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18 – 20 October, 2022

Pullman Melbourne on the Park

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Grow your fundraising from major gifts, corporate partnerships, gifts-in-wills and grants

If your organisation relies on securing big donations through major gifts fundraising, gifts-in-wills, corporate partnerships or grants from trusts and foundations, the Big4 Fundraising conference is for you!

At Big4 you’ll: learn best practices; be inspired by awesome case studies; be challenged by thought leaders; and pick up practical top tips and “how-to’s” from some of Australasia’s leading fundraising practitioners and organisations.

Some of the topics you can look forward to include:

  • How to turn major gifts into mega gifts from the team at Monash University
  • How Cancer Council NSW is successfully using digital channels for gifts-in-wills acquisition and stewardship
  • Black Dog Institute has increased its corporate partnerships by 400% over the last 12 months – come and learn how they pitch and win partnerships
  • Masterclass: How to create a compelling case for support
  • Panel discussion – the latest in how to attract grants from trusts and foundations and giving circles


Big4 is your chance to mix and mingle with your peers. Whether it’s a chat in the coffee queue or a longer conversation over lunch, come and hear what your colleagues are up to. You can find out what’s working, what’s not, and share a war story or two!

Program Overview

Please note, this list of speakers and topics was correct at time of publication. Keep your eye on this page as we add new speakers and sessions. F&P reserves the right to alter the program without notice.




MASTERCLASS 1: Tuesday 18 October 8:30am – 12pm

Catherine Brooks How to get funding with a powerful case for support

MASTERCLASS 2: Tuesday 18 October 8:30am – 12pm

Tasman Cassim How to secure and elevate a corporate partnership

MASTERCLASS 3: Tuesday 18 October 1pm – 5pm

Chris Downes How to create a superhero Gift in Wills program

Day 2: Wednesday 19 October, MAJOR GIFTS/TRUSTS & FOUNDATIONS

Branden Barber, Karl Tischler How to create a successful and inspiring Major Donor program (on a shoestring)
Lisa Mitchell, Heather Little From major gifts to mega-gifts – raising the donor ambition
Nic Capp Major donors: where does the gold really lie?
Gail Rodgers, Genevieve Fraser, Rikki Andrews, Stacey Thomas Panel discussion – Let’s talk about giving vehicles! Insights and fund-winning tips from four philanthropic leaders who wear both Grants & Giving Circle hats
Paige Gibbs, Shelley Mason, Ashleigh Yardy You can acquire cold major donors online and the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research will show you how
Rob Haggett “The old story is a story of measurement. And the new story is to bring measurement and meaning together.” The why, what and how of impact measurement
Clive Pedley Inside a remarkable award-winning capital campaign
Robin Penty Evolution or Revolution? Sharpening focus and structural re-alignment toward impact and results in the fundraising team
Denise Cheng How to earn the trust in trust-based philanthropy
Lea-Anne Bradley, Lisa Grinham, Julia Steele Scott, Jo Garner What philanthropists and grant makers are looking for – best practice engagement and stewardship


Geoff Hills A corporate relationship done right – how StreetSmart’s partnership with Sheridan raised $1.15 million for homelessness
Tasman Cassim How to pitch and win corporate partnerships
Georgia McIntosh, Sally Phelps, Lizzie Corke, Lisa Cheng The Great Cause Related Marketing comeback! 
Rachel Bailey How two iconic Aussie brands found the perfect match
Laura Cochrane, Jarrod Miles A new frontier of corporate philanthropy – what NAB and the GivingLarge report can tell us about the future of corporate giving and how your nonprofit can leverage it
Lauren Hicks, Lauren Drewett, Belle Gallop When three’s not a crowd: The Red Cross – Save the Children – QBE tri-partnership and what it teaches us about collaboration
Liliana Sanelli, Natalie Jones, Sharon Dann, Linda Garnett From zero to hero: How to build a multi-million-dollar partnership pipeline from scratch

Day 3: Thursday 20 October, GIFTS-IN-WILLS

Claire Carruthers, Rachel Wilson How to turn your Gifts in Wills program from passive to active – and create a sustainable fundraising stream
Noriyuki Miyama, Marcus Blease Cancer Council NSW: Gifts in Wills digital acquisition and stewardship journey success
Roewen Wishart, Karen Armstrong Gifts in Wills – New Insights on Top Strategic Issues
Marcus Blease, Andrew Sabatino Your burning gifts-in-wills questions – they’ll be answered in this session!
Elizabeth Grady A creative relaunch and multi-channel approach – how Australia for UNHCR transformed their gifts-in-wills program
Ashley Rowthorn, Aaron Zelman Winning with Online Wills: What we can learn from the UK’s leading charities
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Topics and Speakers


How to get funding with a powerful case for support 

Funders are interested in what organisations do, but often they’re equally interested in why your organisation is doing what it does. Succinctly and powerfully articulating ‘why’ organisations do what they do is the first crucial step in obtaining funding from trusts and foundations and major individual donors. But it is often one of the hardest things to get right. 

Join Catherine Brooks to gain knowledge about how your organisation can:  

  • Best articulate the need for your organisation’s services and programs 
  • Use a Theory of Change to demonstrate how your work has impact and is truly shifting the dial 
  • Implement a sophisticated Case for Support to impress funders with both stories and statistics that speak to need and impact 
  • Assist the Board and leadership team to confidently deliver the elevator pitch and speak from the same page when it comes to strategic fundraising

Catherine will delve into statistics about how people best understand complex information, recommend communications tools and show you examples of real cases for support that have received great feedback from funders.  

Key lessons from this masterclass are:  

  • How to communicate what you do and why, in a way that will resonate with sophisticated funders  
  • Why a Theory of Change is so important to funders and how to use it 
  • How to structure a Case for Support so that funders have all the necessary information they need to make a decision about funding
  • How to turn your Case for Support into a powerpoint presentation for funder meetings (virtual or in-person) 
  • How Board members can utilise your Case for Support as a tool in their board pack to support fundraising efforts 
  • Understanding the power of the four Ts when it comes to board members supporting your fundraising efforts (Talent, Treasure, Ties and Time) 

No matter what your mission or cause, Catherine can help you create a compelling case for support. Come prepared to share and work on your ‘why’! 


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Presenter: CATHERINE BROOKS, Senior Advisor, Wendy Brooks & Partners

Catherine is passionate about working in the not-for-profit space in her role at Wendy Brooks & Partners. She helps organisations amplify their impact through strategic fundraising and via her volunteer role as Council Member for the Institute for Community Directors Australia. 

She spent the first 12 years of her professional life as a practicing lawyer with a range of top tier and boutique law firms, specialising in employment law and working with not-for-profits in the areas of governance and strategic workforce planning. 

Catherine has been facilitating and training boards and senior executive staff for over a decade and loves helping organisations maximise impact in the best interests of those they serve.  

Catherine is also a donor and committee member of P500, the giving circle of the Geelong Community Foundation, and is a member of the Philanthropy Australia New Gen group. She is passionate about increasing her giving each year. 

Catherine is the author of a book, Let’s make it work, baby!, a guide to help other parents work flexibly and achieve their personal and professional goals. As a woman living with a disability, Catherine is a proud advocate for equal rights and along with her husband Brendan is proudly raising two feminist boys. 


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How to create a superhero Gift in Wills program 

What does the ultimate Gifts in Wills program look like? 

In this masterclass, you’ll find out.  

GIW specialist, Chris Downes has reviewed well over 100 GIW programs – small, medium and large; local, national and international. He has found all the gold and rolled it together to create the ultimate ‘superhero’ GIW Program. 

Chris will answer questions and discuss issues such as: 

  • From mail to social media to phone campaigns, what works best and when? 
  • What should my pipeline look like? 
  • What metrics should I focus on? 
  • What questions should I be asking my supporters? 
  • What does the best survey look like? 
  • How should we talk with our supporters and take them on a journey to considering making the ultimate gift? 
  • How do we recognise and remove barriers to leaving a gift in will? 
  • How do we make the ask and get the highest level of conversion? 
  • How often should I be contacting supporters? 
  • How do we maintain a strong connection with our supporters? 
  • Should we start a bequest society? 
  • How can we build organisational capacity to develop and deliver a GIW program, and how do we retain that institutional memory?

Chris will take you through recent trends in GIW. He will share insight from 30 organisations that participated in the recent F&P Gifts in Will Survey and how you can apply that insight to your own program. 

You’ll hear about the tactics and strategies used by fundraisers implementing successful GIW programs.

You’ll leave the masterclass with practical elements and insights that you can immediately add to your program, plus a framework for strengthening your GIW offering. 


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Presenter: CHRIS DOWNES, CEO, DVA Navion

With more than 30 years’ experience in fundraising, Chris has worked in Canada, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand and throughout Australia.  

Over the last two decades, Chris has provided counsel on Gift in Wills and planned giving to international, national, state and local NFPs – from well established programs to start-ups where no philanthropic activities have existed.

His work goes beyond just strategy to training, recruiting and conducting thousands of visits with confirmed and prospective bequestors. He provides coaching, mentoring and even interim management for individuals and teams. 

The success of these programs and his depth of knowledge and experience means he is sought out to present to international and national conferences. He has facilitated and conducted masterclasses and workshops with thousands of participants. 

Chris has two sons aged five and seven. He knows his superheroes! He knows that no superhero is like another. This session will help you become the superhero of your Gifts in Wills program. 


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How to secure and elevate a corporate partnership

It can take months to just secure a meeting with a potential corporate partner, and then at least another month to prepare for that meeting! Corporate partnerships take hard work and dedication, but they are worth it. 

Tasman Cassim from Black Dog Institute will go over all the ingredients you need to get a meeting and secure a new partnership. 

Corporate Partnerships have grown rapidly at Black Dog Institute (400% in just one year) and Tasman is eager to share his experience and insight with other corporate partnership specialists.  

He’ll address all the big questions and issues: 

  • Who do you target? 
  • How to activate your board to help 
  • How do you get in the room? 
  • All the steps you need to take to prepare for your meeting  
  • The first 90 seconds – it could all be over if you don’t get this right
  • How to tell your story in a comprehensive and compelling way that is about them, not just you  
  • Why you need powerful imagery 
  • What questions should you be asking? The right questions will make all the difference! 
  • What problem are you solving for the corporate? Or who are they and what do they need? 
  • How will you get their employees on board and involved? 
  • What will your impact be and how will you relate it to them? 

Tasman will then take you through the steps you need to elevate an existing relationship from a $50k to a $1 million partnership. 

Come ready to develop and deliver your NFP’s elevator pitch! Plus, you’ll workshop lots of ideas with the help of your peers and guidance from Tasman.


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Presenter: TASMAN CASSIM, Head of Partnerships, Black Dog Institute

Tasman is passionate about bringing the for-purpose and for-profit sectors together to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.  He spent 20 years in the corporate world before moving to the NFP sector to help some of Australia’s leading charities get ‘corporate ready’.  


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DAY 2 - Wednesday 19 October

How to create a successful and inspiring Major Donor program (on a shoestring)

Are you struggling to connect with major donors? Do you want to identify key strategies, concepts and tactics that will inspire your major and high value donors to care and support your cause?  

Meet Branden, CEO of Rainforest Rescue, and Karl from Marlin Communications who, together, created an inspiring and engaging major donor campaign that smashed its target by more than 42% and raised $567,871 from 104 major donors. 

The money raised from Rainforest Rescue’s Daintree Nursery Appeal will significantly increase tree production from 12,000 to 150,000 trees per year. The flow-on effect of the campaign has been astounding. It has helped to secure ongoing funding of operations from foundations and create other partnerships in the Daintree area. In time, this project will also create jobs and more opportunities for Traditional Owners, and it is expected that profits from the nursery will fund future fundraising and expansion. 

Key lessons in the session will include: 

  • A framework to use for creating distinctive materials that inspire and connect with major donors. 
  • Understanding the difference between project-based and issues-based approaches to attracting high value donors. 
  • How to translate major donor fundraising concepts into practice
  • How to engage more deeply with major and high value donors.

Branden and Karl will show you how any organisation can (and should!) use their simple but highly effective approach for major donor programs and their related campaigns. 


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Co-presenter: BRANDEN BARBER, CEO, Rainforest Rescue

Branden has over 15 years of experience working as a professional fundraiser, having run the fundraising programs for Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch. He is now CEO at Rainforest Rescue, striving to grow the organisation and extend its programs through effective fundraising and engagement. Rainforest Rescue is a leading conversation organisation in Australia with a focus on the world’s most ancient rainforest, the Daintree. 


Co-presenter: KARL TISCHLER, Founder and Managing Director, Marlin Communications

Karl is an experienced designer, storyteller and presenter. He is founder if one of Australia’s largest agencies serving the for-purpose sector – and the instigator of the company’s focus on ethical and sustainable business practises. 

Karl has more than 15 years’ experience working in the mid-value, major-donor and high-value donor space. His insights are invaluable and the combination of strategies and tactics he has helped implement have proven to work for a wide range of Australian and overseas organisations.  

He is a passionate activist and alumni of the Australian Progress Fellowship. Karl believes that every organisation in the for-purpose sector warrants his best efforts, and his sole purpose is to ensure that his agency delivers the most inspiring and most effective creative work to the sector that deserves it most.


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From major gifts to mega-gifts – raising the donor ambition

Would you like to move a major donor from a $25k to a $1million gift? That’s exactly what Monash University did. 

As part of their major philanthropic campaign, the development team decided to look at existing major donors and philanthropic partners and explore how they could raise those donors’ ambitions to make a transformational gift. 

Working closely with and through key stakeholders who added weight and gravitas, the team demonstrated the significant impact of transformational gifts for both the university and donor.  

They took major donors on a more personal, strategic and structured journey that showed them why and how they could “Change it. For good”.      

Learn all about their strategy with two great case studies on raising donor ambition: 

  • How they moved a Trust & Foundation from a $100k gift to a $1million gift 
  • How they moved an individual donor from a $25k gift to a $1 million+ gift

Join Lisa Mitchell and Heather Little who will share best practice insights and key learnings from the frontline of major gift fundraising. 


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Lisa Mitchell, Director Development – University, Monash University

Lisa joined Monash University in 2013 and since 2021 has been responsible for all major and principal gift fundraising at the university. Lisa began her career in journalism and moved to the nonprofit sector as the inaugural Development Manager at Queensland Theatre. She has undertaken a range of challenging, yet rewarding, marketing, communications, and fundraising roles within the arts, not-for-profit and higher education sectors, including the Australian National Academy of Music, the ABC, Opera Queensland and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. 

Lisa is passionate about creating sustainable and long-term impact through philanthropy and partnerships.

Heather Little, Deputy Director Development – Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Monash University

Heather began her fundraising career at The Vegetarian Society in the UK and has held roles at The Woodland Trust, the RNLI, and Blue Cross.                  

After relocating to Australia in 2018, Heather joined the development team at Monash University. A values driven, professional relationship-based fundraiser and philanthropy expert, Heather has a proven track record of delivering transformational philanthropic income (major, principal and mega gifts) to support the university’s inaugural philanthropic fundraising campaign – Change It. For Good.

In 2021, Heather completed a Masters degree in Philanthropic Studies through the UK Centre for Philanthropy (University of Kent) and is a Board Director of the global charity SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.


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Major donors: where does the gold really lie?

Finding new donors is often the priority for nonprofit boards and leadership. What if the real opportunity, the real gold to grow fundraising income, lies not in the BRW Rich 200 list, but with your existing donors? Those donors who have already shown they like you through their support, but now want a reason to love you!  

Nic Capp will show you how one of Australia’s oldest organisations, the Bible Society Australia, went from year-on-year donor attrition, to donor retention that created sustained financial growth and improved relationships with major donors who have become true partners in the Bible Society’s mission. 

Find out how donor retention at Bible Society Australia grew from 60% to 90%, donor income grew by 35%, and ROI has consistently improved over the past five years. Learn how Nic and his team then nurtured their donors to receive two transformational donations of $1 million-plus. 

Nic will share 10 lessons from the Bible Society’s transformational journey with their major donors – lessons that will motivate and inspire your major donor program.  

A word of caution! You will require a good dose of perseverance, resilience and accountability to make this work! Are you up for the challenge to find where the gold really lies? 


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Presenter: NIC CAPP, National Manager Donor Care, Bible Society Australia

Nic has worked in major donor fundraising for 20 years across four organisations and prior to that he enjoyed roles in sales in the grocery industry for 10 years. 

He has run his own Major Donor consultancy which worked with some of Australia’s largest nonprofits to develop their major donor programs.

Driven by relationships which bring joy to the donor and resources to the organisation they support, Nic is passionate about major donor fundraising and the role it plays as part of an organisation’s mission. 

He believes a successful major donor program requires the right systems, processes and organisational buy-in to produce great outcomes for both the organisation and their donors.

Nic has authored several articles in industry publications covering major donors, bequests and advisory boards, as well as researching why major donors give.


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Let’s talk about giving vehicles! Insights and fund-winning tips from four philanthropic leaders who wear both Grants & Giving Circle hats

Grant funders and giving circles – what similarities do they share, how are they different and how do you win their support?   

In this panel discussion we hear from four leaders in the nonprofit and philanthropic space who, between them, have 81 years’ experience in fundraising, grant management, giving circle leadership and philanthropic research.  

Gail Rodgers (Geelong Community Foundation and Philanthropy 500), Genevieve Fraser (The Fraser Foundation and Women & Change), Rikki Andrews (Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and Impact100 Melbourne) and Stacey Thomas (The Wyatt Trust, Foundation SA and Philanthropy Australia) will join in an illuminating discussion that includes: 

  • How grants and giving circles are similar, how they’re different and what are the benefits of both  
  • Let’s get (them) motivated – what engages grant funders and giving circle donors and how to tap into this effectively
  • 5 minutes in an elevator – how to sell your why, what, how and need to today’s busy grant and giving circle manager
  • Top tips and no-no’s – advice for winning funding applications and how to avoid mistakes that will send your ask straight to the ‘no’ pile
  • Pitch perfect – your giving circle application has been shortlisted, now what?
  • Reporting-back – how to communicate the impact and show the love when there’s a grant or giving circle manager between you and the trust/donor.  

Whether your nonprofit is big or small, there is something here for everyone. From advice for securing grassroots funding from giving circles, through to the key ingredients of major grant funding for charity giants, in this session you will hear from some of the most experienced and knowledgeable players in the field.  


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Panellist: GAIL RODGERS, CEO, Geelong Community Foundation

Gail oversees the Geelong Community Foundation’s grants program which, in 2022, distributed $1.26 million to community, health, arts, environment and research programs in Geelong and surrounding areas. As part of her role, Gail also manages the foundation’s P500 Fund – a giving circle that makes powerful use of donations by channeling them into grants and an endowment fund. Gail has also held positions at the Ministerial Council for Volunteers, Volunteering Geelong, the Ford Motor Company’s Corporate Citizenship program, and United Way Geelong. 


Panellist: GENEVIEVE FRASER, Director, Fraser Foundation

Genevieve is a Director at the Fraser Foundation which supports, amongst other cause areas, programs that address basic social needs in both Australia and overseas. She is also Co-founder and Chair of the Queensland-based Women & Change giving circle, Chair of the Rural and Remote Mental Health board, an ambassador for OzHarvest, and a former board member of the nonprofit, Pathways to Resilience. Genevieve began her career in government media and communications roles.  

Panellist: RIKKI ANDREWS, General Manager of Fund Development, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Rikki is General Manager of Fund Development at the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, which granted $12 million in FY21 to education, employment, environment, community, homelessness and housing programs. She has enjoyed philanthropic roles at Deakin University, the Ian Potter Foundation, Gandel Foundation, and Equity Trustees whilst acting as Foundation Advisor for the Fouress Foundation and the Loti and Victor Smorgon Family Foundation for over 10 years. Rikki is a Founding Committee Member of the Impact100Melbourne giving circle. She has also lectured in Grantmaking, Fundraising and Corporate Social Investment at Swinburne University of Technology.  

Panellist: STACEY THOMAS, CEO, Wyatt Trust and Foundation SA

Stacey is the CEO of both The Wyatt Trust – who work to challenge inequality and eradicate poverty for South Australians by providing support through grants – and Foundation SA, an exciting new community foundation working with individuals, families, foundations, corporates, government, and nonprofits. She is a former member of the organising and grants committees for the Impact100 South Australia giving circle. Stacey is also a Director of Philanthropy Australia. 


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You can acquire major donors through cold online acquisition and the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research will show you how

With an appetite for risk and a willingness to trial new ways of fundraising, the Perkins has proven it’s possible to acquire major donor prospects from a cold digital campaign. 

Earlier this year, the Perkins made a commitment to protect the future of medical research by supporting and protecting early to mid-career researchers – a crucial stage where careers often succumb to financial pressures and family commitments.  

The Safe Harbour Giving Circle comprises three-year, fully funded fellowships and a fighting fund to help researchers with incremental costs such as conference attendance or publication costs.  

To fund this initiative, the Perkins approached Donor Republic with the idea of doing a digital two-step campaign aimed at recruiting new major donors interested in dipping their toes into the wonderful world of philanthropy.  

Donor Republic developed three initial ideas: a digital fact sheet, a philanthropy guide and an online survey. The Perkins decided to test all three, as well as a direct (significant) ask at tax time.  

Early results were outstanding. The digital fact sheet generated significant leads at a low CPL and a good conversion rate. But then came some not so healthy results and a change in plans. Committed to ensuring that Safe Harbour is sustainable and develops a fan base that will continue to invest in young researchers, the Perkins forged ahead – and the results are fascinating. 

Join the fundraisers behind this work as they share campaign results, costs, results and learnings from this first-of-its kind fundraising campaign. 


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Co-presenter: PAIGE GIBBS, Chief Development Manager, The Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research

Paige joined the Perkins at the end of 2017 after nine years as the inaugural Executive Manager of Marketing, Fundraising and Communications for RSPCA NSW. Paige is a previous F&P Magazine Mover and Shaker and was voted one of the Top 50 CMOs in Australia in 2016. At the Perkins she has led the team to numerous nominations and awards including the Most Outstanding Fundraising Project in 2019 and Best Supporter Experience at the 2021 FIA National Awards for Excellence in Fundraising.

Co-presenter: SHELLEY MASON, Key Relationships Manager, The Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research

With a background in major gift stewardship, capital campaigns and bequest fundraising, Shelley joined the Perkins in late 2020 as Key Relationships Manager (Major Gifts) after spending almost 10 years at The University of Notre Dame Australia. She is credited with leading Notre Dame’s $3 Million Campaign for The Churack Chair of Chronic Pain Education and Research. Shelley thrives on creating personalised engagement strategies for key supporters.  

Co-presenter: ASHLEIGH YARDY, Digital Fundraising Strategist, Donor Republic

Ashleigh is responsible for devising and implementing digital fundraising campaigns for some of Australia’s best-known charities. With 10 years of nonprofit and public sector experience in Australia and the UK, Ashleigh works across digital fundraising and engagement, with a focus on 2 Step campaigns. Passionate about social justice and creating a fairer world for all, Ashleigh helps organisations to create fundraising campaigns which have real-world positive outcomes. 




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“The old story is a story of measurement. And the new story is to bring measurement and meaning together.” The why, what and how of impact measurement

‘Impact measurement’ – you’ve probably heard of it and it’s likely you’ve been asked for it. But why does it matter (especially in a fundraising context), what should you measure, and how do you measure it?  

In this session – packed with valuable insights and tips for nonprofits of any size – you’ll hear from impact measurement expert, Rob Haggett. He’ll explain: 

  • ‘Theory of change’, ‘impact measurement’, and ‘outcomes measurement’ – what do these terms mean and how do they differ from each other?  
  • Why impact measurement matters, particularly in a fundraising context
  • Starting with the WHY and the WHO. ‘WHY does your organisation do the work that it does?’ and ‘WHO do you create value for?’ – setting the scene for how and why NFPs should put their theory of change and impact measurement at the forefront of their strategy 
  • Measuring what matters and how to avoid biting off more than you can chew – what to measure according to the size of your organisation and resources  
  • How to take the measurement data and turn it into compelling communications  
  • Examples and cases studies from organisations with different approaches to impact measurement 

No matter which area of major giving you work in – major donors, trusts & foundations, corporate giving or gifts-in-wills – this session has something for you. Because every donor wants to know they’re making a difference.  


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Presenter: ROB HAGGETT, Board Member, Pocket City Farms and Head of Mobilising Capital, Social Impact Hub

Rob wears more than one hat! He is a Board Member of Pocket City Farms – a social enterprise and charity in the heart of Sydney, focused on fair food, community and education. He also works for impact measurement consultancy, the Social Impact Hub, where he is currently working as Program Manager of the NSW Department of Communities and Justice’s Social Sector Transformation Fund (SSTF), a $50 million program to support the social and health sector.

Through his 11+ years of impact measurement experience, he has worked on impact projects with Deloitte, the Westpac Foundation, Paul Ramsay Foundation, MinterEllison and Impact Investing Australia. Recent projects have included Colombo Social, Dymocks Children’s Charities, APY Art Centre Collective and Hotel Etico. 


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Inside a remarkable award-winning capital campaign 

In a provincial region in New Zealand, the Hawkes Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust had never received a donation before it launched a capital campaign to fund the initial stages of a community health and wellbeing facility.  

What started as a campaign with a NZ$6-$8M target rapidly grew as it became apparent that the clarity of vision and opportunity would effectively address urgent unmet needs in the community. The campaign has now raised close to NZ$20 million, with multiple seven figure sums received from key local supporters and similar levels from giving from national and international supporters. 

The remarkable fundraising achievement won the 2021 Fundraising Institute of New Zealand High Value Campaign award and resulted in the New Zealand Government providing an additional $32M grant for the next stage of development.  

Find out how this new organisation with no pre-existing donors achieved incredible fundraising success that featured major donors, local and national funders, local businesses, international corporates, local service organisations and people in the community who understood the need to support a vision for intergenerational improvements to health and wellbeing in the region. 

The vision was complex, the risk of tokenism high, but with a passionate leader in Sir Graeme Avery and the right guidance, Hawkes Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust navigated a high stakes campaign, relentlessly pursuing their goal, reworking strategies to meet increased targets and dealing with pushbacks and rejections along the way. 

From an initial conversation in 2016 to a fully operational community centre that welcomes thousands of people today, find out exactly how Hawkes Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust pulled off this award-winning campaign. 


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Presenter: CLIVE PEDLEY, Director & Chief Executive, Giving Architects

Clive has been advising, coaching and training for growth in the social purpose sector in New Zealand and Australia since 2000. During that time, he has been responsible for raising tens of millions for many of New Zealand’s leading charities. He is well regarded as a thought leader, an informed, enthusiastic practitioner and practical presenter.  

Clive was President of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) from 2011 to 2013, a member of the FINZ National Council from 2009 to 2015, and was named a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand in May 2014. 

He was the first New Zealander appointed to the Board of CFRE International in 2014. In December 2015 Clive was appointed to the International Advisory Panel of the Rogare Think Tank on international fundraising ethics, and Giving Architects are now an Associate Member of Rogare supporting their work in Australasia. 

In 2017 Clive was appointed to the Responsible Investment Association of Australia Impact Investment Forum committee and has been directly involved in establishing New Zealand’s inaugural Impact Investment Advisory Board. 

In 2021 Giving Architects was established in Australia through Founding Partner, Nigel Harris. The Giving Architects Australia team is working on multiple campaigns in Australia and work closely with Clive and the Giving Architects group on achieving great client outcomes. 


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Evolution or Revolution? Sharpening focus and structural re-alignment toward impact and results in the fundraising team 

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has undergone a major restructure of its programs and teams over the last five years. Led by the Gardens’ Executive Director of Engagement and Impact, Robin Penty, that restructure has delivered a 40% increase in major gifts, 400% increase in program participation and a 700% uplift in gifts-in-wills since 2018.  

Robin will reflect on how the Gardens got to where they are today, what they’ve learned, and ways to leverage these insights in an evolving pandemic recovery environment. She will be joined by one of the Gardens’ major patrons, who has observed the changes at close hand and become a dynamic advocate. 

Robin will reflect upon ways to approach change management, communicate vision and re-align an organisation toward increased fundraising revenue and donor engagement.  

Specifically, Robin will discuss:  

  • Why you must constantly revisit, reinterrogate and redevelop your value proposition and how the Gardens did just that. 
  • How the Gardens overhauled their communications and messaging. 
  • How they made structural change to their team and why this is crucial – because if you don’t get roles and interdependencies right, you could fail before you even start. 
  • How they involved their peers in non-fundraising roles and made them feel part of the change.

Robin will also address the strategic role of the fundraiser. We’ve lived and worked through a global pandemic – a ‘Black Swan’ event – our donors have changed and so must we. Robin will explain why we need to be far more strategic, how we can change, what we need to be more effective in our roles, and how we must evolve and reinvent ourselves as organisational leaders to meet better meet the needs of our causes and donors. 

You will leave this session with strategic insight into the reinvention of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and how that could be applied to your own organisation. And you’ll see your own role and team in an exciting and visionary new light.


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Presenter: ROBIN PENTY, Executive Director, Engagement and Impact, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Robin is a respected and creative cultural leader with expertise in restructuring public and donor programs, business development and philanthropic fundraising within four national, for purpose and cultural organisations. In the past 15 years Robin has specialised in in change management and partnerships, developing and instilling leadership, creativity, vision and ambition in teams that have worked according to the “we’ve always done it this way” ethos. She has also worked extensively in strategic communications, project development and community participation. 

For Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Robin has led an impactful agenda that’s raised >$60 million in revenue over five years, producing multiple sold-out major events, new digital visitor experiences and tours, home-brand products, books and partnerships, whilst increasing brand awareness through vibrant Gardens’ campaigns, media and advocacy twice winning Gold for Major Tourism Attraction in the Victorian Tourism Awards and a recent Gold Winner in the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.


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How to earn the trust in trust-based philanthropy  

At Equity Trustees, philanthropists are taken on a journey of strategic and personal discovery to help them understand what their giving motivations are, what causes they care about and how they want to give. From there, they can identify causes that are values-aligned and build long-lasting philanthropic relationships built on trust.    

So, what can you do to ensure your organisation is positioned well when speaking with a philanthropist or an intermediary (such as Equity Trustees)? And, once you’ve been successful in securing funding, how can you earn the ongoing trust of a donor?   

Denise Cheng is here to answer those questions and more. She’ll provide valuable insights from her role as an intermediary, which will help you understand what’s important to funders.  

In this session Denise will discuss:   

  • The philanthropists of today – who they are, what they care about and what the next generation of philanthropists look like  
  • The elevator pitch – how you can sell your for-purpose organisation, especially to time-poor intermediaries and philanthropists!   
  • Trust-based philanthropy – what is it and how does it help you (spoiler alert: it can mean more untied funding, multi-year gifts and less reporting…)  
  • Stewardship – it’s a critical part of trust-based philanthropy. Learn how to get it right.   

If your role and for-purpose organisation is invested in securing the support of major donors or structured giving vehicles, then this session is for you.   


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Presenter: DENISE CHENG, Relationship Manager – Philanthropy, Equity Trustees.

At Equity Trustees Denise supports individuals and families on their philanthropic giving journey as part of a team that distributes approximately $100 million annually to Australia’s for-purpose sector. Before joining Equity Trustees, Denise flourished in Partnerships Manager roles for The Reach Foundation and the YWCA. She is also a board member for Dress for Success Sydney. Denise’s “why” is to support others, so they are empowered to be the best version of themselves. She loves “connecting the dots” to make incredible things happen! 


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What philanthropists and grant makers are looking for – best practice engagement and stewardship 

What are the intentions of families, individuals and companies when establishing a philanthropic entity? What are their key objectives in finding partners and grantees? 

Three funders from a philanthropic foundation, a corporate foundation and a philanthropic advisory firm will share their wealth of knowledge. Join Lea-Anne Bradley, CEO of The John Villiers Trust; Lisa Grinham, CEO of St.George Foundation, Bank of Melbourne Foundation and BankSA Foundation; Julia Steele Scott, CEO of JM Philanthropy; and Jo Garner, Founder and Director of Strategic Grants as they discuss: 

  • Giving trends in FY22 and how those trends may evolve in 2023 
  • The growth and trajectory of PAFs and sub-funds 
  • How foundations evolved through COVID and natural disasters in terms of their giving and relationships with grantees, and how these challenges have impacted them 

You’ll learn these key lessons: 

  • The outcomes and impact reporting they want to see from grantees 
  • Example of their most successful partnerships and why they worked 
  • Top tips for delegates on what not to do in engagement and stewardship with funders

Packed with practical tips, this session is a must for fundraisers looking to establish and maintain partnerships with philanthropic and corporate funders. 


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Co-presenter: LEA-ANNE, BRADLEY, CEO, The John Villiers Trust

 Lea-Anne joined The John Villiers Trust as CEO in September 2020. She is a highly experienced philanthropic professional who has over 20 years’ experience in the sector across both fundraising and charitable trust management. Lea-Anne has worked extensively across fundraising, capital campaigns, major gifts programs and strategy for the charitable sector within youth, education, conservation and international development.  

Her experience working for State Trustees, the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, Equity Trustees and The John Villiers Trust enables her to draw on deep knowledge in implementation, management and process improvements within the philanthropic and grant-making space across a range of philanthropic vehicles.

She holds a Master’s degree in Social Investment and Philanthropy and has served as a committee and board member for charities within the cultural, education and disabilities sectors. 


Co-presenter: LISA GRINHAM, CEO, St. George Foundation

As CEO of the St.George Foundation, Bank of Melbourne Foundation and BankSA Foundation, Lisa is driven by a desire to build a more giving society. Prior to this role, Lisa was the CEO of Good2Give for 11 years, digitally transforming the organisation through the development of market leading technology platforms and partnerships, resulting in charitable donations growing from $5 million to $30 million annually.

Lisa has held corporate leadership roles with 3M, Optus and Aussie Home Loans and ran her own business consulting firm for nine years. She has served on the boards of Daystar Foundation and ShareGift Australia and is currently Board President of International Women’s Forum Australia.

Lisa is passionate about the role businesses can play in making charitable giving a part of everyday life, as well as empowering and connecting women with purpose to lead a better world for us all to work, live and play in. 


Co-presenter: JULIA STEELE SCOTT, CEO, JM Philanthropy

Julia leads JM Philanthropy and Grant Toolbox  and is a CEO for several foundations. She also acts as a Trustee for a number of these foundations, sits on the Board of Pembroke School and chairs the Pembroke School Foundation.  She is a founding member of Impact100 SA and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

Julia previously acted in senior roles with Philanthropy Australia and works to help for-purpose organisations, foundations and corporates make a difference through tailored advice and access to best-practice technology through Grant Toolbox Grants Management software.   

With a background in general management and a strong client focus, based on good relationships, she is passionate about encouraging the growth of giving at all levels. 

Julia holds a Master of Business Administration and an Associate Diploma in Accounting. 


Co-presenter: JO GARNER, Founder and Director, Strategic Grants 

 Jo leads a passionate team dedicated to working collaboratively with for-purpose organisations to build their capacity and secure grant funding to deliver vital projects to achieve their mission. Jo works directly with both funders and fund-seekers to enable more effective grant-making through ensuring grant guidelines, application and reporting forms are best capturing the information and outcomes that a particular funder wants to achieve. And then translating that into training for the organisations applying.   

In addition to strong communication skills, her key experience and strengths lie in the ability to apply strategic thinking and solutions to the challenges faced by the for-purpose sector. Jo loves working with leadership teams to help them develop the right solution to build their capacity and sustainability.   

Jo is a regular presenter at key fundraising and philanthropy conferences and is known for her engaging training techniques and facilitation of strategic planning workshops.   


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DAY 3 - Wednesday 19 October

A corporate relationship done right – how StreetSmart’s partnership with Sheridan raised $1.15 million for homelessness 

In 2018, luxury linen company, Sheridan, were on the search for a charity partner. StreetSmart Australia’s ‘funds stay local’ model aligned with their desire to have a local approach across the communities in which their stores were located.    

What evolved was the SleepSafe initiative – a campaign that has raised $1,149,400 through online and in-store donations, provided 76,000 sleep kits to people in need, and helped 491 local community organisations that offer homelessness support. So how has this partnership had so much impact over just three campaigns? StreetSmart CEO, Geoff Hills, is here to tell us. 

In this session, Geoff will discuss: 

  • Values alignment – how StreetSmart and Sheridan identified it and how you can too 
  • How to create partnership activity that works – it made sense that Sheridan’s support focuses on safe sleep; what makes sense for your prospective corporate partners?
  • Setting partnership goals – how to set joint targets that helps all parties reach for the sky
  • Logistics – who is responsible for what tasks in a corporate partnership and how to ensure you stay on track 
  • Impact – funds raised, people helped, expenses saved… What have StreetSmart and Sheridan used as their measurement of impact and how do they share the good news?
  • Longevity – three years and going strong; what’s the secret to StreetSmart and Sheridan’s ongoing collaboration?
  • Other examples of StreetSmart corporate partnerships – including how to secure in-kind support  


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Presenter: GEOFF HILLS, CEO, StreetSmart Australia

StreetSmart Australia is a Melbourne-based charity that supports homelessness-focused nonprofits across Australia. Over the past 20 years, StreetSmart has distributed over $9.4 million to more than 900 grassroots community partners. Before StreetSmart, Geoff was based at Conservation Volunteers Australia. His energy and ambition comes from ensuring that vulnerable people have a voice, lessening misconceptions and connecting the next generation to social impact. To read more about Geoff, click here. 


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How to pitch and win corporate partnerships 

Corporates must champion social purpose – their customers demand it. But many of them don’t know what to do. That’s where your charity comes in. Corporates need you to help them. And to understand how you can help them, you’ll probably have to pitch your cause.  

Yes, pitching and presenting to corporates can be daunting. But with some practical tips and a strategic mindset, it can be a powerful way to secure a new corporate partner. 

Tasman Cassim is here to guide you. He has been in many boardrooms over the years and in just 12 months he and his team at Black Dog Institute increased corporate partnerships by 400%. 

Tasman will cover topics such as: 

  • Why the first 3 minutes are the most important 
  • How to lead the conversation and be the expert in the room the organisation feels comfortable with 
  • The right questions to ask  
  • Getting clear on your USP 
  • Your NFP’s ‘why’, and why that matters 
  • Connecting the human emotion of your cause 
  • The difference in pitching online vs in person
  • How to structure your slides

This session will help corporate partnership specialists feel confident in pitching their cause and be able to clearly articulate why they are the best NFP for the partnership.   


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Presenter: TASMAN CASSIM, Head of Partnerships, Black Dog Institute

Tasman is passionate about bringing the for purpose and for profit sectors together to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.  He spent 20 years in the corporate world before moving to the nonprofit space to help some of Australia’s leading charities get ‘corporate ready’. 



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We’re in the midst of an 80’s revival. Kate Bush is STILL running up that Hill, Top Gun is tops AGAIN, sequins & shoulder pads have returned to the catwalk and Cause Related Marketing is back with a bang. 

Discover the evolution of Cause Related Marketing since its birth in 1983, why it’s such a powerful and lucrative form of partnership, the part-timers and the permanents, the big income generators, and the message disseminators. Featuring examples from Kit Kat, Glen 20, Green Nation, Me Bank and a deeper dive into Prickly Moses Beer, Woolworths & Koala Beds. The dos, and don’ts, and lessons learned by the speakers. Do you need to be a popular or well-known brand to forge a CRM? What are the opportunities – and risks? All will be revealed. All guests will receive a free infographic ‘The Magnificent 7 Mandate for CRM Mastery’. 


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Co-presenter: GEORGIA MCINTOSH, Co-Founder & Communications Whizz,® 

Georgia is Marketing & Communications specialist, and Co-Founder of®, an online program that upskills non-profits in the mastery of corporate partnerships. It gets results –multi-million-dollar partnerships for Conservation Volunteers, Bully Zero, School Fun Run, Fred Hollows, Oxfam, PetRescue, CareFlight, Greening Australia, Heart Foundation to name just a few. 

Georgia has a Bachelor in Professional Communications and a Masters in International Development. She loves to travel and discover new cultures, and has toured Japan, India & Morocco. She has a pet dog named Indie and a goat called Meg (and yes, they do butt heads). 


Co-presenter: SALLY PHELPS, Marketing & Media Director, Koala Beds

Sally is a digital marketing specialist, who has spent 15 years leading teams in global advertising agencies delivering campaigns for SEEK, Snooze, Holden and MYOB.  She is Marketing & Media Director of Koala (beds), an Aussie start-up that has purpose at its core – being a B-Corp and a part of the 1% for the Planet movement. Sally is an Advisory Board member to®, and has created some rigorous market-proven tools for the program. 

Sally believes the influence and& reach that Cause Related Marketing can provide, when harnessed, has the potential to create significant social change. Sally loves podcasts, chilled Riesling and a good British drama. She hates – absolutely hates – spiders.  

Co-presenter: LIZZIE CORKE, OAM, Chief Executive Conservation Ecology Centre 

For almost two decades Lizzie has led the team at the Conservation Ecology Centre, a non-profit dedicated to protecting, understanding and restoring the ecosystems of the Otways. She is a dynamic social entrepreneur, recently raising $12m to build a new ecotourism social enterprise called Wildlife Wonders. She has nurtured a partnership with Otway Brewing (Prickly Moses), for the last nine years and has won numerous awards for her business and environmental achievements. 

She has a soft spot for thoroughbreds with emotional baggage and is married to a champion ploughman. 

Co-presenter: LISA CHENG, Executive Director, Marketing & Fundraising, Lifeline Australia 

Lisa has been at the helm of the income generating team at Lifeline Australia for 3 ½ years. She has previously held senior roles at Camp Quality, Royal Rehab Foundation, Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.  She is a seasoned and accomplished fundraiser and has built numerous corporate partnerships across many years. She believes that brand-aligned corporate partnerships and CRM campaigns have the enormous potential to reach new audiences and break down the stigma of mental illness and encourage help-seeking behaviour. She oversees partnerships with Barbeques Galore, rebel and Woolworths. 


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How two iconic Aussie brands found the perfect match 

What makes a great charity-corporate partnership? For the Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at Red Nose Australia, Rachel Bailey, it’s about going beyond the financials and delivering on three core pillars: 

  1. Fundraising
  2. Mission
  3. Brand

This trifecta is the “sweet spot” for corporate partnerships says Rachel. 

Together, two iconic Aussie brands have achieved this trifecta. For more than 30 years, Red Nose has been saving little lives, their research and awareness campaigns reducing Sudden Infant Death by 85%. For more than 100 years, Bonds has been a staple of Australian wardrobes.  

Tapping into aligned values and audiences has brought real value to both partners, and to parents and infants across Australia. 

Rachel will walk you through the partnership and explain how the fundraising, education and brand teams at Red Nose come together to support the partnership.  

There will also be some big news to share on how they plan to expand their partnership to include a third Aussie icon… 


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Presenter: RACHEL BAILEY, Director of Marketing, Communications and Fundraising, Red Nose Australia 

Rachel is a certified fundraising and marketing professional with over 22 years’ experience, having worked in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. She is passionate about engaging with supporters and enjoys working across the many different facets of fundraising and communications. 

Rachel commenced at Red Nose in January 2022. She is responsible for raising funds and delivering marketing and communications activities to support Red Nose’s world-class research, lifesaving education programs, and vital bereavement support services. 

Prior to her role at Red Nose, Rachel was Director of Fundraising and Marketing at The Nature Conservancy and Fundraising Manager at Cancer Council NSW. 


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A new frontier of corporate philanthropy – what NAB and the GivingLarge report can tell us about the future of corporate giving and how your nonprofit can leverage it.  

Corporate giving has reached new heights, with the annual contribution from Australian businesses now estimated to be more than $5 billion.  

Companies give back for myriad reasons and, in the period of deep reflection following the onset of COVID-19, understand that customers and employees want to align with businesses who are agents of change.  

So, how does your nonprofit get a piece of the corporate giving pie? What motivates businesses to give? In what ways and how much are they giving? How can you get your foot in the door and give your nonprofit the best chance of securing long-term corporate support?  

Jarrod Miles, author of the GivingLarge report – an annual research initiative that draws attention to Australian corporate giving – will begin this session by sharing the big picture of what’s happening in Australian corporate philanthropy. Trust us, it’s huge and the potential is limitless.  

He’ll be joined by NAB’s Laura Cochrane, who will share insights from the bank’s extensive philanthropy program which, to date, has distributed $64.6 billion in community partnerships, donations, grants, in-kind support and volunteering alongside funding provided by the NAB Foundation ($1.2 million in FY21).  

In this session you’ll learn about:  

  • Trends and growth in Australian corporate philanthropy – who is giving, how much are they giving, where are the funds directed, how much is the giving growing and who’s leading the charge with new ways of giving 
  • Corporate motivations – what matters to NAB and why. Understanding how corporates choose their area of philanthropic focus  
  • How to be values-aligned – how the NAB group strategy shapes its philanthropic strategy, why you should really understand a corporate’s overarching goals, and how your nonprofit’s strategy, purpose, intended impact and audience should align with them
  • How to get in front of a corporate and shine – why relationships and introductions are so important and tips for what to include in your application/pitch to give your nonprofit the best chance of securing corporate support   
  • It’s more than just the dollars – NAB’s many giving vehicles and how to think outside the box when offering corporates engagement opportunities 
  • Measuring, reporting, stewardship – top tips for demonstrating value and impact to corporate partners  
  • The future of corporate philanthropy – what will happen next   

The session will cover big trends and big numbers, but there’s something in this session for nonprofits large and small – if you want to understand more about where Australia’s corporate giving is headed and you think your organisation should be a part of it, then we’ll see you there!  


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Co-presenter: LAURA COCHRANE, Head of Strategic Giving, NAB 

Laura is Head of Strategic Giving at NAB, a role she job shares with Lucy Doyle.  

Starting her career as a journalist, Laura spent six years as a financial reporter for Institutional Investor and Bloomberg in Australia, the UK and the US before moving into corporate communications – including for NAB – which eventually led her to the bank’s Social Impact team.  

Laura is responsible for philanthropy at NAB, including the NAB Foundation and all employee volunteering and giving programs. She uses her passions for collaboration, sharp storytelling and social impact to shape decisions that connect corporate resources to better social and environmental outcomes.


Co-presenter: JARROD MILES, Co-founder, Strive Philanthropy 

Strive Philanthropy is an organisation dedicated to highlighting the remarkable philanthropic efforts of corporate Australia. Strive releases the annual GivingLarge report, an important piece of research aimed at drawing attention to corporate Australia’s efforts in giving to our community. GivingLarge is supported by Philanthropy Australia and is used as a reliable source for the AFR’s Top Corporate Givers list each year.  

Jarrod draws upon considerable experience working across various corporate and nonprofit roles and gaining first-hand experience and understanding of the impact that corporate giving can have on both the community and the business itself. 


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When three’s not a crowd: The Red Cross – Save the Children – QBE tri-partnership and what it teaches us about collaboration 

When QBE Insurance opened an expression of interest for a nonprofit to join their QBE Disaster Relief and Resilience Partnership in 2019, they made an unusual move; they asked applicants Save the Children and the Red Cross to come together in partnership with them. 

What followed was four months of consultation that resulted in a 3-year global partnership which, to date, has helped to provide emergency relief and disaster resilience in more than 17 countries in response to floods, hurricanes, bushfires, war and the pandemic (to name just a few areas of support).  

So what does this ‘tri-partnership’ look like? What does QBE give and get back? How is the relationship managed? What have been the learnings along the way? Belle Gallop (Red Cross), Lauren Drewett (Save the Children) and Lauren Hicks (QBE) are here to let you know.  

They will discuss: 

  • Understanding corporate motivations – why did QBE want to give back and how did they want to do it?  
  • The beginnings… first impressions count – what are organisations like QBE looking for and how did the Red Cross and Save the Children nail it?  
  • Negotiating and consultation – that critical time before sign-off – how to plan for a winning partnership and ensure you’re exploring every opportunity  
  • Strategy – this tri-partnership is highly strategic. Belle, Lauren D and Lauren H will break down what that means  
  • Implementation – you’ve pressed go, now who’s making sure that everything in the partnership is going to plan?
  • Collaboration – what we can learn from sharing resources between nonprofits within a partnership
  • Stewardship – the tri-partnership includes best practice stewardship activities that not only keep QBE updated but enable all stakeholders to continuously improve. Belle and Lauren D break down their stewardship 101.  
  • Measurement and evaluation – how have the tri-partnership outcomes been measured and what has been learnt?  
  • Renewal… how to maintain long and loyal corporate partnerships  

Even if your organisation is small you will benefit from this session – after all, anyone involved in corporate partnerships needs to know how to master applying/pitching/negotiating, taking a strategic approach, identifying opportunities beyond the dollars, stewardship, continuous improvement and collaboration. Corporate partnership seekers – see you there!  


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Co-presenter: LAUREN HICKS, Head of Social Impact, QBE Insurance 

Lauren is passionate about contributing to social and environmental outcomes that will see future generations enjoy a life of safety, equity, and inclusion. At QBE, Lauren leads the social impact stream in the Group Sustainability team and is responsible for working with people across their global operations to embed sustainability and create impact through the QBE Foundation. In her role she is focussed on reaching the QBE Foundation’s vision to create strong, resilient and inclusive communities through strategic and impactful partnerships. 

Since 2006, her career has been focused on collaborating with organisations and stakeholders to develop and execute strategy and reporting relating to ESG, shared value, sustainability and community engagement in alignment with organisational vision, purpose and strategy. 

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Development Studies and Culture Change from Macquarie University, and a Diploma of Business Management.


Co-presenter: LAUREN DREWETT, Corporate Partnerships Manager – VIC State Lead, Save the Children 

Lauren is a social impact specialist, passionate about creating sustainable and deliberate change through partnerships for communities in Australia and around the world. She joined Save the Children in 2017 to lead their National Supporter Care Team, transitioning into the Partnerships space in early 2020. 

Prior to Save the Children, Lauren was a Campaign Manager leading high performing face-to-face Fundraising campaigns, both in the UK and Australia for Oxfam, NSPCC and Cancer Research. 

Lauren is committed to developing educated and passionate advocates that bring their financial resources and skills to help transform children’s lives.


Co-presenter: BELLE GALLOP, Partnerships Executive, Australian Red Cross 

Belle has worked within the Partnerships team at Australian Red Cross since March 2021 and is responsible for managing some of the organisation’s most strategic, local and global partnerships. In her role, Belle is focused on harnessing the power of the private sector to create social impact and meaningful societal change here in Australia and further afield. 

Before joining Australian Red Cross, Belle worked across the not-for-profit sector in both the UK and Australia. She is passionate about international development and facilitating partnerships that empower First Nations, and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.   

Belle holds a Batchelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations and a Master of Politics from the University of Manchester. 


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From zero to hero: How to build a multi-million-dollar partnership pipeline from scratch 

Not long ago, one of Australia’s oldest nonprofit organisations, Legacy Australia, did not have a single corporate partner for their centenary. A federated organisation with 45 member clubs, and a traditional, philanthropic approach to partnerships, Legacy was seen as old fashioned at best, forgotten at worst. It was a trusted brand that needed a refresh to meet the challenges of the next century. 

In just 12 months they built a corporate partnerships pipeline of $6M and secured their first corporate partner in a deal valued at $1.5M.

This is the story of how an organisation reinvented itself by galvanising around a milestone. With centenary celebrations on the horizon, Legacy found a common objective to unite its disconnected members and relaunch and reconnect with their community. 

At this session you will learn these practical lessons: 

  • How to build strategic partnerships from scratch 
  • How an ambitious approach led to multi-million-dollar commitments 
  • Why the old gold, silver, bronze tiered approach to partnerships is dead 
  • How to identify and align with the needs of corporate partners 
  • How to choose the right fit partners

If a forgotten brand can reimagine and reignite the passion for their cause, then any cause can. And any cause can learn from the brilliant example of Legacy who have sharpened their vision and told their story to win corporate partners.  


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Co-presenter: LILIANA SANELLI, Executive Producer & Director, Legacy Centenary Torch Relay and CEO, Perfect Events 

As the CEO of Perfect Events, Liliana leverages her strong network of industry professionals to deliver experiences that transcend audience expectations and generate tangible returns for her clients. Liliana is a trusted consultant, particularly in the areas of event strategy and trends, fundraising and publicity. Liliana consistently creates opportunities to have conversations that ignite positivity for the industry, her peers and followers alike. 


Co-presenter: NATALIE JONES, National Corporate Partnerships Manager, Legacy Centenary Torch Relay  

Perfect Events are the Producers of Legacy Australia’s Centenary Celebrations for 2023 and Natalie’s role is to develop strategic long-term corporate partnerships for Legacy Australia to continue to provide services to support veterans’ families past the 100-year anniversary.  

Prior to this role, Natalie was the Partnership Manager at CanTeen Aotearoa with overall responsibility for leading CanTeen’s engagement with the corporate, philanthropic, community and government sectors in New Zealand. She has previously worked in corporate roles for Volkswagen NZ and Toyota NZ. 


Co-presenters: SHARON DANN AND LINDA GARNETT, Co-founders, Stellar Partnerships

Stellar Partnerships is a specialist agency building partnerships between nonprofits and the corporate sector. They have 30+ years’ experience in fundraising, partnerships and corporate strategy. Clients range from large organisations to grassroots charities, including Beyond Blue, Red Nose, MS, headspace, The Salvation Amy, Neighbourhood Watch, and Wildlife VIC. Linda and Sharon are on a mission to inspire more partnerships and create awesome social outcomes through collaboration between corporates and non-profits. 


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Cancer Council NSW: Gifts in Wills digital acquisition and stewardship journey success

Covid brought with it large growth in the number of older Australians using digital channels, sending and receiving emails, using social media, and banking online. This presents a major opportunity for Gifts in Wills marketing and engagement, and one that Cancer Council NSW has strongly leveraged.  

Join us if you’d like to hear how the charity, in partnership with Donor Republic, have: 

  • Generated a completely new pipeline of prospects, who have no giving history, through social media 
  • Seeded, with those who do have a donor relationship, the idea of leaving a gift
  • Stewarded Gift in Will prospects based on their funnel stage through digital channels 
  • Created and implemented journey maps to engage with individuals once they have confirmed and reconfirmed to increase realisation rates.

The Cancer Council NSW has one of the most successful Gifts in Wills programs in Australia; learn how they are utilising digital channels to great success to further a number of key strategic goals and increase income over time.   


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Co-presenter: NORIYUKI MIYAMA, Marketing Specialist – Bequest and In Memory, Cancer Council NSW

 Nori has extensive marketing and communication experience both online and offline. His approach to projects and campaigns is creative, analytical, measured and logical. Nori is a figure driven person and that is why he is passionate about working in direct and online marketing where results are easily measured, and campaign performance can be continuously improved.  

The Cancer Council, where Nori has been for almost six years, was his first foray into nonprofits, having spent the previous 16 years in media and marketing roles within both Japan and Australia.  


Co-presenter: MARCUS BLEASE, Co-founder, Donor Republic

Marcus co-founded Donor Republic in 2016, and it has since grown to be one of the most sought after fundraising creative agencies in Australia, currently supporting over 50 organisations and their fundraising and campaigning efforts. Donor Republic recently won Supplier of the Year at the 2022 FIA National Awards for Fundraising Excellence. 

Prior to this Marcus worked as the General Manager of Marketing and Fundraising with Cerebral Palsy Alliance for eight years. His role encompassed fundraising, brand development and client service marketing. Over that time fundraising grew from $12m to $31m. Marcus worked in similar roles for Cancer Councils NSW and QLD. He also founded the current incarnation of the innovative social change campaign, ‘Include a Charity’ funded by 140 Australian charities to increase the number of people who leave a gift in their Will and has recently served six years on the Board of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

Co-presenter: ASHLEIGH YARDY, Digital Fundraising Specialist, Donor Republic

Ashleigh is responsible for devising and implementing digital fundraising campaigns for some of Australia’s best known charities including Ronald McDonald House Charities and Cancer Council NSW. With 10 years of nonprofit and public sector experience in Australia and the UK, Ashleigh works across digital fundraising and engagement, gifts in wills, marketing and advocacy. Passionate about social justice and creating a fairer world for all, Ashleigh helps organisations to create fundraising campaigns that have real-world positive outcomes.


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How to turn your Gifts in Wills program from passive to active  and create a sustainable fundraising stream

Wellington Free Ambulance recently went on a quest to transform its GIW program by actively recruiting bequestors.   

Join Rachel Wilson and New Zealand 2022 Fundraising Leader of the Year, Claire Carruthers, who will share how WFA stopped waiting for bequestors to show up and went looking for them instead. Discover what they learned, who they found and how gifts in wills is becoming a sustainable income stream for one of New Zealand’s most beloved charities.  

Here are some of the insights and lesson you’ll learn from Claire and Rachel.   

  • Many of your bequestors are with you already – you just have to interrogate your database. Find out how WFA did this (without reverting to a donor survey) and learn about the donors they uncovered – donors who not only went on to make bequests but also made sizeable one-off gifts.
  • Do not ignore the sandwich generation – why you need to be targeting supporters in their 40s
  • Why your Board is a critical factor to success 
  • Bequest clubs – pros and cons
  • What to ask potential bequestors
  • How to acknowledge bequestors so they become champions and advocates.  
  • Go digital – how it is becoming the fastest growing tactic for reaching potential bequestors
  • It’s not just about the bequestor – why developing good relationships with lawyers, trustees, and families is so important.  

This session is packed with actionable insights you can take straight back to your own organisation.   


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Co-presenter: CLAIRE CARRUTHERS, General Manager, Fundraising and Communications, Wellington Free Ambulance

Claire is an experienced major gift fundraiser with an extensive background in relationship management and engagement at the senior leadership and governance level. Her passion is ensuring philanthropic impact is at the heart of the leadership table as well as the strategic vision and direction. An essential component to any organisation is building diverse and sustainable income streams and lifelong partnerships with inclusivity, diversity, kindness and sustainable practices at the centre of the organisational strategy and vision.  

Her current role at Wellington Free Ambulance is as the General Manager Fundraising and Communications which sits at governance level reporting directly to the CE and Board. Claire has a track record of success in advising iconic organisations on their strategic priorities and vision by implementing fundraising and communications strategies to support the overall success of an organisation.  

Claire’s previous role was part of the leadership team at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington as the Campaign Manager for a $150 million philanthropic campaign that was launched in 2020. She was instrumental in the direction, vision and messaging to ensure this campaign was aligned with the university strategic vision and also for every donor, stakeholder and interested party to understand the transformational impact of their gift and legacy.  

In 2021 Claire won the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand’s (FINZ) Fundraising Leader of the year award. She leads creative teams that are future focused, problem solvers and results driven by fostering an environment of support, innovation, a can-do attitude and no idea is a silly idea. 

Claire also sits on two Boards. Queen Margaret College as a Board of Governor and as a Director on Freedom Medical Alarms.  

Co-presenter: RACHEL WILSON, Senior Communications Manager, Wellington Free Ambulance

Rachel is an experienced communications and fundraising professional with an extensive background in the health not-for-profit sector. She is passionate about ensuring people from all communities have an awareness of health services and believe simple, targeted, and accessible communications is the way to achieve this.  

Over time she has developed a deep appreciation for the challenges of the not-for-profit sector, the importance of stewardship and ongoing community engagement. In a highly competitive environment, your brand and reputation is everything and positive long term-donor relationships must be founded on shared values. 

Her current role as Head of Communications at Wellington Free Ambulance sees Rachel leading and implementing the communications strategy that flows naturally into all fundraising activity.    

In 2005 Rachel was awarded the Premier Fundraising Award for Excellence from the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) for her leadership of the Mary Potter Hospice Bequest Programme. Following this she advised organisations on how to establish a successful bequest programme as part of a long-term fundraising strategy, as well as co-teaching the Indiana University of Philanthropy Fundraising training course – Fundraising 101, and several FINZ specific training courses.   

Rachel regularly provides strategic fundraising and communications advice to several community groups and my children’s school.  It’s important to me to give back to the community in which I live to improve the wellbeing of all. 


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Gifts in Wills – New Insights on Top Strategic Issues 

Gifts in wills programs present tantalising questions for fundraising managers and practitioners. While providing the very best return on investment of all fundraising activities, there is a very long lead time between strategy decisions and eventual results.  

But now, in depth data from Australia’s newest and most comprehensive benchmarking study provides fresh insights. The Benchmarking Project includes up to a decade worth of data from 35 charities with $450 million in annual revenue from 5,000 estates. Some of this data will surprise you rather than confirm conventional wisdom! 

Come along to this session with Karen Armstrong and Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year, Roewen Wishart, who will interpret key data from this study.  

They will also provide insight from More Strategic’s annual GIW tracking report and present exclusive new research on GIW stewardship. 

They will answer these questions and more: 

  • What are meaningful statistics to use for estimating future returns from gifts in wills?  
  • Are there significant trends over time about what kind of gifts in wills are growing?  
  • What factors affect numbers of gifts unknown during donors’ lifetimes?  
  • How many people who reached the stage of enquiry or intention while living, make a gift in their estate?
  • What is the impact of our stewardship?
  • Are there any useful insights, which can guide strategy, about which donors have the greatest propensity to make a gift in their will?

You’ll leave this session with myriad practical applications to the latest data insights from two exceptional gifts in wills practitioners and advisors. 


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Co-presenter: ROEWEN WISHART, CFRE, FFIA, High Value and Strategy Director, Xponential

Roewen advises nonprofits on fundraising strategy, big gift campaigns and gifts-in-wills programs. His clients include organisations in the conservation, health and research, overseas development, and community services sectors. He has over 25 years’ experience in fundraising, with notable firsts in major gifts, capital campaigns and gifts-in-wills.   

Previous roles include National Development Manager at Bush Heritage Australia and Foundation Director at NeuRA (Neuroscience Research Australia).  

Roewen is a member of the FIA Code Authority and chairs the advisory committee for FIA’s Include a Charity initiative. He was the recipient the Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year award at the 2022 FIA National Awards for Fundraising Excellence. 

Co-presenter: KAREN ARMSTRONG, CFRE, FFIA, Senior Consultant, More Strategic

Karen is a marketing expert with over 15 years’ experience across FMCG and NFP marketing in Australia and the UK. Before joining More Strategic, she was the Director, Marketing and Fundraising at Cancer Council Australia for close to a decade. She brings a fresh, data-informed focus to exceptional supporter experiences and has helped many charities move their fundraising from ‘laggard’ to ‘leader’. 


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Your burning gifts-in-wills questions – they’ll be answered in this session! 

Over to you delegates! Two of the savviest fundraisers in Australia will answer any and all questions you have about your gifts-in-wills programs. 

Marcus Blease and Andrew Sabatino, co-founders of Donor Republic, will answer your questions, solve conundrums and share their award-winning insight – the agency recently won Best Supplier at the 2022 FIA National Awards for Fundraising Excellence! 

No matter where you are at in your gifts-in-wills program – just getting started or working on a pipeline longer than the Nullarbor Plain – Marcus and Andrew can help. 

And if you have some strategies, tactics and stories to share that will help your peers and colleagues, consider this your GIW ‘Open Mic.’  


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Co-presenter: MARCUS BLEASE, Co-founder, Donor Republic

Marcus Co-Founded Donor Republic in 2016 and it has since grown to be one of the most sought after fundraising creative agencies in Australia, currently supporting over 50 organisations and their fundraising and campaigning efforts. Donor Republic recently won Supplier of the Year at the 2022 FIA National Awards for Fundraising Excellence. 

Prior to this Marcus worked as the General Manager of Marketing and Fundraising with Cerebral Palsy Alliance for eight years. His role encompassed fundraising, brand development and client service marketing. Over that time fundraising grew from $12m to $31m. Marcus worked in similar roles for Cancer Councils NSW and QLD. He also founded the current incarnation of the innovative social change campaign, ‘Include a Charity’ funded by 140 Australian charities to increase the number of people who leave a gift in their Will and has recently served six years on the Board of the Fundraising Institute of Australia. 


Co-presenter: ANDREW SABATINO, Co-founder, Donor Republic

Andrew co-founded Donor Republic, one of Australia’s leading fundraising agencies, in 2016. He has enjoyed several significant career achievements including leading Guide Dogs SA/NT to increase fundraising income from $1 million a year to $9 million a year over seven years. He also chaired the Guide Dogs Australia fundraising committee where annual income grew from $53 million to $87 million. Andrew is a past national winner of FIA’s Young Fundraiser of the Year and has been named an F&P ‘Mover & Shaker’.  


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A creative relaunch and multi-channel approach – how Australia for UNHCR transformed their gifts-in-wills program  

In FY18, legacies and bequests accounted for $42,957 of Australia for UNHCR’s fundraising income. In FY21, that figure had risen to $1,225,594. And while gifts-in-wills income is difficult to predict (or is it? – more on that later), the organisation’s bequest program is undeniably on an upwards trajectory following a full relaunch that has overhauled creative, acquisition and retention strategies. 

Behind this transformation is the Philanthropy & Partnership team at Australia for UNHCR, led by Elizabeth Grady, and she’s here to share what she’s learnt from four years of hard work and innovation.   

She will discuss: 

  • The start of the journey – where the GIW program was four years ago and what needed to change
  • Strategy and getting back to basics – how the team made a plan for their gifts-in-wills program and how you can too
  • What’s involved in a creative overhaul – and how UNHCR changed everything from their GIW tagline, to copy, the bequest guide, digital… and brought in new creative elements too
  • A new way of thinking about bequest acquisition – a multi-channel approach and a first for an international humanitarian aid organisation  
  • Sacred stewardship – COVID-19 flipped retention on its head – how the team responded, what stewardship activity they’ve kept from the ‘old days’, and how they’ve innovated GIW retention 
  • Processes and culture – how the team use technology to forecast bequest income, how the program is resourced, and cross-organisational buy-in to GIW
  • Results – yes, the numbers! How the efforts of Elizabeth and her team have translated to income, bequestor numbers, and acquisition and retention rates 

No matter the size of your nonprofit, there is something in this session for anyone interested in launching – or relaunching! – their gifts-in-wills program.  


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Presenter: ELIZABETH GRADY, Head of Philanthropy & Partnerships, Australia for UNHCR

Elizabeth oversees major donors, mid-level donors, corporate partnerships, trusts & foundations and gifts-in-wills. She has been with UNHCR for almost five years, during which time she has seen profound growth in both fundraising and scale of need.  

Prior to Australia for UNHCR, Elizabeth was based in the fundraising team at Mercy Works, a charity supporting long-term development projects in Australia and the South-East Asia Pacific region, including Papua New Guinea, The Philippines and Timor-Leste. 

What Elizabeth loves most about her role at UNHCR is making an impact to the lives of refugees and working with her team and the community of supporters who give so generously to make change.  


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Winning with Online Wills: What we can learn from the UK’s leading charities 

Online-will platforms in the UK have become extremely popular with both consumers and charities alike. What are the ways leading UK charities attract bequests and how are these activities best optimised? What causes lend themselves to online bequests and how are older supporters catered for? What are the pros and cons of using online will platforms and crucially, what sort of investments are leaders in the area making?


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Co-presenter: ASHLEY ROWTHORN, CEO, Legacy Future

  Ashley is CEO of Legacy Futures, the world’s first group dedicated to Gifts in Wills, including market analysts Legacy Foresight, estate management specialists Legacy Link and strategy and communications agency Legacy Voice. Together their mission is to make the world better by harnessing the transformative power of legacy giving.


Co-presenter: AARON ZELMAN, Joint CEO, Willed

Aaron works with a team of leading industry professionals to build a leading platform for digitally creating and managing wills, that allows everyday Australians to look after their legacies.

Aaron’s unique approach has won him profiles and references in Money Management, Sydney Morning Herald, Risk Info and IFA Magazine, and has seen him win Risk Adviser of the Year awards multiple times and host industry forums with representatives from ASIC and Life Insurance company CEOs alike, among other distinctions in the field.

As an adviser, Aaron has worked diligently to improve professionalism in his industry, and has made educating clients and providing them with a streamlined, friendly and authentic experience a high priority over anything resembling sales tactics.


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