The future is fundraising with our thumbs!


Paul de Gregorio explores the role of mobile in fundraising and how SMS, in particular, can be used to connect with supporters.

Thumbs UpPeople everywhere are obsessed with their mobile phones. This year subscribers are expected to exceed the population of the world. Despite all the exciting, high-tech things mobile phones can do, the simple functionality of SMS is the main reason people use their phones. This is why SMS has been the foundation of successful mobile fundraising in the UK.

Many UK charities are fundraising in a tough and competitive environment, relying on supporter recruitment techniques which often aren’t as effective as they once were. With a clear need to innovate ways to recruit supporters, mobile is proving to be one solution to this challenge.

Mobile's place in the supporter journey

Mobile plays a number of roles in supporter engagement. It allows you to engage with members of the public (and them with you) by SMS or a telephone conversation. People use…

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