Magazine #92

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Data: your regular giving program’s best friend

Regular giving has the potential to provide a lucrative and reliable foundation for your fundraising. But without data, and the processes to collect and understand it, you will struggle to make your program a success...
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The power of design

It sets the mood, it evokes emotion, it guides the reader. Anthea Iva on why good design matters, and how it plays a key role in getting your message across...

How to climb a digital mountain

The journey to implement a new fundraising and donor management system for your organisation is a lot like climbing a mountain. Clarety’s Jeremy Horn shares five tips to help you on the journey ...
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Let’s talk about Lifeline

We share the story of a charity whose corporate partnerships bring in millions of dollars but deliver value beyond those dollars....
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Do philanthropists need a safe space?

Growing criticism, the absence of visible peers and a lack of knowledge about giving channels are stymieing philanthropy from the rich. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson talks to Jack Heath to find out more...
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The big ask

John Wylie and Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie are the winners of the Creative Partnerships Australia Philanthropy Leadership Award. F&P’s Fiona Atkinson caught up with them to talk about the winning ingredients of their top-down philanthropy...
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