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The power of motivated supporters

First published April, 2019 Elsa was an 11-year-old whose mother was a professional fundraiser. One day the girl informed her mum that she wanted to help...
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Phasing out cheques

FIA has made a strong submission in defence of cheques as a payment method, following moves from the financial services sector to phase out this important d...
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After the disaster

Australia’s start to the new year highlighted the catastrophic impact of extreme weather. The media extensively covered bushfires in Victoria’s Central High...
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Profit with a purpose

Rainforest Rescue’s project will restore rainforest on a degraded site. The profit-at-all-costs mentality is doing untold damage to the planet and society. ...
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Industry Insider

Vicki Rasmussen appointed to FIA board Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) has appointed Vicki Rasmussen, Executive Director of Charlies Foundation for Re...
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The art of conversation

Andrew, make sure you check out the story on page nine...” This was a call to action on the fly sheet of the latest issue of my World Animal Protection news...
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Creating a fundraising culture

Successful nonprofit organisations recognise the importance of a healthy fundraising culture. While developing a fundraising culture is certainly an aspirationa...
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Fundraising in the Age of Cynicism

You might be amazed at what a cynical lot donors have become. We think of them as tender-hearted, caring people who back up their compassion with action. An...
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Trekkers triumph

  Over six days in March 2018, 113 adrenaline-seekers took to their jet skis and powered though the waters from Sydney to Yamba. Their mission was to he...
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Jeans for Genes: The Results

Andrew Kelly (far right), CRMI’s Head of Fundraising, with families and supporters. Max Colgin (first row, left) featured in the 25th anniversary Jeans for Gen...
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How #HU100 Raised Over $1 Million

The urgency, excitement and momentum created by giving days represents an incredible opportunity for not-for-profits, with digital technologies meaning wide...
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Inequality. Injustice. Exclusion.

Nicola Long: Lucy, thank you so much for making the time to speak with us. I understand you’re busy with Council sessions, your current role as CEO of Upris...
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