The innovative project will help Australians prepare a will for free and support vulnerable children.

GoodWILL ProjectLess than half of all Australians have a will and only 7.4% of Australians leave a gift to a charity in their will – often simply because they have never even thought of it.

UNICEF has teamed with leading law firm DLA Piper to launch The GoodWILL Project to change this statistic.

“The GoodWILL Project brings together lawyers who want to make a difference and clients who hope to leave the world a better place. Our goal is to encourage more people to include a bequest in their Will in order to provide vital support for vulnerable children,” says Melanie Verges, Legacy Fundraising Manager at UNICEF Australia.

“For the duration of the project, our GoodWILL Champions offer to prepare simple Wills, free of charge, for people who leave a bequest to UNICEF Australia. Research suggests a significant portion of Australians would consider leaving a charitable gift in their Will if asked by their solicitor at the time of preparation – an opportunity for us to make a real impact.”

DLA Piper has been rallying the legal community, with small, medium and large firms from all over Australia committing to write a simple will for free to anyone who leaves a gift to UNICEF in that will – no matter how big or small.

The innovative project will not only leave a lasting legacy for the vulnerable children UNICEF supports worldwide, but help Australians prepare a will and alleviate the stress felt by bereaved families when a family member dies intestate.

The project will launch for the public on 15 Oct October. Residents of Australia can enter their postcode at to access the nearest participating solicitors and make an appointment to get a free will written.

Over 50 law firms across Australia have signed up, with more expected as the project gains momentum. Legal practitioners can register to donate their time and expertise and become a GoodWILL Champion here.

Australia is a pilot market for this initiative for UNICEF globally, with plans to take all key learnings to scale in Australia and around the world.



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