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Innovation is dead, long live ‘micro-vation’

In a rapidly changing world, we shouldn’t focus on getting our people to ‘innovate more’. Instead we need to get them to stop just doing ‘business as usual’. It sounds like a minor shift in emphasis, however the implications for organisational change are huge says Gavin Coopey....

What happens when a narcissist is in charge?

No matter whether your organisation is a nonprofit or not, everyone needs to beware the narcissist in the workplace. Here Petris Lapis outlines what to watch out for when employing or working with these charismatic people....

Fundraiser profile: Kerry Nairn

A trained bee keeper who loves motivational segmentation and is passionate about fundraising? Meet Kerry Nairn, who is Individual Giving Manager at Australian Red Cross, and who is speaking at our upcoming Fundraising Forum in early September. F&P Editor Lise Taylor reports. ...
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Why spend money building brands?

According to UK fundraising expert Adrian Sargeant, the staff in the communications departments at many nonprofits may have 'lost the plot' over what they are t...
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How is your social media tracking?

Bertie Bosrédon, who is presenting at F&P’s upcoming Digi.Raise conference, says it’s important to step back and take a more strategic approach to your social media tracking....
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