More precious than gold …

While most of us were focused on medals and great sporting deeds, one nonprofit was able to piggyback on the Commonwealth Games to drive new acquisition activity. Pamela Sutton reports on how Plan built a fundraising and marketing program around an international event. Read more

Donors rain on hot tin roof

Alzheimer’s Australia (VIC) integrated media support and an innovative creative approach to make a success of their “Rusting Tin Roof” acquisition campaign. Holly Thurman CFRE was the brains behind the appeal. Read more

Myer Philanthropy makes a break with the past

One of Australia’s “first families” of philanthropy is about to change the way it makes grants, representing both a break with tradition and a case of going “back to the future.” Christine Edwards, chief executive officer of The Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund, outlines the new model of Myer philanthropy. Read more

Dynamic data – managing data for best effect

A not-for-profit’s lifeblood is its supporter data base, and neglecting this critical resource results in donor attrition, missed opportunities, and in extreme cases ‘ slow death. But as Todd Fisher reports, proper maintenance and care of donor data ensures healthy returns, cost savings and other benefits. Read more

Guide Dogs’ bark makes media bite

Attracting media attention for one of their major awareness raising events had proved elusive for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. However, as Judith Cantor reports, a new direct marketing technique was tried in 2005 which helped the organisation win the hearts and minds of journalists and dramatically lift exposure. Read more

New face-to-face company in Australia

The Dialog Group purchased

The Dialog Group started business ten years ago in Austria and pioneered face-to-face fundraising. Today

The group employs around 1,000 people across its companies, and its services include face-to-face and telephone fundraising, recruitment, donor relationship management, data processing and direct debit transactions.

Read more

Tete-a-tete with the taxman

The last few years have seen unprecedented activity in the area of tax legislation in the non-profit sector, and all non-profits have been affected to some degree. In this interview with Brett Peterson, assistant commissioner of taxation at the Australian Tax Office (ATO), we gain an insight to the ATO’s approach in working with non-profit organisations. Read more

Moral poverty … or making giving a year-round commitment

Landing in London in time for the holiday season with family and friends, I was somewhat surprised to see how often charities and fundraising featured in the news. Disaster stories ‘ Greenpeace making a ten-fold mistake with the direct debits of supporters ‘ to news stories, and a number of opinion pieces. Read more

Amnesty personalisation achieves new peaks

Amnesty International Australia’s “Stop Violence Against Women” direct mail campaign received international recognition in 2005 when it won a silver Echo Award from the Direct Marketing Association. John Burns explains the secret to the campaign’s success was a high degree of personalisation. Read more

Genes spawn branding headache

What happens when your special event becomes bigger than Ben Hur and is better known than the organisation it is designed to raise money for? Julijana Trifunovic explains the challenges confronting the Children’s Medical Research Institute and its signature event, Jeans for Genes Day. Read more

Don’t call us, we’ll call the register

The proposed setup of a “Do Not Call” Register in Australia comes in response to consumer pressure for protection against the telemarketing industry. But is the industry at fault, or are the wayward minority spoiling it for the responsible majority? Mel Jenkins reports. Read more

What not-for-profits want from trusts

A recent study of not-for-profits and their granting needs has revealed that charitable trusts and foundations should consider funding “unsexy” areas of not-for-profit operations such as administrative costs and capacity building. Annie Kirwan reports. Read more