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FIA Awards finalists and state winners announced 

This year’s awards acknowledge ground-breaking innovation and creativity in response to the continuing pandemic, alongside an unbreakable commitment to best practice fundraising and exceptional donor care.

Face-to-face – in a good place now

Carl Young on the most stressful day of his career, the very wrong prediction for F2F fundraising, and how the channel is faring now.

How have you adapted to changes in the F2F or fundraising landscape to ensure you have a well-performing regular giving program?

ANTHEA IVA, Director of Redstone Marketing, asks three nonprofit executives for their perspectives on the best strategies in fundraising.

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return of face-to-face fundraising

The return of face-to-face fundraising

COVID-19 brought face-to-face fundraising to a halt in Australia and New Zealand. With F2F fundraisers getting back in the field, Ross Howe has some sound advice.

Face-to-face fundraising COVID-19
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Face-to-face fundraising: what now?

A recent victim of COVID-19, what does the suspension of face-to-face fundraising mean for charities? F&P spoke to three sector experts.

face-to-face fundraising

F2F fundraising providing vital funds to charities

Latest donor figures show face-to-face fundraising is still an important income generator for nonprofits.

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Joining the dots

It’s been a tumultuous five years but innovation could change face-to-face fundraising. Paul Tavatgis explains.

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Knowing the why

Without fail, the chart that provokes the most interest and response every time More Strategic delivers a presentation is the ‘Seven Shifts’ (see Chart 1 below). It illustrates the seven ways in which our research shows charities need to change to build longer term, more engaged relationships with donors. Put simply: we need to give […]


12% surge in donor growth from face-to-face fundraising

New figures from the PFRA show Australian nonprofits secured 343,389 new donors through F2F campaigns in 2017, Andrew Sadauskas reports.

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As suppliers step up and in-house teams rise, can we look at face-to-face fundraising with fresh hope? Adam Watson thinks we can.

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The changing face of F2F

Paul Tavatgis on why it’s no longer business as usual for the Cinderella of fundraising.

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What are your face-to-face fundraisers saying?

With a change in thinking, higher expectations and closer monitoring, your fundraisers can deliver the right message every time, argues Matt Gilbert.

PFRA launches accreditation programme for F2F fundraisers

It will be the country’s most comprehensive self-regulatory system of fundraising oversight, explains Peter Hills-Jones.

Subscriber Exclusive

Acquisition: from commitment to competitive advantage

Ebony-Maria Levy reveals some practical strategies for ensuring the sustainability of your acquisition program through the lawful engagement of human labour in fundraising supply chains.

Subscriber Exclusive

F2F: the benefits of best practice

According to Peter Hills-Jones, a continued focus on high standards and accountability will preserve the sustainability of face-to-face fundraising in Australia.

Subscriber Exclusive

Best practice face-to-face fundraising

From the very best to the shameful worst, Adam Watson has seen it all. Here he outlines what’s involved to ensure you achieve the best practice of face-to-face acquisition for your business.

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Australia for UNHCR: ‘best in class’ retention

Alisa O’Malley explains how Australia for UNHCR achieved the best retention rate for face-to-face in the most recent donorCentrics benchmarking review.

Subscriber Exclusive

The Greenpeace turnaround: from decline to growth

Nicola Norris says overcoming the challenge of declining donor acquisition and retention is not only possible but achievable.

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Face-to-face fundraising in New Zealand

All face-to-face charities and agencies in New Zealand are members of the PFRA. Here Karen Ward tells us what’s working and where the pressures are.

Face-to-face campaign: Life Education Queensland

Using face-to-face, Life Education Queensland grew its regular givers from zero to 9,000 in only two years. Its CEO, Michael Fawsitt, explains how.

Subscriber Exclusive

Face-to-face fundraising: will it survive the challenges of 2016?

Face-to-face fundraising has been successful for decades despite an eternally bad media rap – but has it survived the challenges of 2016? Anthea Iva reflects on the method.

Subscriber Exclusive

How to achieve optimal results with face-to-face fundraising

Jemma Arundel shares her 10 top tips for driving quality and increasing returns so you can achieve optimal results with face-to-face fundraising.

Supply chain compliance: a critical issue in face-to-face fundraising

Could your charity or its staff be liable to prosecution by the Fair Work Ombudsman? Paul Tavatgis, Chief Executive Officer at the PFRA, explores what could happen when charities fail to get their compliance right.

The rise and rise of regular giving

Establishing a regular giving program is a big challenge for any charity. F&P asked Fiona McPhee how she recommends getting donors over the line and keeping them on board for the long term.

Face-to-face fundraising: all for the better

Aside from a few technical compliance issues, the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association’s Paul Tavatgis says face-to-face fundraising is generally being operated to a high standard.

Regular giving and the Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross has one of the largest face-to-face and regular giving programs in the country. Jeremy Bradshaw asked David Armstrong how the charity is approaching retention of these donors.

Lessons from Australia’s first giving ‘shop’

Anthea Iva describes what happened last year when five charities experimented with a new way to connect with the public – by sharing a retail space.

Filling a regular giving donor pool

Royal Life Saving Society WA has designed a donor/raffle-player club that’s now providing vital monthly income and in March won a Fundraising Institute Australia award. Liz Henderson delves into the story of how this clever data-driven program came to be.

Keeping face-to-face on the right track

Paul Tavatgis explains how Australia’s not-for-profit sector is building public trust by self-regulating the channel that by its nature attracts scrutiny of charity standards.

Three marketing lessons I learnt from face-to-face fundraising

Sponsored Feature Ben Coverdale describes the experience of hitting the streets as a face-to-face fundraiser and what he has discovered about the importance of branding, planning, and targeting.

9 great ways to surprise and delight donors

Vikki Furse and Mark Sheerin offer their suggestions for pleasing regular supporters who sign up through face-to-face fundraising.  

How does pledge amount impact F2F income?

Shu Chen explores the intriguing relationship between average donation value at sign-up, net income and retention, based on her analysis of the face-to-face fundraising program results at the Australian Red Cross.

Australia’s F2F ‘regulator’: a step closer to its first strategy

 The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association is on the path to devising a strategy to protect the future of face-to-face fundraising in Australia after appointing its first board and chair, Liz Henderson discovers.

How to launch F2F: Insights from Children’s Cancer Institute

Caroline Rowland shares tips from her experience helping Children’s Cancer Institute successfully re-commence face-to-face fundraising after six years out of the channel – tackling challenges ­­­­like reluctance of the board along the way. So far the new ‘One Step Closer’ campaign has achieved all key KPIs.

Help protect F2F: join the new PFRA

Want to protect the future of face-to-face in Australia? Become a member of the new charity-run body to regulate the channel. Liz Henderson describes the goals of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association and how you can join.

Six steps to better F2F

Paul Tavatgis gives six tips for how to manage your face-to-face teams and donors to get the best possible results into the future.

F2F’s climate change moment?

Paul Tavatgis argues that there’s a ‘climate change’ type threat looming over one of our most important fundraising channels – and now’s the time for the sector to act.

Face-to-face gets a facelift

Paper-based face-to-face is officially on notice, as waysact delivers a more dynamic and secure fundraising environment digitally. Greg Johnson dusts off his inner geek to see what the future holds.

Fundraising portfolio thermometer

Experts and leaders give their views on the last 18 months across a range of fundraising methodologies and look to the future as global economic uncertainty casts a shadow over an otherwise resilient economy. Compiled by Greg Johnson.

Changing face of face-to-face

Face-to-face fundraising has been a success story in Australia ‘ but the channel is not without some challenges. David Pettigrew eyes off the shifting F2F landscape.

Net income is King… usually

Explaining cost of fundraising to the giving public is not only complicated – it is often not a real issue for donors until we nonprofit people make it so! Sean Triner gets agitated about ensuring our focus is on what really matters: net income.

New software changes the face of face-to-face

WAYS Fundraising has adopted new technology for face-to-face fundraisers to sign up donors, improving data accuracy and security. Rochelle Nolan reports.

Face-to-face media workshop identifies the need to better co-ordinate messaging

Fundraisers and media teams from Australian charities gathered in February to develop a better response to criticism of face-to-face (F2F) fundraising. Rochelle Nolan reports.

Media Workshop Helps F2F Save Face

Last October’s negative press surrounding face-to-face fundraising has prompted industry heavy weights to work together to develop a unified response to any future negative media coverage. Natalea Iskra reports.

F2F still smiling despite downturn

Face-to-face fundraising is proving to be the proverbial horn of plenty in today’s fundraising landscape. Natalea Iskra hit the streets to file this report.

A new face for F2F?

Regardless of who you’re talking to, most people have a very strong opinion of face-to-face fundraising. Like it or loathe it, the fact is that face-to-face fundraising is still the most cost-effective, high-volume supporter recruitment technique around. Or is it?

How much for a donor?

Acquiring new donors is an important part of the fundraising mix for many nonprofits, but every organisation has its own approach. In the first of a new series on donor acquisition, Wesley Mission’s Sharyn Tidswell talks about her organisation’s experiences and strategies.

Panel gets personal on acquisition

F&P asked a panel of four of Australia’s leading nonprofit fundraisers to “spill their guts” on their donor acquisition experiences and strategies. The result is a fascinating read!

Face off

When it comes to acquisition, some fundraisers swear by the direct mail tradition, others have taken up the baton of the newer “in-your-face” street dialogue methodology. Trish Khoury compares the pros and cons and finds that each has its place.

New face-to-face company in Australia

The Dialog Group purchased The Dialog Group started business ten years ago in Austria and pioneered face-to-face fundraising. Today The group employs around 1,000 people across its companies, and its services include face-to-face and telephone fundraising, recruitment, donor relationship management, data processing and direct debit transactions.

Who dares, wins

It’s not every day that an organisation tries something significantly new and different. Even more unusual is an organisation that tries something different and is prepared to share their results, even though those results didn’t meet expectations. Simone Williams takes us for a ride along the sometimes bumpy path of The Cancer Council NSW’s recent […]

DM integration first for Cancer Council

In a first for the Cancer Council NSW, an integrated acquisition campaign utilising direct mail, face-to-face and direct response TV is being trialled.

On the face of it

Large numbers of donors sign-up through face-to-face fundraising each year in Australia, however its methods often lead to polarised views. Alex Green examines the issues around its growth..

Attrition condition report

Face-to-face (also known as “direct dialogue”) fundraising has grown strongly in the few short years it has existed in Australia. Gregor Drugowitsch takes a look at attrition rates, one of the key areas of interest to organisations considering a face-to-face program.

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