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The long-term planning technique that insures you against short-term setbacks.

Ever had a campaign that didn’t work? You didn’t meet the target. Senior execs start questioning the tactics, providing ‘feedback’ on the creative. The pressure is on to make up the shortfall. You need another ask, another activity. Quick! Must get money in.

[caption id="attachment_372064" align="alignright" width="878"] Chart 1: The vicious cycle of non-strategic fundraising.[/caption]

This isn’t just stressful for you – it also puts stress on the relationship with your donors. It causes you to fall into a double-sided trap:

1. You end up asking too many times Trying to bridge the short-term revenue gap can result in over-asking, which affects supporters’ likelihood to give in the future. You end up chasing after small or one-off donations, scraping

the barrel dry. Even more importantly, it can affect a supporter’s decision to leave a gift in their will, and you simply can’t afford to risk bequest revenue.

2. Your team’s mindset becomes more and more focused on the short term. This leaves the long term free to define…
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