EOFY is the perfect time to run a campaign to get more funds for your cause. Here are Jess Bowman’s five tips.

The end of the financial year is widely recognised as a major time for giving in Australia. Many philanthropic trusts fulfill their charity distribution obligations in May-June. Individuals and businesses looking to reduce their taxable income frequently make one-off gifts at the end of the financial year (EOFY). Further compelling Australians into the spirit of generosity at this time of year is the promotion of giving by a wide range of charities. 

We encourage charities to build on the momentum of EOFY giving. If everyone is already talking about giving to charity, your job of acquiring funds is much easier. You simply have to convince donors to give to you and that the time to give is now (not tomorrow). 

Here are 5 ways to attract more donations this tax time: 

1. Fundraise for a specific underfunded project/program. Donors love knowing exactly how their money is used. By fundraising for a specific program or project, donors get a strong understanding of the impact of their donation. By making it clear that the project is underfunded, donors know that their donation is needed. Let donors know that for a specific period (e.g. June 2022), all donations will be directed to a specific project. 

2. Provide guides on the tax benefits of giving. Many donors are completely unaware of the tax benefits of giving to charity. By providing your donors with some simple case studies of different gift sizes and the possible tax return, you provide them with a compelling case to give more. For example, donors in the highest tax bracket can get up to $0.37 back for every $1 donated.  

3. Offer matched funding. There is nothing more compelling than a donation that will be doubled by a generous business or philanthropist. Charities that can offer matched funding at EOFY have a serious edge. If a donor gives $100, but this triggers another $100 donation, they have a strong reason to give now before the matched gift opportunity expires. 

4. Host an event or field trip. Many donors want to learn more about the charity’s work to ensure that their money is well spent. One way to do this is to host an event or field trip where you share the outcomes of your work over the last 12 months. Events also provide donors with the opportunity to meet the team and ask questions, which builds trust and ultimately, secures donations. 

5. Offer a workplace volunteer day, and get paid for it. Workplaces are increasingly interested in engaging their staff in community engagement. Charities that can design opportunities to engage workplaces by offering team-building volunteering days (like tree planting or card writing) are in a better position to secure corporate donations. Workplaces know the cost of running these days, and are comfortable contributing to the operations of the charity in order to make sure the team-building volunteer day is a win-win.  

EO Build on the momentum of generosity! There are a number of different and creative ways you can encourage donors to give more. If you can build their trust and create a sense of urgency, donations will peak at this time of year.  

This article was written by Jess Bowman, Co-Founder of Seedling.  

Seedling is Australia’s first and only charity matching service. Seedling’s qualified advisors learn about a donor’s values, passions, life experiences and tailor a charitable giving opportunity specific to them. Seedling works with Regular Givers of just $50+ per month and Major Donors.  

If you’d like to be a charity on Seedling’s radar or to find out more information check out Seedling Charity page. Or if you’re looking to find a high performing charity to support the first sign up to Seedling HERE. 

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