The top 10 most-read F&P articles for the first half of 2022 show that major gifts, the election and COVID-recovery were on your mind.

Here they are – the articles you read most in the first half of 2022. And the themes that run strong throughout are your interest in philanthropic giving (and who’s doing it), the 2022 federal election and the fundraising sector’s recovery from two years of COVID-19. All mixed up with a few surprising entries…

1. Australia’s richest 250 in 2022

Young tech entrepreneurs give mining and property magnates a run for their money – with both wealth and philanthropy – in the annual rundown of Australia’s wealthiest.

2. Daring philanthropy in a high-risk environment 

How two Adelaide philanthropists demonstrated their belief in Australian arts and culture in the midst of lockdowns.

3. Australia’s top 50 philanthropy list 2022

A 2% decline on the year before, but still worth $942 million – what the AFR Philanthropy 50 list told us about Australia’s mega-giving in 2022.

4. “We don’t fund business as usual” – why we should reject the indirect costs rejection 

NFP performance is often measured on overhead ratio. And funders are not prepared to support indirect costs. Both approaches are drastically flawed a 2022 report reveals.

5. David and Goliath – the realties of political fundraising 

Community crowdfunding initiative Climate 200 challenged major political players by supporting independents taking action on climate, integrity and gender equity. Their fundraising efforts helped level the playing field.

6. Political endorsements from charities land them in hot water

The 2022 federal election campaign resulted in several casualties, some of them charities. We took a look at those who faced a backlash after endorsing the (then) LNP’s Josh Frydenberg.

7. Top tips from the 2022 FIA conference 

The F&P team shared some of their top tips and takeaways from this year’s FIA conference – from sending the right email at the right time to leaning into your weird.

8. $2.5 million flagged for Aussie start-up that uses AI to help raise money 

AI and Machine Learning – we hear a lot about them, but what do they mean for fundraising? An Australian tech disruptor helps us find out.

9. RSPCA leads Australian charity rankings

A YouGov survey shows animals, cancer, mental health and children’s causes are top of mind for Australians in 2022.

10. A sector in recovery – donations and donors on the up in 2022 

Charitable giving has recovered significantly from its COVID-19 slump – we explore this, and more, in the latest JBWere – NAB Charitable Giving Index.

11. The rise and rise of giving days 

As events went virtual in 2020, giving days became a fundraising go-to. Tania Burstin shares her thoughts about their rapid rise and the four pillars of giving day success.

12. How to create a winning case for support 

Been asked for your organisation’s case for support but don’t have one? Find out why you need one and the secret ingredients to making it great.

13. Social impact reporting lets your light shine 

We’re experiencing a growing collective mindset in an era of rising scepticism – so it’s time to build trust and buy-in through transparent social impact reporting.

14. A day in the (working) life of…

… Rochelle Cannington from St Kilda Mums.

15.  UK giving – good news, bad news and what we can learn from it 

A January report reflected on giving behaviour amongst British donors in the closing months of 2021, providing valuable insights that apply to fundraising across the world.

16. JBWere Corporate Support Report 

Corporate giving – a major opportunity, but widely misunderstood. JBWere show us how understanding the values and ‘shape’ of corporates is key to securing their support.

17. 10 digital trends that will shape nonprofits 

Named one of the 25 most influential nonprofit IT influencers, Julia Campbell shares 10 game-changing digital trends.

18. Investment company partners with nonprofits to help young Australians

Future Generation Global has the dual objectives of nurturing shareholders and changing the lives of young Australians affected by mental illness – we find out more.

19. Universities the winners of March 2022

A $1B campaign, a historic bequest, and a campaign for a care facility with students at its heart. We explored several university fundraising campaigns reaping rewards.

20. Six steps for building a nonprofit social media strategy 

Alecia Hancock shares her top tips for social media success in an increasingly digital world.


So there you have it, 1 to 20. And we’re only (a bit more than) half way through the year! To check out hundreds more articles, which you can search according to your area of fundraising, head to our website.

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