Thursday 13 & Friday 14 June, 2019

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Place, SOUTH WHARF VIC 3006

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Program Overview

Please note, this list of speakers and topics was correct at time of publication. Keep a look out on the website for further exciting speakers who may be added as they are confirmed. F&P reserves the right to alter the program without notice.


HALF DAY MASTERCLASS 1: Thursday 13 June, 9am to 1pm

Tim KachuriakEmail Fundraising Optimisation

HALF DAY MASTERCLASS 2: Thursday 13 June, 9am to 1pm

James HerlihyBuild your own digital lead generation campaign

DIGI.RAISE MAIN CONFERENCE: Thursday 13 June, 1pm to 5pm & Friday 14 June, 8.30am to 5pm

Tim KachuriakThe web as a living laboratory
Clayton Thomas, Melina Rookes, Curtis MooreDigital tasting plate
Jonathan RolleyEverything old is new again – direct response TV hits a high point for Save The Children
Grant Barnes, Simone O’ConnorFred Hollows successfully uses SEO to attract new audiences
Shuie Gestetner, Lucy HamiltonEverything you need to know to execute a Giving Day
Jeremy BennettHow Amnesty created a thriving digital fundraising program on a shoestring budget
Jo Wallace, Nick HunterPutting the donor in the picture – Shepherd Centre uses virtual reality for fundraising
Joshua CrowtherNonprofits and social media: a missed connection
Lachlan DaleDigital transformation: from fundraising fundamentals to long-term vision
James Orton, Alana RichardsonTurn your data into dollars (aka data science for fundraisers)
Kylie WallaceDigital Fundraising in a modern world – the Polished Man story
Anna Jones, Meredith DwyerMajor challenge takes Peter Mac to next gen peer-to-peer fundraising
Samara GentleSt Vincent de Paul creates first digital marketing strategy and sees green shoots of success
Tom MusethBoost your ROI by spring cleaning your digital closet
Luke Edwards

replaced by Katherine Shirtcliffe

How to maximise your Google Grants and Adwords campaigns
Jonathon GrapsasI wish I’d thought of that!
Tim KachuriakTurning Facebook likes into donors using content marketing


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Program / agenda

Topics and Speakers

DAY ONE: Half-day Masterclass 1

Thursday 13 June 9am to 1pm (lunch 1pm to 2pm)

Email Fundraising Optimisation

The first principle of nonprofit email fundraising is one of the core principles of fundraising as a whole –  people give to people. When it comes to email fundraising optimisation, it is crucial that we remember this.

Tim Kachuriak and the team at NextAfter have watched this principle play out over hundreds of tests on email appeals, cultivation emails, content offer emails and more. Tim will explore strategies for testing all variables of your email marketing and fundraising, to help you find what messages, what tone and what senders, resonate with your donors.

You will learn best practices to help grow your subscriber list, get your emails opened, powerful value propositions, creating the most effective email landing pages and more.

Post-masterclass, you will have access to additional resources from NextAfter to help convert your learning into practice. Ultimately, you will learn what works to drive more revenue for your organisation through email fundraising.

Presenter: TIM KACHURIAK, Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, NextAfter, USA

Tim Kachuriak founded NextAfter in 2012 as a fundraising research lab and consulting firm that works with businesses, nonprofits and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity.

A nonprofit thought leader, Tim is the author of the book Optimize Your Fundraising, lead researcher and co-author of the Online Fundraising Scorecard, Why Should I Give to You? (The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index Study), and The Midlevel Donor Crisis.

He has trained organisations in fundraising optimisation around the world and is a frequent speaker at international nonprofit conferences. Tim is also the co-founder and board member for the Human Coalition, a member of the board of directors for Open Doors USA, an Advisory Board Member for the SMU (Southern Methodist University) Digital Accelerator and Advisory Board Member for Kids Prosper Kids.

DAY ONE: Half-day Masterclass 2

Thursday 13 June 9am to 1pm (lunch 1pm to 2pm)

Build your own digital lead generation campaign

The holy grail of donor acquisition is a rolling, always on program, that delivers loyal donors at scale and an attractive ROI. This can and is being done by charities via online channels. Cause-based online lead generation is the key.

James Herlihy will share the nuts and bolts of how to create, execute, monitor and adapt online lead generation campaigns including how to:

  • generate attention-grabbing propositions
  • communicate these through effective advertising and content marketing
  • build online community and engagement
  • convert prospects to donors

Attendees will piece together their own lead generation propositions, advertising messaging and strategy, while exploring the science of meaningful, online engagement for donor acquisition and online community building.

The session will explore case studies, key analytics, channel and split tests, detailed strategy and Pareto’s latest study on the long-term value of online community. Attendees will walk away inspired with practical ideas to implement immediately and a strong understanding of how to produce successful lead generation campaigns.

Presenter: JAMES HERLIHY, Digital Strategy Director, Pareto Fundraising

James Herlihy has spent more than a decade working on digital campaigns and fundraising and is the brains behind ground-breaking digital campaigns for human rights, animal welfare, environmental organisations and more.

During his time at Pareto Fundraising, Amnesty International Australia and Austcare (ActionAid International Australia), James has held roles in digital management, strategy, production, campaigns and marketing, content and social media.

At Pareto, he has spearheaded successful digital fundraising campaigns for organisations like Lifeline, Soi Dog, Bush Heritage, The Wilderness Society, Baker IDI, Action for Dolphins and more. James also drives and presents the digital aspects of Pareto’s Benchmarking program.

Digi.Raise Main Conference

DAY ONE: Thursday 13 June 1pm to 5pm (lunch 1pm to 2pm)

DAY TWO: Friday 14 June 8.30am to 5pm

The web as a living laboratory

Using the rigorous scientific methodology employed by Fortune 100 companies, the team at NextAfter have debunked traditional fundraising best practices and uncovered breakthrough principles that produce transformational results.
In this rapid-fire session, Tim Kachuriak will look at dozens of real-world online experiments with nonprofit organisations and share the secrets to acquiring more names, donors and dollars through the web.

He will demonstrate how you can apply these principles today to your own online fundraising campaigns, by adopting a systematic methodology for increasing the performance of your online fundraising campaigns.

You will learn how to implement effective conversion secrets by reviewing optimisation experiments and key learnings from top nonprofit organisations. Finally, you will understand how to exponentially grow your online fundraising revenue by improving three key metrics.

Presenter: TIM KACHURIAK, Chief Innovaton & Optimisation Officer, NextAfter, USA

Tim Kachuriak founded NextAfter in 2012 as a fundraising research lab and consulting firm that works with businesses, nonprofits and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity.

A nonprofit thought leader, Tim is the author of the book Optimize Your Fundraising, lead researcher and co-author of the Online Fundraising Scorecard, Why Should I Give to You? (The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index Study), and The Midlevel Donor Crisis.

He has trained organisations in fundraising optimisation around the world and is a frequent speaker at international nonprofit conferences. Tim is also the co-founder and board member for the Human Coalition, a member of the board of directors for Open Doors USA, an Advisory Board Member for the SMU (Southern Methodist University) Digital Accelerator and Advisory Board Member for Kids Prosper Kids.

Turning Facebook likes into donors using content marketing

Facebook has more data on what people value than any other tool or database, yet most fundraisers don’t know how to leverage this data to acquire new donors. Tim will demonstrate a strategy to turn Facebook into a reliable and sustainable source of new donors.

This proven strategy is based on 300+ related online fundraising experiments, five years of Facebook fundraising campaigns, and testing with over $6 million worth of Facebook advertising. Not only will this session provide a new way to think about fundraising on Facebook, but it will cover essential mechanics for anyone working in the digital space.

Presenter: TIM KACHURIAK, Chief Innovaton & Optimisation Officer, NextAfter, USA

Tim Kachuriak founded NextAfter in 2012 as a fundraising research lab and consulting firm that works with businesses, nonprofits and NGOs to help them grow their resource capacity.

A nonprofit thought leader, Tim is the author of the book Optimize Your Fundraising, lead researcher and co-author of the Online Fundraising Scorecard, Why Should I Give to You? (The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index Study) and The Midlevel Donor Crisis.

He has trained organisations in fundraising optimisation around the world and is a frequent speaker at international nonprofit conferences. Tim is also the co-founder and board member for the Human Coalition, a member of the board of directors for Open Doors USA, an Advisory Board Member for the SMU (Southern Methodist University) Digital Accelerator, and Advisory Board Member for Kids Prosper Kids.

Digital tasting plate

Get a taste of some of the different digital initiatives and projects happening around the place with these short, sharp presentations.

Can you end poverty with an app?

To celebrate an important anniversary and engage more closely with its supporters, Baptist World Aid worked with Marlin Communications to develop an app called ‘End Poverty – the 60/40 Challenge’. The app was launched in January 2019 with the aim of raising significant funds.

You will learn why this strategy was adopted, how it was implemented, the key features and content of the app, how it was promoted, and what the outcomes and learnings were.

Presenter: CLAYTON THOMAS, Creative Director, Marlin Communications

Clayton is an award-winning copywriter with extensive experience developing above-the-line campaigns for brands such as Nike, Gatorade, Vodafone, Panasonic and Harley Davidson.

At Marlin, Clayton oversees all conceptual development and creative execution. He has helped Bush Heritage Australia, Royal Flying Doctors Service and The Smith Family create FIA-Award-winning campaigns and is delighted to be using his experience and smarts for good.

Text Giving – the story so far

In this session Melina Rookes, will share the outcomes of the pilot phase of the Telco Together Foundation’s Text Giving (Premium SMS) trial, which involved 20 charities over two years. She will dive down into the results including dollars raised, total donor acquisitions and conversion to regular giving.

She will also share some of the key learnings, what worked and what didn’t. Now that the platform is open to all charities, you will have the opportunity to see how this new form of fundraising could fit in your organisation’s tool kit.

 Presenter: MELINA ROOKES, Program Coordinator, Telco Together Foundation

Melina has more than a decade’s experience wearing a variety of communications, marketing and project coordinator hats in the nonprofit, government and higher education sectors. She joined the Telco Together team in 2018 and oversees The Skills Exchange program and Text Giving.


Fansdonate – F2F for the online space

Learn about how the Fansdonate six-step donor journey takes the unique advantages of face-to-face fundraising and adapts them to the digital media space. This entire donor experience feels like a single conversation and is never disjointed.


 Presenter: Curtis Moore, Lead Community Manager, Curious Minds International

With a background in journalism and public relations, Curtis transferred his skills to the world of digital marketing and social media management in 2018, joining Curious Minds and helping to grow the reach of Fansdonate.  A joint venture between Curious Minds and Cornucopia Consultancy, Fansdonate helps charities to recruit regular givers and one-off donors through social media.


Everything old is new again – direct response TV hits a high point for Save The Children

TV is way too expensive, right? We could never afford it, so don’t even suggest an advertising campaign.” If this is you, come along and be surprised by the experience of Save The Children (STC), where TV advertising campaigns are the best performing acquisition channel across the western world.

Learn how STC lowered the cost per acquisition and achieved a strong ROI with direct response TV. In 2018, STC acquired 6,500 new regular givers with a media ROI from TV advertising that most fundraisers would not have thought possible.

Learn how the new world of ‘multi-screening’ (yes, that’s you, sitting on the couch watching TV with your laptop and phone beside you!), has provided a whole new way to acquire donors online. Jonathan Rolley will share examples that worked and others that didn’t and explain how digital channels are having a positive effect with direct response television acquisition.

Presenter: JONATHAN ROLLEY, Founder and CEO, Direct Response Media

Founder and CEO of Direct Response Media, Jonathan is an expert in effective integrated online and offline media campaigns. For over a decade he has been helping clients to build high-performing marketing strategies and lead generation machines, working with over 250 brands to transform their marketing, media and client acquisition programs. With industry experience in radio and TV, Jonathan has built a practise based on neuromarketing strategies to generate high response rates from advertising.

Fred Hollows successfully uses SEO to attract new audiences

It’s everyone’s favourite buzzword, but how do you actually use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive traffic, find new audiences and ultimately raise money?

Grant Barnes and Simone O’Connor will share Fred Hollows’ content hub strategy, from the mechanics of search engines and practical keyword research to content creation and outreach/link building.

You will learn:

  • how search engines work, how to research keywords and which of them become opportunities
  • how they create content around the keyword hubs and build back links to get other websites to refer to them

The fruits of Fred Hollows’ SEO efforts are now being seen with the organisation ranking for 2500+ keywords, a 370% increase in organic transactions compared to 2015 and page 1 rankings on Google search for critical keyword groups such as ‘bequests.’

Co Presenter: GRANT BARNES, Global Lead Digital, The Fred Hollows Foundation

Grant Barnes has led the organisation through five years of digital transformation and growth. His strength is generating value through practical and tactical digital marketing strategies, and he’s applied this in the nonprofit space, at start-ups and tech companies, across youth and event marketing spaces.



Co Presenter: SIMONE O’CONNOR, Digital Fundraising Specialist, The Fred Hollows Foundation

Simone O’Connor has worked on digital advocacy and fundraising campaigns for Amnesty International, Oxfam Australia, ChildFund Australia and UNOCHA, with a bent towards design and communications strategy.


Everything you need to know to execute a Giving Day

Giving days are an emerging trend helping a wide range of organisations, small and large, to raise significant funds. Digital tactics have played a big part of the success and rise of Giving Days.

Shuie Gestetner will show you how to execute a successful digital Giving Day including recent real-world examples from organisations around Australia.

Shuie will unpack how to use digital marketing to build a successful Giving Day and how information you capture during the event can enable you to create digital journeys and lasting relationships. The benefits of an online all-or-nothing campaign, compared to an old-style appeal, will also be explored.

Co Presenter: SHUIE GESTETNER, Director, Charidy Australia

With a Master’s degree in international finance and a background in management consulting at CEB (now Gartner), Shuie Gestetner has extensive experience in training, supporting and coaching nonprofit organisations to maximise fundraising revenue through giving days.

Shuie heads up the Melbourne office of Charidy, a company that helps charities create and implement giving days. He is also a committee member of FIA Victoria and sits on the board of a social issues nonprofit.

Co Presenter: LUCY HAMILTON, General Manager/CEO, Express Media

Before joining Express Media, Lucy was the Partnerships Coordinator at Regional Arts Victoria. She has  also held voluntary roles with Multicultural Arts Victoria and the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival as well as working as a stage manager and production manager in the UK. Lucy is currently on the Board of TLB Society Inc.


How Amnesty created a thriving digital fundraising program on a shoestring budget

Amnesty International’s (AI)Taiwan office recorded a massive 350% increase in income over its previous year after it implemented a comprehensive new fundraising strategy with a digital marketing focus.

The new strategy designed and implemented during a seven-week period by Jeremy Bennett, focused on maximising existing supporters and donors on the database, improving existing channels and the implementation of a new digital fundraising pilot program – including an integrated email program, Facebook advertising, 2-step lead conversion campaign, direct donations and a new donation page.

For the digital pilot alone, AI Taiwan acquired 5,300 new supporters and 326 new donors and achieved an ROI of 2.25 vs 0.79 target.

Jeremy will share the secrets of this successful strategy and highlight some of the critical tactics and their impact on fundraising revenue. He will also outline some of the challenges and give practical learnings and tips.

Presenter: JEREMY BENNETT, Founder and Chief Consultant, Bigfoot Fundraising

Bigfoot Fundraising is a boutique fundraising and marketing agency that helps nonprofit organisations make a bigger impact.  Jeremy Bennett has a proven track record of growing individual giving fundraising programs in Australia, the UK and Asia, backed by best practice corporate and charity experience. Jeremy was previously the Acquisition Manager for Amnesty International Australia.

Putting the donor in the picture – Shepherd Centre uses virtual reality for fundraising

In 2017 The Shepherd Centre decided to explore a new way to better connect with donors as well as engage a broader audience and inspire them to give.

The organisation helps kids with hearing loss learn to listen and speak, so understanding how socially isolating hearing loss can be was the key to developing donor empathy. To achieve this, the organisation set out to create a virtual reality experience that put the user in the shoes of a child with hearing loss.

Jo Wallace will describe how the virtual reality experience was produced and the various fundraising applications it is now being used for with major donors, bequestors, donor thank you events, community fundraising, engaging with trusts and foundations and lobbying government for grants. Jo will also discuss the fundraising outcomes and how they have been better than expected.

Delegates will have the chance to don the virtual reality headset to try the experience for themselves.

Co Presenter: JO WALLACE, Senior Communications Manager, The Shepherd Centre

With around 25 years’ experience in marketing and communications, Jo Wallace has worked with a wide variety of organisations both in Australia and the Asia Pacific. She ran her own communications consultancy for almost a decade servicing primarily nonprofit organisations and is now working with leading children’s charity, The Shepherd Centre.

She is an award-winning photographer, published author and recognised blogger (‘Humans of Newtown’). Outside the nonprofit sector, Jo has worked in technology, health, government, travel and recreation and the arts.

Co Presenter: NICK HUNTER, Executive Creative Director and Principal, Paper Moose

With a background in performance, Nick has always had an interest in what makes people tick and now leads the agency into fusing entertainment with behavioural science. He has worked across full campaigns, branded content and immersive experiences. Paper Moose clients include The Shepherd Centre,  Starlight Children’s Foundation, Westpac, NSW Government and UNSW.

Nonprofits and social media:  a missed connection

Social media channels have become vital in the way charities spread their message, build awareness and attract donors, yet many organisations are falling short in their efforts to leverage social media.

During 2018 more than 150 charity and nonprofit organisations participated in a study that measured their effectiveness in using social media.  The organisations were graded on their adoption of the main social media platforms; their response times to general enquiries over social media channels; integration between website and social channels for sharing; platform optimization according to best practices and content they were posting.

Joshua Crowther will discuss the key findings from the social media study, shine a light on the good, the bad and the ugly practices uncovered and provide practical insights to help you build an effective social media strategy.

Presenter: JOSHUA CROWTHER, Executive Director, Dunham+Company Australia

Since joining Dunham+Company ten years ago, Joshua has led strategy for over 50 charity and nonprofit organisations, ranging from large 100-year-old organisations to small start-up charities.

This work has included the development of hundreds of integrated fundraising and marketing campaigns, and overseeing the complete fundraising cycle of acquisition, conversion, cultivation and retention.

Joshua has worked with organisations such as Anglicare, Baptist World Aid, Bible League, Compassion Australia, Crusaders, Feed the Hungry, Hammond Care and Hope Media among many others.

Digital transformation: from fundraising fundamentals to long-view vision

Lachlan Dale will outline the basics of digital fundraising strategy, laying out a roadmap of the interlocking programs required to progress your digital fundraising (integrated appeals; lead generation; meaningful digital engagement of leads; rapid response and more).

Lachlan will help you pivot your organisation towards digital fundraising, from developing a vision for success, to pitching for investment.

Benchmarking data will be shared to help secure board and senior management investment in digital marketing plus a framework for interpreting results in the context of broader investment.

You will learn the size, scope, trends and opportunities of the Australian digital fundraising market, and analysis of some of the key industry shifts over the last five years.

Presenter:  LACHLAN DALE, Digital Strategist, Pareto Fundraising

Lachlan is a strategist with a deep knowledge of how NGOs can use digital to achieve their goals – whether that be movement building, campaigning, communications or fundraising.

In his role at Pareto Fundraising, Lachlan has worked on dozens of campaigns to acquire, develop and retain donors for organisations like SoiDog, Lifeline, The Wilderness Society and CanTeen.

His career spans digital fundraising and innovation for the Australian Red Cross, digital strategy and campaigns for Amnesty International, digital communications for Oxfam and digital production for Sony.

Turn your data into dollars (aka data science for fundraisers)

We live in a world of big data, with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. The growth of the internet has supercharged that pace, with 90% of the world’s data generated over the past two years.

The key to unlocking the fundraising potential of all this information is data science (including machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive modelling and data mining).

James Orton and Alana Richardson will cut through the hype and spin, giving you a clear understanding of data science fundamentals and a knowledge of what to focus on to turn your data into donations.

They will share their practical approaches for getting started, including the resources, tools and communities you will need to tap into. You will gain insights from UNICEF which has spent 12 months analysing transactional, engagement and demographic data of more than 200,000 donors to improve marketing planning and future campaign outcomes.

Co Presenter: JAMES ORTON, Founder, distil data

James has vast experience across multiple industries and roles within the world of data science. He has worked for software companies, telecommunications businesses, nonprofits, wine merchants and marketing agencies. This depth and breadth gives him a unique perspective on making data useful for an organisation. He works with both commercial and charity organisations to apply the latest technology and techniques to assist with marketing, sales and fundraising strategies.


Co Presenter: ALANA RICHARDSON, Digital Marketing Manager, UNICEF Australia

Alana began her nonprofit career at UNICEF Australia as an intern. Combining her Bachelor in Visual Communication and Master in Marketing, Alana has since progressed to now manage a multi-million dollar individual giving program, inspiring tens of thousands of Australians to support UNICEF’s mission to uphold the rights of children everywhere through digital channels.

Digital Fundraising in a modern world – the Polished Man story

Using only digital channels, the Polished Man campaign has grown from an idea with no budget into a global movement, raising $5 million to support trauma recovery and prevention.

In just five years, this global phenomenon has attracted 93,973 fundraisers and 56,416 individual donors across more than 100 countries. It has also received game changing online support from the likes of Zac Efron, Kelly Slater, Malcolm Turnbull and Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

Polished Man’s Campaign Manager, Kylie Wallace, will reveal how she grew this extraordinary fundraising campaign, giving you social media tips and practical ideas, you can apply to raise more money online.

Presenter: KYLIE WALLACE, Campaign Manager, Polished Man

Kylie Wallace is a social entrepreneur who, in 2010, began volunteering with YGAP, an international development not-for-profit with an innovative approach to alleviating poverty. YGAP went on to launch the Polished Man Campaign, where Kylie is the Campaign Manager.  Her early career included roles with Prahran Mission, World Vision and the National Heart Foundation, as well as a CSR role with corporate heavyweight Priceline.

Major challenge takes Peter Mac to next gen peer-to-peer fundraising

Since 2012 Peter Mac has raised over $20 million through digital peer-to-peer fundraising programs. However, the launch of a new signature peer-to-peer event in 2018, ‘Unite to Fight Cancer’, was beset with early problems and major challenges.

This resulted in registrations and fundraising running far behind schedule and requiring a massive effort in the final months to recruit 1,000 participants and raise $1.1 million in just 12 weeks. From this scary start the event went on to be very successful, raising $1.3 million.

In this presentation you will learn how to leverage work-around out-of-the-box digital platforms,  the tactics and smarts used with digital supporter journeys to maximise fundraising, understand the opportunities for growth that were identified in a high pressure environment and get a sneak peek at the new fully optimised digital platform that will be used for the 2019 event.

Co Presenter: ANNA JONES, Communications Manager, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation

Anna Jones currently manages fundraising communications, digital fundraising, and peer-to-peer for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation. A major focus of her work in the last year has been the launch of a new fundraising event with a $1 million+ budget, which was heavily reliant on digital platforms. Anna’s previous roles have focused on the nonprofit and government sectors, where she has delivered fundraising, behavioural change and community engagement campaigns.


Co Presenter: MEREDITH DWYER FFIA, CFRE, Digital Strategist, HomeMade Digital Australia

Meredith has worked with leading nonprofit organisations across Australia as a fundraiser, consultant and event producer for over 20 years. As Managing Director for CauseForce Australia, she raised $110 million in digital-first, peer-to-peer fundraising events in just six years.

Since 2015 she has led HomeMade Digital Australia, helping leading charities maximise their digital revenue with best-practice marketing approaches and deep technical expertise. Meredith will share HomeMade’s global expertise in customising and optimising platforms, smart strategies, impactful creative and high-performance acquisition and retention journeys.

St Vincent de Paul creates first digital marketing strategy and sees green shoots of success

In 2017 Samara Gentle set out to create and implement the first digital marketing strategy for one of Australia’s largest, oldest and most iconic charities, St Vincent de Paul.

Samara will outline the checklist and key elements she believes any organisation can use to create a strategy from scratch. She will also share results and tactics from the first twelve months of delivery, which saw significant increases in online donations, revenue from digital advertising and social media, and a 346% increase in revenue from email campaigns.

A year on, Samara will explain how understanding her organisation’s internal capacity and setting realistic goals helped lead to success.

 Presenter: SAMARA GENTLE, National Digital Marketing Specialist, St Vincent de Paul Society

Samara is an experienced digital storyteller, having worked in digital marketing for the government and nonprofit sectors for almost ten years. She joined the St Vincent de Paul Society over four years ago with a passion for building online communities that enhance and support the organisation’s brand and mission.

In her current role at Vinnies, Samara is responsible for the development and implementation of the national digital marketing strategy with a goal to increase online donations and improve digital communications with donors.

Boost your ROI by spring cleaning your digital closet

The Heart Research Institute (HRI) drastically improved its fundraising ROI by taking a big broom to its digital processes and reducing ‘platform bloat’.

Facing a nightmarish tangle of competing and overlapping digital systems, Tom Museth remodelled what had become a digital labyrinth. By cutting down on outsourcing, replacing ‘concrete’ platforms with more user-friendly flexible solutions, and future proofing tech management, HRI saved countless hours of wasted effort and almost $83,0000 in expenses. This enabled Tom and his team to innovate and spend more time fundraising, including launching the organisation’s first ever crowdfunding campaign.

Tom will share his learnings and insights into how to choose only those digital platforms that are really necessary for you to execute your digital marketing and how these have translated to better digital fundraising results.

If your fundraising team wants to make money instead of chasing rabbits down digital holes, this is a presentation for you.

Presenter: TOM MUSETH, Digital Fundraising Manager, The Heart Research Institute

Tom spent 17 years as a print journalist before moving into the tech sector. Since 2010 he has been a technical editor, online manager, web developer, communications specialist and digital marketer in a variety of industries, from nonprofits through manufacturing to education.

At the Heart Research Institute his goals include increasing supporter engagement, streamlining campaign performance, opening new acquisition channels and promoting the Institute’s cutting-edge science projects.

How to maximise your Google Grants and Adwords campaigns

Many charities use Google Adwords and Google Grants to promote various fundraising campaigns and donation opportunities. However recent changes to the grant conditions means that charities can no longer leverage Adwords as effectively as in the past.

Luke Edwards will take you through the key changes and show you how to adapt your thinking about how Adwords can add value to your cause across your daily activity, events, campaigns and appeals.

You will learn the tactics to optimise your campaigns and achieve the most from your Google Grants and Google Adwords marketing.

Presenter: KATHERINE SHIRTCLIFFE, Head of Digital Account, Digital Ninjas

Katherine Shirtcliffe is a specialist in online advertising for not for profits and SMEs. As a certified Google Ads Partner and Ad Grants Certified Professional, Katherine works closely with a variety of organisations across Asia Pacific, from mental health and human rights, through to environmental and animal welfare. One of her core focuses is to leverage  fundraising and marketing opportunities for organisations large and small via the Google Grant.

Katherine’s experience stems from events fundraising through to regular giving, working both charity and agency side. Having built her digital expertise gradually throughout her career, Katherine decided it was time to dive into all things digital on a more permanent basis 3 years ago.

I wish I’d thought of that!

Keen to know what’s great in digital? Want to know what’s getting your peers excited? This is a fast-paced dynamic session where a host of speakers deliver short, sharp mini-presentations on examples of digital fundraising and marketing that have got their brains buzzing and synapses sparking.

This is a session where the speakers showcase the work of other nonprofits . It’s stuff they’ve seen in the market and were impressed by. In other words, it’s digital work they wish they’d dreamed up. ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ is a sofii concept (Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration).

Facilitator: JONATHON GRAPSAS, founder & director, flat earth direct





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