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Merci beaucoup! 4 ways to thank a donor

Investing in thanking your donors will grow your fundraising income. Fact. So step away from asking and discover four ways to give thanks.

7 things I wish I’d known as a digital fundraiser

The digital fundraising landscape has changed lot in a short time. Samara Gentle looks at what she’d wished she’d known in 2019.

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New Zealand 2022 fundraising finalists revealed

Innovation, corporate partnerships, digital and good solid community fundraising have shone out in the 2022 FINZ Awards finalist list.

The who, what, how of NFT fundraising

Crypto and NFT users are one of the fastest-growing donor demographics in the world. A new report outlines what charities need to know.

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“Combine passion with digital… and you create even greater impact”:  Getting the most out of digital technologies with Andrew Hill

Digital technologies can be daunting, but no matter the size of your organisation, you can use them for profound change and impact. Andrew Hill tells us more.

How Baby Give Back gave back

As floods devastated Northern NSW and South East QLD, Baby Give Back quickly got to work supporting hundreds of families. Here’s how they raised the money to make that happen.

A global campaign reaching young donors with the unexpected

This World Refugee Day, World Vision shared the second instalment of their hard-hitting and sometimes unexpected Childhood Rescue campaign, directed at younger donors. We find out more from the agency behind the campaign.

Top tips from the 2022 FIA Conference

The F&P team share some of their top tips and takeaways from this year’s FIA conference – from sending the right email at the right time, to leaning into your weird.

Subscriber Exclusive

10 digital trends that will shape nonprofits

Originally published March 2021 Recently named one of the 25 most influential nonprofit thought leaders and one of the seven nonprofit thought leaders to follow on Twitter during the coronavirus crisis, Julia Campbell is on a mission to make the digital world a better place.    What’s on tap for nonprofit marketing this year? Which digital marketing […]

Digital fundraising
Subscriber Exclusive

Five tricks from a digital fundraising program that’s leading the pack

Canada’s BC SPCA is a global leader in digital fundraising. Andrew Sadauskas examines five successful strategies it uses.

Subscriber Exclusive

Do the digital two-step!

Discover Luke Edwards’ five handy digital hints to planning an online survey or pledge campaign for two-step acquisition.

Digital fundraising that wins

Tracking, audiences, creative, channels, website optimisation, digital wallet options – there’s a lot to consider when trying to secure an online donation or action. Here’s how to get it done.

Giving Heroes – inspiring the next generation of fundraisers

Young fundraisers are raring to go, but there are ethical and legal considerations to securing their support. The Fundraising Network have found the sweet spot.

Subscriber Exclusive

SHINE for Kids’ first-ever crowdfunding campaign

SHINE for Kids’ first-ever crowdfunding campaign not only beat its target of $100,000 but also taught the charitable organisation a great deal about its donor base. Lise Taylor reports.

You’ve been framed – the ethics of storytelling in fundraising

Charities should have policies on the use of service user stories and images in fundraising, a new approach to framing ethics recommends.

Using blockchain for nonprofit traceability

Blockchain offers unique opportunities for donation traceability and fundraising, but it doesn’t come without a catch.

Subscriber Exclusive

Three top lead generation tactics for nonprofits

James Herlihy of fundraising agency, Mindwize, shares three lead generation strategies to help your NFP attract new supporters.

Subscriber Exclusive

8 top tips for crowdfunding success

Learn about utilising the power of social media to generate impact for your nonprofit organisation. Beth Kanter’s eight best practice crowdfunding ideas will make your campaigns even more successful.

Subscriber Exclusive

Inside a bold charity campaign

Shanelle Newton Clapham on creating and testing brave marketing messages for women’s rights organisation ActionAid.

My top 10 takeaways from Digi.Raise + EventRaise 2022

F&P’s Content Creator, Fiona Atkinson, shares her Top 10 takeaways from the jam-packed 2022 Digi.Raise + EventRaise conference.

They came, they baked, they ‘rose’ to the challenge

The Bread & Butter Project recently completed their first crowdfunding campaign for asylum seekers and refugees. We share the outcomes.

Subscriber Exclusive

Lighthouse Foundation’s campaign raises more than $700k on a tight deadline

FIA Award Winner – Donor Renewal Under $5 million & Most Innovative Campaign

Subscriber Exclusive

Cerebral Palsy Alliance program boosts potential bequests by $50m

FIA Award Winner – Bequests/Gifts in Wills over $5 million

Digital marketing guru Zoe Amar to keynote at FIA Conference

Technology doesn’t have to be a cold, transactional medium, says UK digital expert Zoe Amar.

Subscriber Exclusive

7 steps to grow your nonprofit donor base with social media

Julia Campbell takes us through seven steps to grow your donor base with social media.

Gill Whelan on following your social media instincts

If you’ve ever thought social media fundraising success is out of reach or that you can’t secure influencer support, think again! Gill Whelan will share the secrets of her success at F&P Digi.Raise + EventRaise.

My donor’s are leaving me… how to stop a sinking ship

If donors are leaving your NFP, the solution may be as simple as checking your asks and thank yous. Seedling’s Jess Bowman tells us more.

Sharing the love – celebrity social media takeovers

A-listers are increasingly using their influence to empower change-makers and their social media as a megaphone for good.

When to put the ‘fun’ in fundraising 

When RSPCA VIC turned 150, they wanted to recognise the milestone and address animal cruelty. What eventuated was the ‘Wombat in the Room’ campaign.

A night of fundraising to celebrate diversity and inclusivity

F&P’s Fiona Atkinson joins The Funding Network’s latest crowdfunding event and discovers it’s all about pocket money and spreadsheets.

How to make your events more inclusive and accessible

Practical tips for fundraising events that include people with disabilities and special needs.

Baby shower campaign secures funds and material aid for families in need

2021 was the Dandelion Support Network’s 10th anniversary and most challenging year – both experiences lead to a new fundraising initiative.

State of emergency – fundraisers respond to 14 days of tragedy

Devastating scenes are unfolding from the Ukraine and Australia’s record-breaking floods. Here’s how fundraising is stepping up to the challenge.

The rise and rise of giving days 

As events went virtual in 2020, giving days became a fundraising go-to. Tania Burstin shares her thoughts about their rapid rise and the four pillars of giving day success.

Charities are expected to meet need, but are excluded from decision making

A new report asks why NFP leaders are getting neither the support they need or a place at the table when they are the ones providing solutions.

Social enterprise embarks on its first crowdfunding campaign to train refugee bakers

Australia’s original social enterprise bakery is embracing a fundraising first. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson caught up with the team to find out more.

$2.5 million funding flagged for Aussie start-up that uses AI to help raise money

AI and Machine Learning – we hear a lot about them, but what do they mean for fundraising? This tech disruptor can help us find out.

A day in the (working) life of…

In our new monthly series, we take a peek into the working day of a fundraising professional. First up, Rochelle Cannington from St Kilda Mums.

Subscriber Exclusive

6 steps to building a not-for-profit social media strategy for 2022

Our friends at Hancock Creative share their top tips for social media success in an increasingly digital world.

Digitising charities: Could NFTs supercharge fundraising?

There is a huge opportunity to monetise content via NFTs. It’s time charities took this new funding stream seriously.

FIA Awards finalists and state winners announced 

This year’s awards acknowledge ground-breaking innovation and creativity in response to the continuing pandemic, alongside an unbreakable commitment to best practice fundraising and exceptional donor care.

Top 12 F&P articles of 2021

Curiosity, case studies, corporates and COVID-19 dominated the interest in our articles in 2021. Here we look back at the year that was.

Digital pivot pays dividends for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Facing multiple lockdowns, border closures and an immuno-compromised community, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has bucked the trend of fundraising in 2021, raising over $1.9million for its most recent flagship event, Walk4BrainCancer.

The power of two: a story of awe-inspiring leadership, fundraising and going from idea to launch in just 10 days

Chris Howlett and Adele Schonhardt have achieved an extraordinary amount for Australia’s classical music scene, both before and during the pandemic, winning them the Creative Partnerships Arts Leadership Award. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson caught up with them to find out more.

GivingTuesday is in its ninth year – has it been a success?

Widely adopted in the US, billions raised worldwide, and a slow uptake in Australia. With the campaign happening this week, we take a look at results and share insights.

Free videos: Master multi-channel supporter journeys

Watch these free video clips to discover how to use multi-channel journeys to engage your supporters more often – meaningfully.

Winners of the 2021 Creative Partnerships Awards announced

A global pandemic did not deter the winners of this year’s awards, who have been true fundraising and philanthropic trailblazers for Australia’s arts and culture sector.

COVID-19 continues to accelerate NFP digital capability, but where are the gaps?

The wins and ‘room for improvements’ from this year’s 2021 Digital Technology in the Not-for-Profit Sector report.

Mammoth bushfire recovery effort helps secure top award

This year, the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife won Australian Charity of the Year 2021 with a series of fundraising initiatives that supported volunteers, educated the community and provided critical bushfire relief.

Thoughts on Facebook from Parachute Digital

As a sector that works for love over hate, can we continue to prolifically use a platform like Facebook? Parachute Digital tell us why it’s so problematic.

A new virtual peer-to-peer event receives national award

In its first year, the March On Challenge made light work of its target, more than tripling the anticipated fundraising result. The goal? To prevent veteran suicide.

Worldwide peer-2-peer event goes virtual for second year

A global pandemic isn’t enough to stop the fundraising efforts of the RBC, raising millions for youth-focused charities.

A story of transparency and simplicity

How billionaire Jack Dorsey is using a Google spreadsheet to share the story of his mega-gift.

StreetSmart: smart by name, smart by nature

StreetSmart’s clever initiatives and strong partnerships help them support thousands of people experiencing homelessness every year. Their relationship with Sheridan Australia is just one example of corporate relationships done right.

Fundraising from space

Two billionaires, four intrepid space tourists, 72,000 donors and $210M raised for a children’s hospital.

How World Animal Protection is using Facebook to drive gifts-in-wills leads

How a very specific message on a tiny digital budget cut through the noise to deliver World Animal Protection strong bequest leads.

iRaiser’s FREE Digital Fundraising Week – September 2021

Join iRaiser for a week of free webinars on digital fundraising including four sessions hosted in Australia and New Zealand.

The power of food – fostering giving and connection

A new digital campaign is encouraging Australians to ‘share a plate with a mate’ and raise funds for OzHarvest.

The digital divide: not all digital experiences are created equal

Two key reports warn us of Australia’s digital divide and how some communities and NFPs are being left behind. Here’s what you can do about it.

Subscriber Exclusive

Are you saving until you are broke?

According to Norwegian digital fundraising strategist Beate Sørum, it makes no sense not to invest in digital infrastructure – even in hard times.

Subscriber Exclusive

Innovate or die!

Innovation is more than just launching a new campaign or event. Here’s what you should do before you brainstorm your next big idea.

Fundraising Forum: Sign up your team to get almost 60% off

Signing up your team to the F&P Fundraising Forum means you can all learn together, and you’ll get some amazing discounts too!

Aussies prove they can stay off the booze AND fundraise during lockdown!

The ever-popular Dry July was back in 2021 with some incredible results. We share the secrets to their success.

lessons in fundraising
Subscriber Exclusive

Three extraordinary lessons from the Fundraising Forum

In 2020, the Fundraising Forum delivered new insights for extraordinary times. Andrea Riddell and Andrew Sadauskas share three key lessons from the event.

#BREAKTHEPATTERN youth homelessness

Digital art helping to #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness

Lighthouse Foundation has partnered with iconic Australian artists Ken Done and Cassie Byrnes to break the pattern of youth homelessness.

iRaiser expands into APAC region

iRaiser Group expands into the APAC region

Digital fundraising software, iRaiser Group is expanding their reach into their APAC region!

Digital Transformation Digi.Raise EventRaise

Let’s get ready for your digital transformation

Digi.Raise + EventRaise recently wrapped up for 2021. Andrea Riddell and Andrew Sadauskas share eight digital fundraising lessons from the conference.

Australians facing roadblocks to engaging NFPs

Aussies face roadblocks to engaging with NFPs, new study says

New research by Salesforce shows that while Australians are willing to roll up their sleeves and help, however, are facing challenges when trying to engage with NFPs.

NFTs auctioned off for Australian charity

In a first for Australia, ex-Married at First Sight Contestant, Georgia Fairweather will auction off a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for charity, Outside the Locker Room.

Julia Campbell

“Digital fundraising and digital marketing represent a revolution for nonprofits, for the world”: Julia Campbell

Ahead of her appearance at Digi.Raise + EventRaise, F&P asked digital fundraising guru, Julia Campbell, a few questions.

Brand Milosevich

“Digital change is about people, not just the technology”: Brani Milosevic

Ahead of her appearance at Digi.Raise + EventRaise, F&P asked digital communications strategist Brani Milosevic a few questions.

BC SPCA digital tips and tricks

BC SPCA wants you to have the confidence to shake up your digital fundraising

We asked Canadian nonprofit, British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for their thoughts ahead of Digi.Raise + EventRaise 2021.

Facebook Fundraiser popular women

Facebook Fundraisers a hit with women

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Facebook and Instagram community has raised over US$5 billion for nonprofits – and guess which group is the most generous.

Why Plan International’s Jodie-Marie Preddy swears by the 70:20:10 approach

Gearing up to Digi.Raise + EventRaise 2021, presenter Jodie-Marie Preddy from Plan International Australia takes us through her top tip for thinking digital and her predictions for the future.

How to convert social media fans & followers into donors & long-term supporters

Digital fundraising expert Julia Campbell on three ways to build deeper relationships with your social media fans and followers.


Guess who’s coming to Digi.Raise + EventRaise 21?

This year’s line-up for Digi.Raise + EventRaise should challenge you, inspire you and get you ready for a digital transformation.

Apple Privacy Changes Facebook Fundraising

Apple’s privacy changes: good for users, bad for fundraising campaigns

In an FIA webinar, Marlin Communications outlined how the new iOS 14 update could impact your fundraising campaigns – and what you can do to mitigate the effect.

PayPal Give at Checkout microdonations

Are you capitalising on the rise of e-commerce?

PayPal’s Give at Checkout has delivered extraordinary results for charities set up with PayPal functionality. Just ask OzHarvest.

VentureCrowd to offer donation after investment

VentureCrowd to offer donations alongside investments

A new feature from VentureCrowd will allow investors to donate to The Smith Family when they invest in any of their financial products.

The Body Shop TikTok Launch Housing

How The Body Shop is using TikTok to combat homelessness

Each year, The Body Shop chooses a charity to support at Christmas time. This year, they partnered with Launch Housing and dabbled in TikTok to combat homelessness.

Brave new world – A helping hand for events going digital

EzyRaise is helping charities adapt to the ‘new normal’ of fundraising events.

Arani Duggan wins Not-for-Profit Executive of the Year

Arani Duggan takes out CEO Magazine’s Not-for-Profit Executive of the Year

Head of Marketing and Fundraising for Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney (RMHC GWS), Arani Duggan has been awarded The CEO Magazine’s Not-for-Profit Executive of the Year 2020.

Online fundraising in the digital age

Brian Isaac from Blackbaud Pacific takes us through the most effective online fundraising strategies of 2020.

The future for fundraising is digital – and COVID-19 has accelerated that inevitable development

“Since beginning our partnership in October 2018, Fansdonate has generated over 2,500 regular givers for Bush Heritage.”

Global giving trends

Giving trends from around the world

Ever wondered if people are more likely to donate in cash in Africa compared to Australia? Well now you can find out!

Messages of Hope

How a tiny South Australian charity is finding fundraising success and helping new mums at risk.

four-day week

How Parachute Digital moved to a four-day week

Parachute Digital has gone to a four-day week – at full pay. CEO Shanelle Newton Clapham discusses how she came to the decision and what happens now.

How to combat the coronavirus crisis: watch the webinar

Elevate Fundraising Director Luke Edwards reveals how you can build donations and donor loyalty during the coronavirus crisis.

Say goodbye to paper forms – and hello to $120,000

The Smith Family has boosted donations and improved donor engagement while saving 1,600 hours in staff time each year. Here’s how they did it.

Virtual fundraising: Digi.Raise becomes even more digital

Digi.Raise is going virtual in 2020, giving you virtually everything you need to know for digital fundraising success.

The digital fundraising ideas that will shape the 2020s

Top digital fundraising experts to reveal the cutting-edge technologies, ideas and best practices that will help charities raise money in the 2020s.

Celeste Barber Facebook

Lessons from Celeste Barber – how to avoid your brand being drowned out in the cluttered fundraising environment

Brand specialist Darren Taylor helps us glean the key take-outs from the Celeste Barber campaign, in our new fortnightly column with The Xfactor Collective.

website fundraising

How a local cancer charity upgraded its website and watched donations take off

Local Queensland cancer care facility adds fundraising functionality to website and sees donations soar.

Platform Demo Day

Get tech savvy at inaugural Platform Demo Day

A new event to help social changemakers feel more confident with innovative tech platforms will be held in Melbourne on 29 November.

62% of Australian charities take donations via website: Report

Only 25% of Australian NFPS track and report ROI on social media campaigns among other findings of global technology report.

Donating in the digital world

How social media tools can increase charitable giving and take your campaigns to the next level.

Subscriber Exclusive

Digital dropouts & the art of avoiding them

Dr Adrian Sargeant on how to optimise your landing and donation pages.

email marketing

What your email marketing is leaving on the table

Jess Hollinshead on how to get the best ROI and deliverability from your email marketing.

Five key digital fundraising insights from Digi.Raise 2019

Digi.Raise has wrapped up for 2019. Andrew Sadauskas shares some key tips from this leading digital fundraising conference.

Digi.Raise 2019 kicks off in Melbourne this Thursday

Leading international digital fundraising experts are coming to Melbourne this week for the 2019 Digi.Raise conference.

Subscriber Exclusive

Finding the right platform

Shanelle Newton Clapham is well known for her innovative approach to delivering fundraising results. Shanelle and her team create digital campaigns focused on generating leads and acquiring donors, as well as designing bespoke onboarding programs and donor journeys for charities all over the world. In 2016, Shanelle was looking for a cloudbased platform that could […]

Subscriber Exclusive


In 2017, Ray Johnstone, a widower from South Australia, put an ad on Gumtree hoping to find someone to go fishing with – his fishing mate had passed away. The heartbreaking ad went viral and Ray was inundated with offers, eventually heading to Queensland for a fishing trip with 22-year-old Mati Batsinilas. This inspired social […]

Subscriber Exclusive

Three ways Facebook is changing for charities

Facebook is already one of the most important channels for donor acquisition, and digital channels have already overtaken face to face as a source of new donor acquisition. When we consider that digital is often used for lead generation – with donor conversion being passed to telemarketing agencies – then the trend becomes even more […]

The top five digital trends from Pareto Benchmarking 2019

Pareto Fundraising Digital Strategy Director, James Herlihy shares five major online trends that are reshaping the fundraising industry.

Vinnies aligns heads and hearts for digital fundraising success

At DigiRaise, Samara Gentle from Vinnies will detail the digital strategy her organisation used to secure a 346% boost in revenue from email campaigns.

Polished Man

Nailed it: Polished Man’s $5M digital fundraising success story

Polished Man’s campaign manager is set to reveal her organisation’s innovative digital strategies at the upcoming DigiRaise conference.

Subscriber Exclusive

Online Leads: Why they’re a Community, Not a Commodity

As fundraisers, we fixate on revenue, return on investment (ROI) and results we can prove. The problem is that this can work against us, resulting in short-term thinking and restricted, conservative planning. At Pareto, we’ve seen this mindset in chats with charities around ‘two-step campaigning’; a donor acquisition strategy that involves (1) acquiring ‘leads’ through […]

Subscriber Exclusive

How #HU100 Raised Over $1 Million

The urgency, excitement and momentum created by giving days represents an incredible opportunity for not-for-profits, with digital technologies meaning wide audiences can be reached. But what happens when a giving day goes global? The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) found out last year with its July 24 Global Giving Day #HU100. This ran in 16 […]

Subscriber Exclusive

The Digital Fundraiser’s Blind Spot

You may not realise it, but you and I have blind spots. And I don’t mean metaphorically (at least not yet), I mean your eyes literally have areas where they cannot see. Most of the time, our blind spots are unrecognisable – but they are very real – and I am about to prove it […]

rude food

#rudefood campaign hits below the belt

If a salacious salad pops up in your Instagram feed, it could be courtesy of one of the top chefs ANZUP has enlisted for its #rudefood campaign.

Facebook Live

Is Facebook Live really for charities?

Fundraising Writer, Liana Pantalone demystifies the function of Facebook Live and shares a few key reasons why it really is suitable for charities.

Facebook Live

The practical steps to doing a Facebook Live that succeeds

Discover the practical steps to doing a Facebook Live that succeeds with first-hand advice from Fundraising Writer, Liana Pantalone.

Charity Matchmaker

Charity Matchmaker: Connecting Australians with the causes they care about

The Charity Matchmaker Quiz will make it easier for donors this Giving Tuesday to find a charity they connect with and want to support.

Text Giving

Australians can now text donations to charities

Oxfam piloted Text Giving and received over 20,000 texts with a strong regular giving conversion rate of more than 10%.

Subscriber Exclusive

The seven sins of Facebook lead gen

We’ve heard the Facebook advertising success stories at conferences, but failures don’t get the same exposure. Shanelle Newton Clapham shares what not to do.


PetRescue to the rescue

A new ‘Donate’ button on the PetRescue website will help hundreds of animal rescue groups across Australia.

How to maximise your Google Ad Grant dollars

The Google Ad Grant program is helping over 20,000 non-profit organisations attract more donations, recruit event participants and share their stories across the world.

Fundraising performance a mixed bag in 2018

Inadequate digital systems and incomplete donor data continue to be major challenges for fundraisers, according to a major global survey of not-for-profits.

Subscriber Exclusive

What does tuna have to do with blockchain?

There’s more to this technology than cryptocurrencies. WWF is hoping it will help track impact and save the planet, as Andrew Sadauskas discovers.

Subscriber Exclusive

Small change, BIG difference

Special Olympics Australia has teamed up with an innovative social enterprise on a fundraising app that rounds-up purchases to the nearest dollar, claiming the difference as a micro donation. Andrew Sadauskas reports.

Subscriber Exclusive


An Australian platform is the technology behind the world’s largest anti-human trafficking event.

Subscriber Exclusive

Slip, slop, TAP

Surf Life Saving caught a wave of public support for its tap-and-go trial, as part of a five-year strategy to increase donations. Andrew Sadauskas reports.

Subscriber Exclusive

DIGITAL…it’s more than a channel

Do you treat your digital program as just another fundraising channel that sits alongside direct mail, face-to-face and phone? You shouldn’t. Rebecca Cleaver tells why.

Subscriber Exclusive

Nonprofit fundraisers in the autonomous world

What emerging technologies are on the horizon and what do they mean for fundraisers and the nonprofits they serve? Beth Kanter looks to the future.

Subscriber Exclusive

Is social media useful for fundraising?

According to the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report, 75% of donors say social media is their primary news source for staying current with their charities. What is your take?

Subscriber Exclusive

Tips for getting your crowdfunding right

Follow these five steps from Prashan Paramanathan to start a crowdfunding campaign for your cause and you’ll be well on the way to success.

Subscriber Exclusive

School fundraising with crowdfunding

When Brighton Grammar gave crowdfunding a go, it more than doubled its usual annual appeal result says Director of Advancement John Phillips. F&P Editor Lise Taylor finds out how they achieved their results.

Subscriber Exclusive

How is your social media tracking?

Bertie Bosrédon, who is presenting at F&P’s upcoming Digi.Raise conference, says it’s important to step back and take a more strategic approach to your social media tracking.

Subscriber Exclusive

Do you know your SEO?

Knowing what you say and how people search is essential to your digital content strategy. Shanelle Newton Clapham shares her SEO expertise.

Fundraising and the future of artificial intelligence

Karen Armstrong discusses the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on supporter experience, including the advancements made in emotional intelligence and the question of what’s next for the nonprofit sector.

Subscriber Exclusive

Home and dry! Join dry July in 2017

Its nine campaigns have raised over $29 million, it has evolved into a foundation and now it has launched a new fundraising platform. Brett Macdonald reveals what’s behind the Dry July Foundation peer-to-peer success story.

Partner content: How will a cashless society affect donations to your charity?

How will a cashless society affect donations to your charity or nonprofit? Dr Steve Francis explains there are opportunities to be found with this latest technological wave.

Subscriber Exclusive

An acquisition campaign that actually made money

Ariana Palmisano reveals how the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute used an acquisition direct mail campaign to grow its pool of active donors by a staggering 89%.

Subscriber Exclusive

Developing a new website: how to get your CMS right

Developing a new website can be more complex than expected. Here Bertie Bosrédon shares his tips to getting the all-important content management system right.

Profile: Tim Egan

Tim Egan is Regional Product Marketing Manager for Facebook Australia & New Zealand and has been working with digital content and marketing for over a decade. He built his career on understanding the dynamics of what’s possible with digital media.

Partner content: Boost your online fundraising!

No matter what types of digital approaches you choose to take, ongoing refinement of your fundraising can only provide benefits explains Dr Steve Francis.

Nonprofits in the digital world

According to Caitriona Fay, some nonprofits need to lift their game if they want to thrive in the digital world – particularly when it comes to having the right skill set to address digital governance issues.

Sponsored feature: Connecting with your nonprofit’s donors

Connecting with your nonprofit’s donors can be easily enhanced by utilising these seven straightforward tips explains Dr Steve Francis.

Subscriber Exclusive

Why fundraising is all about the content

Rich Beeston explains the benefits of using online content marketing to attract more donors – and why fundraising is all about the content!

Subscriber Exclusive

Why was House with No Steps’ bequest program a leap of faith?

Why was House with No Steps’ bequest program a leap of faith? Laura Henschke explains what made it so successful.

Subscriber Exclusive

Can you name this critter?

The Bush Heritage two-step Australian wildlife campaign has garnered great results – both in terms of lead acquisition and donor conversion. James Herlihy explains how it was achieved.

Subscriber Exclusive

Talking point: Is using crowdfunding worthwhile for your fundraising?

One of the most innovative advances in online fundraising in recent years is crowdfunding – but how does it work for nonprofits? Here three fundraisers discuss their success – or not – in seeking donations through this method. Anthea Iva The Director of Redstone Marketing asks three fundraisers for their perspectives.

Sponsored feature: Peer-to-peer fundraising – the gift that keeps on giving

Stacey Astley-Clark explores how technology is innovating the peer-to-peer fundraising supporter journey.

Subscriber Exclusive

Media campaigns: how to get the best value

Marcus Lewis says a unified approach, a data collection and attribution strategy, consistent creative and clear communication will assist you in fundraising successfully through the media.

Sponsored feature: Online fundraising auctions

Dr Steve Francis shares his top five tips to running a successful online fundraising auction to grow your donation revenue.

Subscriber Exclusive

Digital fundraising strategy: Kiss Goodbye to MS

MS Research Australia’s fundraising initiative Kiss Goodbye to MS looks set to change the landscape of multiple sclerosis research around the world. Richelle King reveals the fundamental steps to success that the nonprofit has taken.

Sponsored feature: peer-to-peer fundraising

Stacey Astley-Clark explores how technology – and getting emotional – is innovating the peer-to-peer fundraising supporter journey.

Mother love: St Kilda Mums

Jessica Macpherson shares the success story of how one small charity, St Kilda Mums, has raised $1.2 million in four years using Facebook.

Facebook optimisation: how to make your feeds rate

Facebook optimisation is far more complex than most of us realise. Laurel Papworth explains how to ensure your Facebook status updates are worth the effort.

Set for the digital fundraising future?

With technological advances arriving thick and fast and the subsequent evolution of user behaviour, Dr Steve Francis explains fundraisers need to be more digitally savvy than ever before.

The science behind website donations

Shanelle Newton Clapham offers her advice on how nonprofits can increase their website donation conversion rates.

The future of mobile fundraising

Having researched the latest developments, discover why Jonathon Grapsas gives a big thumbs-up to the future of mobile fundraising in Australia.

Fundraising emails: get the message?

You can’t bore your donors into giving. Here Jill Ruchel explains how to write highly effective fundraising emails and, just as importantly, even better subject lines.

Fundraising search: seek and you will find

Shanelle Newton Clapham explores how to use Search to find those people who are already looking for you.

Online fundraising: RMHF website redesign a success!

Meldi Arkinstall spoke with Antonia Froutzis, Marketing & Communications Manager at The Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation, about how their website redesign contributed to a 300% increase in online fundraising donations.

Becoming truly supporter-centric

Karen Armstrong explores the growing need for nonprofits to start putting supporter experience first.

The power of digital transformation

Jodie Sangster explores the importance of putting digital at the heart of marketing and lists five questions charities should consider before taking the plunge.

IWDA’s two steps to sustainability

The International Women’s Development Agency has won a Fundraising Institute Australia award for its first campaign generating leads online, in which donors converted by phone are now delivering extra monthly income of $5,627.

It’s time to be more social

A new US survey shows that while charities have made progress in aggregating and providing content to social audiences, most are missing the greatest opportunity by failing to engage in two-way communication within this medium, Liz Henderson finds.

Has your charity harnessed the power of Gen C?

Are you tapping into Gen C? If not, listen up: video content is king, reveals Chris Mulcahy.

Can you connect to new regular givers using online and social channels? – Product Spotlight

Find out more about the potential, the pitfalls, and the profitability of using digital channels to acquire regular givers for your mission.

Maximise the power of social media fundraising – Sponsored Feature

Social media isn’t simply a distraction in idle hours. It’s a medium – some might say the medium – through which people engage and consume information. And it’s how Australia’s leading charities are connecting with donors.

Want to be an Emailmaker?

Anyone can create and send personalised e-mail fundraising and marketing campaigns, with the affordable Emailmakers platform from Mail Makers integrated. Review by Liz Henderson

JustGiving launches a crowdfunding option

The global social platform, JustGiving, has added a crowdfunding campaigns page into its fundraising tool kit. Review by Liz Henderson.

7 steps to get the most from your Google Grant – Sponsored Feature

What if you were gifted $10,000 every month to spend with Google? All you have to do is…

The future is fundraising with our thumbs!

Paul de Gregorio explores the role of mobile in fundraising and how SMS, in particular, can be used to connect with supporters.

10 tips for a successful digital fundraising campaign

Stuart Finlayson offers his top tips for maximising fundraising results through online.

Want e-mail in your next campaign?

Anil Nair explores the steps and strategies charities should know before they add e-mail into their direct mail mix.

Event Creator Vision’s beauty is more than skin deep

GoFundraise’s Event Creator Vision platform has form and new function – including a simple drop-and-drag editor and the entire platform being mobile responsive. Review by Liz Henderson

Click, go the donations

Dr Steve Francis and Ghizlaine Mallek explore the psychology behind donation pages that convert every time.

Riding the Ice Bucket Challenge wave: MND Australia’s story

A campaign going viral on social media would be a dream come true for many charities, but what is it like when it actually happens? Rachel Rizk reveals how MND Australia’s tiny team fared from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

How a tiny charity found 3,000+ regular givers online

The Soi Dog Foundation has seen regular donor numbers skyrocket from an innovative online campaign using social media, e-mail and banner ad re-marketing, Liz Henderson discovers.

How to decide if you need a mobile app

The keynote speaker at F&P’s Digi.Raise conference, the UK digital fundraising and marketing expert Bryan Miller, has offered tips for working out if a mobile app would be effective for your organisation, and revealed other trends he is seeing in the digital space.

Study sheds light on Australians’ social media use

A new study has explored use of social media by Australians including details of interactions with businesses and brands, that offer insights to charities as well. Liz Henderson reveals the main findings.

Over 2.25 million hits for CMRI video

A heart-wrenching video from the Children’s Medical Research Institute has gone viral on social media – in six days achieving two million views, Liz Henderson reveals.

What are charities doing well and poorly in digital?

In the lead-up to speaking in Australia in May, Bryan Miller fields three questions from Liz Henderson drawing on insights that have seen him help charities across the world increase their profit from digital fundraising.

Online platform gives fundraisers the ability to tally their total impact

The online fundraising platform, everydayhero, has re-launched with a new feature that is an Australian first – now supporters can tally up their effort as well as the amount of money they are raising on behalf of their favourite charities.

Recomazing could help charities get more value from social media

A new social media platform is set to launch in Australia, aiming to help charities reach people’s networks – without the constant monitoring and input required to maintain their own social media presence.

Free webinar: How to raise more with signature fundraising events

Charities can boost their revenue and reputation by running an event they become known for. Learn how to develop your organisation’s own signature event at the free webinar GoFundraise will host on June 19.

Which online leads will convert?

Based on insights from a recent analysis of over 250,000 records, Ashley Rose and Alex Harding reveal which people who enter their details online will actually respond to a phone call, then pledge to give.

Telcos to launch pSMS donation pilot

Premium SMS donations will be trialled in Australia in a 12 month pilot, with telecommunications companies calling for expressions of interest by April 8 from charities that would like to participate.

Online fundraising platform lowers fees

The online platform Givematcher has dropped its fee for online peer-to-peer fundraising and direct giving to 0% for small and medium charities, Liz Henderson learns.

3 top tips for digital fundraisers

Bryan Miller offers ideas for Australian nonprofits to improve their digital fundraising performance in the lead-up to presenting at Digi.Raise in Melbourne in May.

Have viral campaigns had their day?

Are you waiting for the next Ice Bucket Challenge? It may not be something you can make happen – or see success from – according to a recent online debate reported on by Liz Henderson.

UK expert to share his knowledge at Digi.Raise

UK expert in UK digital fundraising, campaigning and communications, Bryan Miller is on his way Down Under to share his insights on digital trends and best-practice with Australian practitioners at F&P’s Digi.Raise, Liz Henderson reports.

New charity app solution launches

The opportunity to push relevant messages to donors based on their location is just one feature of the new smartphone app solution, App-Makers. Liz Henderson runs through some of the possibilities it offers for nonprofits.

Three fundraisers reveal what’s on their digital to-do list

As supporters flock online, are charities putting more eggs in the digital basket and specifically what activities and goals are being set? Anthea Iva asks three fundraisers for their perspectives.

Be socially mobile on a budget

Increasingly people are using their mobile phones to access social networking sites and they are also donating through these sites. Nikki Kinloch suggests three budget-friendly ways for not-for-profits to benefit from this trend.

5 tips for acquiring supporters online

James Herlihy breaks down the top insights he gained from helping enlist 1,500 new cash donors for Australia for Dolphins in its ‘Action for Angel’ campaign.

Exclusive: new study gives charity e-mails low marks

Australian charities neglect e-mail registration and donor welcomes. Liz Henderson outlines these and other key findings of a new Online Fundraising Scorecard released this week by Dunham+Company.

Find online treasure using Google Analytics

From which donation buttons raised the most to whether ‘share’ links led to traffic and conversions, Luke Edwards reveals four metrics you can track using Google Analytics to improve your online activity and make more money.

Digital fundraising survey results: are nonprofits getting savvier … but less strategic?

Nonprofits are embracing online and seeing more donations via digital. That’s the overarching message from Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine’s 2014 Australasian Nonprofit Use of Digital Media for Fundraising and Marketing survey … along with warning signs that strategy is taking a back seat to action. Liz Henderson reports

Case study: Edgar’s Mission’s $162,458 crowdfunding smash-hit

This small Victorian nonprofit for rescued farm animals turned to crowdfunding to build a new home, and instead of raising the hoped-for $50,000, three times that amount flowed in from donors in 14 countries. Kyle Behrend and Kerri Martin reveal what they did.

How to prove and improve the value of your social media activity

Louise Acheson shares how World Vision Australia is following the number of existing supporters among the organisation’s nearly 400,000 Facebook fans, then using learnings to tailor and target Facebook content – and also justify investment in social media.

4 online opportunities to reach supporters

Liz Henderson reveals the recently launched online platforms that are helping nonprofits discover new supporters and maintain engagement with existing ones.

What’s new in online regular giving recruitment?

Jonathon Grapsas reveals recent developments – and what is around the corner – in the rapidly evolving space of regular giving acquisition online.

How to integrate social media with fundraising

Rhys Kelly shares her tips for what works on social media based on her insights helping run The Smith Family’s successful program.

Improve results from DIY fundraising

Henry Gresson explores why it’s important to cater to the specific needs of community fundraisers who are organising their own independent fundraising activities on your charity’s behalf.

How is philanthropy changing in the digital age?

Heading Down Under in September to share her insights with Australian nonprofit executives and philanthropists, American academic and author Lucy Bernholz explains to Liz Henderson how the digital age is revolutionising giving.

Older people online

Online giving rising among older donors

Older generations are plugging into online giving as much as younger ones, a new study shows. Liz Henderson delves into the findings.

Tax e-mail wrap: how Australian nonprofits asked for last-minute donations

As another financial year wrapped up on Monday, Greg Johnson kept a close eye on e-mail appeals from a range of nonprofits. We take a look at some of the hits and misses as nonprofits tally up their tax giving totals.

Australian charity offers app-solute transparency

Donors to FSHD Global Research Foundation need only look at their smart phone to find out exactly how their money is being spent, Liz Henderson finds.

How to accelerate your online results

Get the most from your digital spend with these four income-boosting tips from Brad Davies, based on insights from a study he managed into why online fundraising continues to lag.

Small charity’s crowdfunding goes global, breaks records

Edgar’s Mission has broken Australian crowdfunding records, raising $162,400 and winning support from people in 14 countries for a new sanctuary for rescued farm animals, Liz Henderson reveals.

Edgar’s Mission’s 3 steps to crowdfunding triumph

Engaging social media and website content helped power Edgar’s Mission’s crowdfunding to achieve more than triple its income target, while also deeply engaging people during and after the campaign.

Digital expert to head down under

Soon to bring his insights to Australia, Brad Davies shares with Liz Henderson some of the knowledge and ideas that have helped him raise millions online for charities worldwide.

Nick Allardice

What message can fundraisers take from

Nick Allardice reveals the lessons in engaging online social action learned by the global petition platform, and suggests ways that nonprofits can benefit from the public’s increasingly evident desire to change the world.

Vinnies Signed Finds Logo

Signed Finds sells Vinnies

A treasure hunt for clothing autographed by music and sports stars has created new fans for the St Vincent de Paul Society and kick-started sales in Vinnies shops. Liz Henderson explores the multi award-winning campaign.

Three tips for earning more online

How can you close that gap between expectations and the reality of what your organisation is raising online?  Bryan Miller offers three quick tips.

Standing out from the crowd

Crowdfunding sounds fresh and exciting, but what is it really? And what are the opportunities for nonprofits? Liz Henderson asks Australia’s innovators in the area, Rick Chen and Alan Crabbe, to share their knowledge and insights.

Thursday the favourite day to give online

Research from JustGiving shows 10am Thursday is when Australians’ online donations peak, as the UK giving platform launches in Australia. Liz Henderson outlines the findings.

New web resource to help charities learn how to use apps

An online resource to help charities learn more about mobile phone apps has been developed by Telco Together Foundation, discovers Liz Henderson.

In Google we trust

Lord of the world wide web – Google – has shown it can both giveth and taketh away this year. Greg Johnson explains how changes from the almighty will impact nonprofit marketing.

Wo-hoh-oh, the gifts are gettin’ bigger

Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine’s 2013 Australasian Nonprofit Use of Digital Media for Fundraising and Marketing survey charts a seismic shift in the focus of charity activity in the digital sphere from income to donor engagement. Yet strangely enough, Liz Henderson finds more dollars are rolling in online than ever before.

How to make online content work

Seeing results from Tweets, Facebook posts, website uploads and e-mails takes forethought and attention. Tony Prysten shares some tips to ensure the right content unlocks staggering results.

Before you rush in to digital fundraising …

While it’s easy to be carried away by the opportunity and comparative novelty of digital fundraising, it’s as important as ever to plan before you act. Rob Edwards looks at the points fundraisers should consider before rushing in headlong.

Don’t worry, be ‘appy

Now donor care can be managed on the go with the addition of two helpful apps to Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge for Retention solution, explains Liz Henderson.

Vodafone seeks charities for ‘App Aid’

Vodafone Foundation is calling on organisations to sign up for a competition during which they’ll receive help to create a mobile app. Liz Henderson gives the details.

Rudd mimics Obama with $5 donation call

Kevin Rudd has made a video plea for $5 gifts to defeat Tony Abbott in the September election. It’s just the latest in a trend towards microdonations in political fundraising, reports Liz Henderson.

When is ‘donate now’ the right call-to-action?

Donate now, learn more, click here, find out more – there’s no shortage of possible calls to action with online ads. Greg Johnson reveals some key considerations when developing digital campaign banners.

Giving appeals a digital touch

Nicola Long explains how to effectively add online extensions to existing offline appeals utilising these cost-effective hints and tips.

Digital maverick to share fundraising insights in Australia

AJ Leon is an innovator, free thinker, and digital creative type who helps grass roots causes and big charity brands to raise millions. He is journeying to Australia shortly to share his insights and unconventional approach, explains Jeremy Bradshaw.

Who said you can’t find donors online?

Online is proving a treasure trove of data for donor acquisition. Greg Johnson explores this new trend and how it’s successfully recruiting donors for a handful of organisations.

7 ‘must haves’ for effective online fundraising – Sponsored feature

Nigel Hokin outlines seven web capabilities which can dramatically improve engagement and fundraising outcomes for nonprofits of all sizes.

Cancer Council NSW launches Mate V Mate event concept

Cancer Council NSW is targeting men with a new fundraising concept. Greg Johnson reveals how its new initiative is looking to tap into the competitive spirit between mates.

So, what did #CharityShakeOff raise?

One month after three British charities embraced the Harlem Shake viral video craze, Greg Johnson reveals how many people donated to vote.

Invisible Children uses video to report #KONY2012 progress

One year after its meteoric rise – and a very public fall – Invisible Children has reported back to supporters on the progress of its #KONY2012 movement. Greg Johnson takes a look at this reporting video come regular giving ask.

Toyota NZ launches Facebook charity giveaway

25 charities around New Zealand will receive a free Toyota Corolla at the conclusion of the Japanese car company’s clever social media campaign. Greg Johnson reveals how this corporate is reaching into the networks of the nation’s charities.

Facebook Like challenge raises over $62,000

A community-based charity in Melbourne has received a major donation following a local business’ Facebook Like challenge, reports Greg Johnson.

British charities embrace Harlem Shake to recruit donors

A trio of British charities are engaged in a Harlem Shake war. Greg Johnson reveals how they are using the latest viral meme craze in an attempt to raise funds.

Oxfam, Bush Heritage put fundraising slant on St Valentine

Some savvy nonprofits are spinning their cause into key annual events, like Valentine’s Day, reports Greg Johnson.

World’s Greatest Shave, Live Below the Line off to record start

Peer-to-peer fundraising is off to a flying start in 2013, with both The World’s Greatest Shave and Live Below the Line setting new records, reports Greg Johnson.

Movember on track for record $139 million campaign

While Australian fundraising is slightly down, Movember is on track for its biggest year ever internationally, reports Greg Johnson.

4 must-know facts about mobile fundraising

Fundraising is going mobile, but that presents some big challenges for fundraisers. Luke Edwards explains what you need to know about the impact of mobile on fundraising.

Facebook makes advertising to known supporters possible

Want to broadcast a highly targeted call-to-action to known supporters using Facebook ads? Luke Edwards explains that it’s not only now possible; it’s also proving very effective.

Nine tips to increase Facebook engagement

Good content is at the heart of achieving success on Facebook. Luke Edwards outlines nine proven tips to improve your content and increase engagement through Facebook.

Digital’s day cometh … slowly

Nonprofit organisations are more active in the digital space than ever before, though not necessarily raising more funds as a result. Greg Johnson burrows into results from F&P’s annual Nonprofit Use of Digital Channels for Fundraising and Marketing survey to discover some interesting trends.

Four tools to improve social media activity

With more social media channels than there are minutes in the day, Greg Johnson suggests some tools to help both manage and make sense of social activity.

MSF launches innovative online television channel

Médecins Sans Frontières Australia has set the bar for storytelling and reporting, with the launch of an online television channel reports Greg Johnson.

Tailor your message with remarketing

Thought you’d lost a would-be supporter when they left your website? Think again. Kathryn Galland explains how ‘remarketing’ online ads drove donations for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Think face-to-face: think mobile

Digital is a hot-button for the sector, yet so heavy is the focus on raising more funds, few have utilised it well for retention purposes. Jonathon Grapsas and Marcus Blease reveal how a digital communication strategy is helping Cerebral Palsy Alliance retain more face-to-face recruits.

Kony2012: fundraising highs and lows in a digital world

From invisible to unmissable: Kony 2012 became arguably the world’s most (in)famous social media campaign. Kristofer Rogers explores the good, the bad and the ugly of this unique campaign.

Let’s get integrated, integrated … I wanna get integrated!

It’s a multichannel world, and embracing those channels through integrated marketing is a great opportunity for fundraisers. Lisa Allan explains the benefits of integrated marketing and offers some quick tips to get you started.

A fundraising campaign with legs

An innovative merchandise fundraising campaign has raised NZ$110,000 for the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Fund. Susan Fogarty examines how a great idea evolved into an award winning fundraising campaign.

Fundraisers beware: you are responsible for user posts on Facebook

Nonprofits must now take responsibility for user’s posts on their social media pages. David Smith explains the Advertising Standards Board decision and what it means for marketers using social media.

Vanquish dirty mobile, e-mail data

A new service is helping nonprofits maximise their mobile and e-mail marketing investment, learns Greg Johnson.

Facebook fundraising goes native!

In the ability to fundraise without leaving Facebook, Artez Pacific is about to deliver much sought after functionality for peer-to-peer fundraising events, discovers Greg Johnson.