A group of philanthropists have come together to create a benchmark to measure the performance
and impact of funders in Australia.

Instigated by the Origin Foundation to address a lack of equity in the sector, the Australian Philanthropic Benchmark (APB) was introduced at Philanthropy Australia’s national conference today.

“If, as a funder, we expected evaluation from our grantees then we had to be answerable to them and
measure ourselves,” said Sean Barrett, head of the Origin Foundation, of his motivation to establish the APB.

Pollinate, an ethical and independent research organisation, was commissioned to develop an
anonymous, independent survey of the Origin Foundation’s grant and volunteer partners to track the
Foundation’s progress and identify strengths and weaknesses.

The APB identifies what an organisation is doing well, what an organisation could do better and
measures performance over time against an industry benchmark.

Seven other foundations so far are taking part in the initiative, including Cages Foundation and Dusseldorp Forum.

“Those of us involved have been able to improve our performance and impact,” said Rachel Kerry, Executive Officer of Cages Foundation. “The APB already represents the largest dataset on philanthropic performance
in Australia. Adoption by others would continue to strengthen the benchmark and act as a catalyst for
improved giving across the sector.”

Teya Dusseldorp, Executive Director of Dusseldorp Forum, described the  data as “gold” and said that they would be “operating blind” without this feedback from their partners.

For more information about the Australian Philanthropic Benchmark go here.


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