Magazine #68

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Do the digital two-step!

Discover Luke Edwards’ five handy digital hints to planning an online survey or pledge campaign for two-step acquisition....
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8 top tips for crowdfunding success

Learn about utilising the power of social media to generate impact for your nonprofit organisation. Beth Kanter’s eight best practice crowdfunding ideas will make your campaigns even more successful....
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Investing in authenticity

For Sandra Hills, what really differentiates the best leaders is a principled, values-driven approach combined with a commitment to authentic leadership....
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How is your social media tracking?

Bertie Bosrédon, who is presenting at F&P’s upcoming Digi.Raise conference, says it’s important to step back and take a more strategic approach to your social media tracking....
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Talking point: when is the right time to let a donor go?

According to a number of recent reports, donor care should be at the top of the tree when it comes to donor acquisition, retention and reactivation. But is there a time when some donors should be relinquished? Anthea Iva asks three fundraisers for their perspectives....
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Shining a light on search

Understanding your digital marketing performance and what drives search donation requires taking both a macro and micro approach to analysis, says Marcus Lewis....
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Target the most rewarding donors

The most important message revealed by an analysis of the recently released McNair Ingenuity Research report is that fundraisers must know their most rewarding donors. Lise Taylor explores the key findings....
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Do you know your SEO?

Knowing what you say and how people search is essential to your digital content strategy. Shanelle Newton Clapham shares her SEO expertise....
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Giving Australia 2016: givers & volunteers

Part three of our series on the Giving Australia 2016 report provides core data that nonprofit/volunteer organisations, givers and volunteers can use. Associate Professor Wendy Scaife suggests her biggest concern is fewer givers, giving more....
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