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Three ways to know that your campaign is (or isn’t) feasible.

Everyone is doing it. Major campaigns are where it is at. Millions, actually almost billions, are being raised through major campaigns across Australia right now. This very minute, boards and executives across the country are asking their fundraising teams to work out how they can get their slice of the pie. Now. But are you really ready for this?

Planning a major fundraising campaign is huge. It requires additional resourcing, research and planning, donor and prospect engagement, events, meetings, collateral and so much more. Many are not ready for what lies ahead simply because they have not yet had the chance to really assess where they are and where they want to be, along with what they need to make it from here to there.

I have worked with many organisations as they plan a campaign, working through its feasibility – assessing the organisational readiness and the likelihood of donations and support from those closest to the organisation. Sometimes the timing is just…

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