Will there be life after Trump in the US nonprofit sector?


Adrian Sargeant is in no doubt that the US nonprofit sector will be in a very different place in four years’ time.


US nonprofit sectorRegardless of their political affiliation, many Americans are still in shock after Donald Trump’s dramatic election victory in November. Love him or loathe him, there can be no denying that he will have a profound effect on American society. But what will be the impact on the philanthropic sector – in the US and beyond?

Conservative vs progressive nonprofits

We know conservative organisations usually do well after a Democratic win and liberal leaning organisations similarly do well after a Republican one.

People are outraged when they believe that their values and principles are about to be attacked and they are galvanised into taking actions that they would otherwise not have taken. By contrast, if the election goes in their favour, giving usually drops as individuals breathe a sigh of relief, relax and trust the politicians to get on with promoting their…

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