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Data: your regular giving program’s best friend

Regular giving has the potential to provide a lucrative and reliable foundation for your fundraising. But without data, and the processes to collect and understand it, you will struggle to make your program a success

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A rising tide lifts all boats

How the newly formed Emergency Action Alliance will harness the power of collaboration to raise more funds for humanitarian crises

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The power of design

It sets the mood, it evokes emotion, it guides the reader. Anthea Iva on why good design matters, and how it plays a key role in getting your message across

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How the March On Challenge crushed its target

Learnings taken from a pilot of Solider On’s peer-to-peer event meant income grew by 3412% in a year. What was the secret to their success? F&P’s Fiona Atkinson finds out

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Extraordinary gifts for extraordinary times

Knowing your COVID story, a K-shaped recovery and the seven pillars — major gift considerations in today’s world

How to climb a digital mountain

The journey to implement a new fundraising and donor management system for your organisation is a lot like climbing a mountain. Clarety’s Jeremy Horn shares five tips to help you on the journey

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What your donors really want!

A letter from an emotionally exhausted donor

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Skilled fundraisers change the world

Fundraising Institute Australia has developed four pillars to address professional development challenges in the nonprofit sector

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Let’s talk about Lifeline

We share the story of a charity whose corporate partnerships bring in millions of dollars but deliver value beyond those dollars.

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Do philanthropists need a safe space?

Growing criticism, the absence of visible peers and a lack of knowledge about giving channels are stymieing philanthropy from the rich. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson talks to Jack Heath to find out more

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The big ask

John Wylie and Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie are the winners of the Creative Partnerships Australia Philanthropy Leadership Award. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson caught up with them to talk about the winning ingredients of their top-down philanthropy

The trends shaping the nonprofit sector in 2022

Every year, releases  its global Nonprofit Trends Report to better understand the role nonprofits have in serving their communities, what’s shifting within the nonprofit space, mental health and wellbeing in the sector, and how technology supports an organisation’s ability to fund and run their missions across departments. This year’s report features survey responses from […]

Tell us about your role and/or a typical day at work

Anthea Iva, Director of Redstone Marketing, asks three nonprofit executives for their perspectives on fundraising.

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