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Giving Heritage: Walter and Eliza Hall

A family that pioneered Australia's mining and transport industries in the 1800's may also have made the largest charitable gift in this country's history. Lance Bauer traces the origins of a monumental legacy, and how it continues to play a vital role in helping today's disadvantaged....
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Ilhan Foundation: Anaphylaxis say what?!

Well known in the business world for his successful Crazy John's mobile phone company and leader of BRW's "Young Rich" list for three years straight, John Ilhan is also making a scene for all the right reasons in the community sector. Dr Narelle Curtis reports....
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Wealth advisors take interest in philanthropy

Professional advisors have traditionally shown little interest in helping their wealthy clients to make decisions about philanthropy. However, Kym Madden reports that a new study investigating the attitudes and behaviours of Australian advisers has found that they increasingly want to be of greater assistance in this area....
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Bill Bowmore: A giving palette

William Bowmore is almost as rare as the art he collects. Acknowledged as possibly Australia's greatest private art collector and benefactor, he has given away artwork and donations totalling more than $100 million. He recently celebrated his 96th birthday and remains in perpetual motion, but Jeremy Bradshaw managed to catch up for a "sitting" with him on a recent visit to Sydney....

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