketing agency working on your project, but primarily an experienced team bring staff who understand how your cause and your data are likely to perform in this specific channel and can track against those expectations, looking for successes to be replicated or areas of failure to be dealt with.

Once an agency models a set of KPIs and costs for your campaign, they will help guide you through how to set up the campaign logistically, as well as make your proposition as single minded and appropriate to your audience as possible.

3 Monitor calls and data behaviour

Once your campaign has been launched, your agency needs to set up a feedback loop on the data and call quality, and include your data broker somewhere along that loop. These two elements will inform the decisions you make to improve or maintain your campaign’s success. Other key elements include telemarketing training and coaching, tracking the process for your data and ongoing campaign monitoring.

Get moving

Telemarketing lead conversion campaigns are still young and everyone has to start somewhere. But with a good team, integrated stories and well-trained callers, you’ll be well on your way to making it a regular part of your next fundraising strategy.

This article will run in full in F&P’s August/September issue, out on 5 August.

Anna Walsh

Anna is Director of Business Development at telemarketing company WAYS Phone.

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