Culture change reaps rewards

Nine years ago, Geelong Grammar School had a piecemeal approach to development and a culture of giving which needed strengthening. Today it is part way through a major capital campaign that has so far raised $10 million. Maria Hamilton traces the journey of a school on a learning curve. Read more

What’s in a name?

When CCF Australia told its donors it wanted to change its name to ChildFund Australia, a large proportion said they might withdraw their support. David Pettigrew reports on how the child sponsorship agency successfully re-branded and kept its supporters onside. Read more

Share and share alike

Nonprofits in the US and Europe have enjoyed the benefits of data co-operatives for more than a decade, however the concept has only recently arrived on Australian shores. Michael Quillerat explains what they are and the opportunities for direct marketers. Read more

Culture clash

It breeds at the office water-cooler, it hangs off your boss’s clothes, you can read it on the faces of your colleagues, it’s in the very air around your desk. But you can’t see, touch or feel it. Organisational culture ‘ it’s intangible but one of the most overlooked factors in fundraising success. Leo Orland explores how organisational culture can make or break fundraising performance. Read more

Making Friends for Life

When it comes to retaining donors, Christian Blind Mission International (Australia) has shunned traditional marketing formulas and focused on creating “friends for life.” Jonathan Krause explains how an approach to building genuine relationships has paid significant dividends. Read more

Great Mythconceptions

During their careers, Peter Thomas and John Burns have heard many ‘rules’ about donor retention, some true, some not, and others just plain misleading. Here, they explode some of the myths of donor retention. Read more

Wealth advisers take interest in philanthropy

Professional advisers have traditionally shown little interest in helping their wealthy clients to make decisions about philanthropy. However, Kym Madden reports that a new study investigating the attitudes and behaviours of Australian advisers has found that they increasingly want to be of greater assistance in this area. Read more

Survey snags new supporters

In an award-winning campaign, The Lost Dogs’ Home used a well-known but under utilised tool to recruit new donors (including bequestors) and unearth valuable information about a pool of warm prospects for future cultivation. Vanessa Byrne explains. Read more