While Australian fundraising is slightly down, Movember is on track for its biggest year ever internationally, reports Greg Johnson.

Movember is on track for its biggest year globally, with fundraising projected to reach $139 million by the time the 2012 campaign is closed off. That would be a new record for the Australian-based fundraising initiative, besting its previous global record of $124 million set in 2011.  

“We’re sitting around the $128 million mark, so based on our forecast from previous year’s trajectory we expect that to end up around $139-$141 million,” explained Movember chief operating officer Jason Hincks.

Fundraising by the 144,149 participating Australians, however, looks set to be slightly down on the 2011 record of $29.6 million. Hincks expects the current total to grow by around 5% before the campaign is closed off.

“It will come in at about $26.25 million, which in just shy of last year’s total,” he said. “The great thing is we will see growth in the campaign globally and a nice jump up there.

“As you’d be acutely aware, the sector is a long way down globally so if we can see growth then we are pretty happy,” added Hincks. “In the current environment any growth is good growth, for sure.”

Greg Johnson is the editor of Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine.


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